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You handled the issue so well. I appreciate that so much! I'm sorry that you've got some weird feelings about drawing Jumin right now. It'll probably fade as you get further from this issue, I understand having weird shamey feelings tied up in making a decision that other people gently correct you about. If it helps, maybe work on kid AU for a bit with some fun sketches of Taemin? Remind yourself of the cool stuff that Jumin is responsible for haha? Anyway please have a good day!

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Yeah hehe it’s no one’s fault tho, it’s my fault because i used a reference i know nothing of ;;; && it might be just the anxiety talking – weird shamey feelings!! you put it into words!! I feel it so much right now :D :D :D I actually appreciate those who were polite about it && took the time to explain it to me ♥ (not so much the lowkey rude ones eek) but yeah it’s not their fault – it’s mine and I deserve these shamey feels and I think I’m going to drown wallow in it for a bit longer :D

I’m at work right now so here is a small apology thing for everyone
((I used my lunch break to change the jumin comic))

anyway thank you for your kind words
i’m going to stop spamming everyone’s feed now hhhh so sorry i’ve been posting too much in a row

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May I ask why you changed the Jumin one? Did people get upset over it?

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It was a sensitive topic so I get where both sides are coming from ^__^;;
I have never watched 50 shades nor have I any intention of doing so (I don’t really like nsfw stuff in general as well – I have like 1.5% knowledge about any of it other than the basic stuff you accidentally learn about in high school and i don’t want to find out more thanks to previous unpleasant childhood experiences lol)

&& the entire meme was based off a canon in-game 707 thought bubble about “50 Shades of Chairman-To-Be” [screenshot in previous posts] ((+++so much of the fandom was seeing Jumin as someone who would /watch/ it)) so i thought it was okay

but I’m glad people took the time to politely explain why the movie is problematic because I wouldn’t have known otherwise ^__^ while the reference was very tiny and indirect, i felt like it was sending messages that i think jumin is the same as this grey guy – i don’t btw, which is why he is asking for mc’s consent unlike the grey person guy (afaik…idk) – i think jumin is precious if you treat him right too. his obsession still creeps me out though haha but still - fave! ;;;

i don’t like remembering it but i personally know the feeling of having your consent disregarded ; ; ;; ;;; ;; so yeah idk – i definitely have no bad intentions with the previous comic – i just booked on the fact that it was referenced in the game ;; i’m sorry! please don’t hate me

why do i feel like i dont have the right to draw jumin anymore… or anything MM at all because i might mess up some more lololol rip maybe i should take a break

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How does one draw hands?

*sweats profusely*

my one true weakness…

Ok so I gotta be honest, I’m not that good at drawing hands but I will try my best to explain my process.

Sketching a Hand

1. Draw a box which acts as the palm.

2. Add a circle that will serve as a guide on where to put the thumb.

3. Put a line at the end of the box to signify the wrist.

4. Sketch 5 lines to represent the fingers. If you notice, each finger has its own length wherein the pinky and the thumb are the shortest then the index finger, after that is the ring finger and lastly, the middle finger which is the longest one.

5. Check if the sketch is proportional and exhibits the best position and angle that you want to draw.

6.  Once you’re content with your sketch, draw the actual hand by using the sketch as a somewhat template.

Coloring a Hand

1. Remove the guide and retain the actual sketch.

2. Put flat color.

3. Add details.

( Fingernails - I usually make it darker than the color of the tips of the fingers because it adds more accent, but you can make it lighter if you want.)

How to get better at drawing hands

1. I feel the struggle of drawing anatomically proportional hands all the time but in order to master it, you must draw it a lot. Practice makes perfect!

2. Some of my tactics in understanding the many positions and angles of hands:

+ Search some references online

+ Look at how others draw hands (take notice of the way they draw the curves and shape in relation to the other features of a hand)

+ Stare at your hand (no joke) and sketch it or take pictures. 

Remember that these are only tips, to truly learn how to draw hands, you must do it in your own way. It ain’t easy but it’s worth it! I hope this was helpful and I’m sorry that this took so long to answer!! Thank you!!

P.S. Have some extra hands

Hello, lovely friends. I just reach 6000 followers and that’s totally amazing and unbelievable! 

During my whole life I never felt part of anything, but that changed when I became a twenty one pilots fan. I found the Clique and this band and they are my home since then. I know it can sound pretty silly, but I don’t care because it’s the truth. The Clique means a lot to me and each one of you too. I love you all and I don’t know what I would have done without you.

You guys are always here helping and being so kind and friendly. Everytime that you guys feel alone remember that you are not. We are here for each other and I’ll be always here to you. Thank you for everything you guys do for me and for this amazing fandom and band. You guys are amazing.

So here you will find SOME of my favorite blogs (the ones in bold are SOME of my mutuals). Sorry if I forget you! I love you too, but it’s a lot of people!

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I don’t go looking for reposts/reposters.. I feel pretty powerless against these kind of people. If art is just images to them I don’t know what I’d even be to them. Thanks to those who lmk abt those who do though, yall know whats up, keep doing what you do 

The dailies here are just black and white doodles.. but I spend time, energy and struggle with em, so it’s… really leaving a bad taste seeing them put out of context, and you(reposter) might say you’re giving it more exposure and attention. You’re just… trying to hang on other people’s effort to give yourself attention. The satisfaction of being the one to find cool art and sharing them? Then getting angry at artists who ask to take them down? Undeserving!))