I’ll start: the ‘DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE??!?!1!’ thing really doesn’t bother me that much. I care infinitely more about the lack of ludo bagman, winky, and quidditch world cup in that movie than I do about this questionable adaptation of ‘calmly’

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//Hey friend! I'm looking to expand my horizons. Can you recommend me some good non-DA blogs to follow?

   » I’ll try to recommend people that I can recall right now!

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I'm from southern california where a great variety of languages are spoken. My grandparents always complain when people either can't speak English (claiming everyone should since it's the official language of the US, which is a lie lmao) or that they can't understand their accented English yet when I bring up that when my uncle and aunt lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and they spoke virtually no Dutch my grandparents just say "everyone there speaks English anyways" It's very hypocritical :/

I guess English-speaking entitlement is where everyone has to be bilingual or more …except them. ‘Cos many continental Europeans who know English had to learn it as a second language in school or they made the effort to study it in their own time. 

I think it’s probably good to learn English if you’re going to live in a majority English-speaking country for practical reasons, and it also opens your path to more opportunities to know the majority language of the country. In general, I think the principle is you try to learn the lingua franca of the country you’re in if you’re going to live there and it’s not a short vacation. But it’s not overnight, some people may struggle more than others, some are working labour-intensive jobs where they don’t have time for language classes, and many will of course have an accent. Pretty ironic they are complaining about people who are making the effort…

BTS: *constantly disses Jimin and playfully makes fun of him*

SOMEONE: *is actually mean and disrespectful*

BTS: The fuCK YOU JUST SAID?! How dare you offend our sweet ball of sunshine?! Don’t touch our sweet Jiminie!

***After the two previous fic posts got so much love from you, and since the holidays are coming which probably means a ton of time to read, here is the 3rd edition of my Malec fanfic recommendations. Because let’s be real, there never can be enough Malec love going on, right?
I hope you gonna enjoy this one, too. Again, if you want me to continue doing this, let me know, okay? And now, have fun reading!***

IN THE SIN BIN by @otppurefuckingmagic [ E | AU | 161k | WIP ]

As the goalie for the New York City Blazing Angels, Alec Lightwood thinks he’s finally found the team he can go all the way to the championship cup with. Then his agent and financial advisor are arrested for stealing their clients’ money, and Alec is forced to take on a side job doing endorsement deals, plus find a way to trust his new agent–Magnus Bane.

Alec hates Magnus the first time he sets eyes on him.

Magnus hates Alec more.

But they’re going to have to find some way to work together if Alec is going to make it to the championship.

THIS IS A BAD IDEA by @sweetillusionketz [ E | AU | 35.2k | complete ]

Alec Lightwood had a good life in Columbus, Ohio. He was growing strong as a lawyer in his mother’s law firm and achieving his dream-career step by step. He had a good life, comfortable and steady, if not a little boring.

So, when headhunter Magnus Bane offered him an interview at the prestigious IDRIS LLP in New York, Alec decided that it couldn’t hurt to take a look. After all, one didn’t turn down IDRIS LLP off the hat, even if they weren’t really interested.

Little did he know that New York offered much more than a job in a bigger company. The city was fast, insanely alive, but most of all, it had Magnus. And Magnus changed everything.

AN APPLE A DAY by @lecrit [ E | AU | 15.8k | complete | The Blind Spot #2 ]

Alec only likes getting up at four in the morning to get to the hospital because he has always dreamed of becoming a doctor and because he finds a childish excitement in besting Dr. Glitter and winning a battle in their little war for his favorite parking spot.

It has nothing to do with Magnus’ incorrigible, shameless, incessant flirting. Nothing.

STEAL SOME COVERS, SHARE SOME SKIN by @jezthemadficster [ E | 2k | complete ]

Magnus is a morning person, Alec not so much. When Magnus tries to wake Alec gently so that he isn’t late for an important meeting at the Institute, Alec decides he wants to stay in bed and have his boyfriend wake him up properly.

THIS IS A FEELING I’VE NEVER FELT by Phantom124 [ G | 672 | complete ]

Alec heads to Magnus’ apartment after a hunt, but realizes when he gets there 1) it is the middle of the night 2) Magnus is not expecting him and 3) he has never spent the night before.  Alec begins to panic but Magnus settles his fears.

