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I just wanna let you know bastille are complete dicks and I have no idea why you like them, they dont care about you so stop supporting them.

okay get comfortable because I’m gonna tell you a little story right now, Go grab a glass of milk and some cookies and sit down because you’re gonna listen to this, last November Will tweeted something about the tour, and i replied and then he replied with a picture of someone throwing up as a ‘joke’, well little did he know i have a really bad phobia of throwing up so i got really worked up about it, ANYWAY, all the next day i couldn’t get it out of my head and i knew i just had to tweet him to let him know because i was pretty worked up about it, so i basically wrote out this whole twit longer explaining what had happened and how it had upset me and obviously i put that he couldn’t have known and to not worry about it i just needed to tell him to get it of my chest, if you wanna read that it’s hereWithin the hour i checked my phone to see will had tweeted me this  

Obviously i was really taken back by it, and the fact he actually read the whole thing and then tweeted me afterwards shows that HE DOES and DID care, looking back on it i probably sounded like a right dick in the twit longer, but you have to remember i was incredibly worked up about the whole thing. So many celebrity’s today probably would of seen that and just pushed it aside, but he didn’t and honestly it meant and still does mean the world to me, I love Will so much and if anyone ever says any bad thing about him then im out.

But also in the case of the whole band, i can’t think of a worse fitting word for them, they do care a whole lot, They come out after most of their shows to meet fans regardless of them being tired or sick when they don’t have to, you are playing for a gig not a meet and greet but they still do it whenever they can, they interact with fans on twitter, granted not as much as they used to but, they weren’t as famous even six months ago so they’re busy and people should understand that, they post vines, they post tour videos, they joke with us, they share a lot with us, they put up with a lot of our shit on social networks too, like fuck, some of you moan about every little thing bastille do, but they just take it, and try and improve, they try and put the best show on for us as possible, they are friendly, welcoming, and nice to fans they meet, i think what some people forget is that bastille owe you nothing, yes we got them to where they are now, but to some bands or celebrity’s that means nothing, the fact bastille actually care about us enough to do all these things shows they care.

So sorry if you’re gonna send me messages accusing bastille of things, then please try and use something a little more realistic, because a lot of bands don’t care about fans, but bastille are not one of them.