THERE YOU ARE by toekneepops [ G | 1.7k | complete ]

The morning after Alec and Magnus’ first sleepover :)

THINK OF ME WHEN YOU SHOOT YOUR ARROWS by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | 11.9k | complete | The Thirst Is Real #1 ]

Five times Alec gets off thinking about Magnus and one time he doesn’t have to.

EDGE OF PARADISE by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | 2k | complete | The Thirst Is Real #2 ]

Alec’s months of waiting finally pay off. AKA they finally have sex.

BLUE SALVATION by Hobbit69 [ E | AU | 33.3k | complete | Blue Steel series #4 ]

A murder is committed in Alec Lightwood’s jurisdiction that is achingly familiar. A nine year old boy is found on a jogging trail in Central Park,and Alec can’t help but think of Max, his little brother who’d been murdered years earlier. During the course of the investigation, Alec discovered that Max’s murder was just the first of a string that has lasted twelve years.
In addition to this very personal and draining investigation, Alec must deal with one of Magnus’s ex-lovers who decides he wants Magnus back. He only has to go through Alec.

THE ARRANGEMENT by heartsdesire456 [ E | AU | 42.4k | complete ]

When a meeting with a debt collector at a randomly chosen night club starts to go wrong, Alec meets a man who might just change his life with one unique offer.

THE WAY YOU KISSED ME by sephirothflame [ E | AU | 9.2k | complete | You Belong With Me (The Doorman ‘verse) #2 ]

Alec and Magnus had an amazing night together, despite the alcohol, and Alec isn’t ready for their time together to end. It’s just hard to make things work when they both have responsibilities keeping them apart.

(Wherein there is sibling bonding and more dates and not-secret secrets about Alec come to light.)

NIGHT HIGHS by @povverbottoms [ E | 10k | complete | The Boundless Saga #2 ]

The Book of the White turns out to be encrypted, so they’re unable to immediately wake Jocelyn up. Magnus returns home to his loft feeling defeated and wonders where he stands with Alec.

THE FIRST TIME by @theonetruenorth [ E | 6.5k | complete | Shadowhunters Headcanons #6 ]

“Alexander, my darling,” Magnus whispered, leaning over Alec once more to tenderly stroke his thumb over Alec’s lips, red and sensitive from kissing. “You take my breath away.”

NOW I’LL NEVER BE THE SAME, IT’S YOU AND ME UNTIL THE END by liamandzayn [ E | PWP | 4.8k | complete ]

Instead, Alec feels the slipperiness of the oil as it pools at the bottom of his spine; sleek, liquid warmth that cascades down the small canyons of his skin, settling into the defined dips and shadowy hollows of Alec’s muscles. Magnus brushes the slight calluses on his palms through the glossy sheen, massaging the persistent tension that still lingers stubbornly, using the force of his weight to press Alec into the sponginess of the mattress. And the breath stutters out of Alec’s lungs, suffocating him with molten heat and a ferocious desire to have Magnus pin him down hard and deliberate into the bed and fuck him senseless.

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES (EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN’T SO GREAT) by bythelightofthenight [ T | AU | 8.9k | complete | Better #1 ]

“I don’t understand why you can’t just tell me.”
“Because they’re right about one thing”, Isabelle’s eyes were sad when they met his. “Knowledge is a big part of being powerful. Without memory of the Angel’s blood there’s nothing left but a mundane.”

Alec loses his memory in an accident and everyone keeps being annoyingly vague with him when he tries to get his memories back.

ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS SAY IT by moreidfangirl [ E | 7.5k | complete | All You Had To Do #1 ]

Maryse has been planting doubts within Alec’s mind. Alec doesn’t know how to say that he totally wants to fuck Magnus, until he gets jealous and springs into action.

NO SWEETER INNOCENCE by @ithilien22 [ E | 17.2k | complete ]

Magnus is Alec’s first kiss, first relationship, first everything. So when they start having sex, he’s a little overwhelmed at first.

REACH OUT AND TOUCH by @deepbutdazzlingdarkness [ E | 3.6k | complete ]

The gang goes on a road trip, Alec is easily distracted, and his and Magnus’s sex life is nowhere near as private as they think it is. Set at some point in the distant future where Valentine is no longer an issue, Alec and Lydia are running the Institute together, and Simon’s sunlight problem has been resolved.

WHEN DAWN BREAKS by @one100suns [ E | 23.2k | complete | Battle Scars #2 ]

It’s been a month since Alec was kidnapped and tortured by vampires. A month since starting a new and exciting relationship with Magnus Bane and things are actually going pretty well,  considering all they have to deal with. Enter Camille Belcourt.

THE FUTURE IS TRICKY; BUT YOU AND ME, THAT’S EASY by @matsdaddario [ E | 2.8k | complete | Lovely Firsts #1 ]

He can’t believe, doesn’t want to believe, that he canceled his wedding, kissed Magnus in front of the entire Clave, all for nothing. It can’t have been for nothing. He’s been keeping Magnus at more than arm’s length, ignoring his calls and his presence around the Institute. Alec knows that Magnus is only lending his services to help find Jace, because it’s important to Alec. Alec knows he’s being too careful. He knows that relationships aren’t set in stone. He knows that either of them could die at any moment. But he can’t imagine the hurt that Magnus would feel if they started something and Alec were to die. He can’t be the reason for Magnus’s pain.

Or at least, he couldn’t.

THOUGHTS OF YOU CONSUME by liamandzayn [ E | PWP | 4.4k | complete ]

“Someone’s impatient,” Alec hums, evidently pleased at his own ability to take his boyfriend apart, piece by piece, until all he knows, thinks, breathes, is Alec.“You have been teasing me for ages, darling,” Magnus retorts, eyes drinking up that glorious, lean body looming over him, coated in a thin sheen of sweat that makes every dip and hollow of Alec’s body scream out for Magnus’ tongue. “I, unfortunately, do not have the gift of a stamina rune.”

CONVINCE ME by @oncethrown [ E | PWP | 4.7k | complete ]

When Magnus teases Alec about having sex in the Institute, Alec says no. When Magnus admits that it’s a two-hundred-year-old fantasy, Alec says no.

But when Alec thinks about it a little more, he starts to see the appeal. And, technically, it’s not forbidden. And it would be fun to give his boyfriend his well-aged fantasy.

Alec just needs a little convincing.

CONFOUNDING FACTORS by kuro1neko2kun [ E | 3.3k | complete ]

“You thought I was someone else and started making out with me at a club and you’re really hot so I just went with it and now we’re heading back to your place and idk how to break it to you.”

TEASE by @alecsangryface [ E | 5.3k | complete ]

The Institute is holding a gathering and Magnus needs attention.

IF BY LIFE OR DEATH I CAN SAVE YOU, I WILL by @lecrit​ [ M | 2k | complete ]

His forehead was scrunched in concentration and Alec was reminded that, unlike himself, Magnus didn’t have a stamina rune to protect him from exhaustion. He didn’t seem too affected, though, and his attacks were only getting stronger, as if he was getting angrier and angrier every second the vile creatures spent ruining their night.

They moved in sync, finding a perfect rhythm in each other’s movements, flowing gracefully around one another in a deadly dance of combat.

Chapter 10

Disclaimer from Author:

Bare with me through the next part of the story.  I know that many of you will walk away from reading this feeling as though I am just pulling your chains a bit, but when I started to write this, my intention was to keep everyone as much ‘in character’ as possible, and regardless of how I would desperately like Quinlan to act, I needed to stay ‘in character’ for him.  Forgive me.  He is not a love sick puppy, he is not easily susceptible to rampant emotions.  This is actually why I like him so much as a character and also what makes him challenging AF to write.  He is hardened, he is callous, he is calculating.  He always assumes that he knows what is best at all times … until he does not.  But he still feels … and I think he feels more than a normal man.

In the end, I did not enjoy writing this.  I’ve been dreading it from the beginning.  I went back and forth between how to approach it best.  For those of you that are Dawn fans, stick with it.  I think everyone will be pleased at the end of this long, and sometimes infuriating, journey.

Also, this fic was completely written in my head before I even started to put it to keyboard.  Because of that, there is something that happens in this chapter that is truly fundamental to the second Part of the story.  Over the last week, I pushed ideas around to entirely remove this scene do to possible reader backlash, but I simply couldn’t throw the needed conversation somewhere else and have it convey the same power that it does here.

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Part 4

She wasn’t sleepwalking this time.  She had just come downstairs to get some water in an attempt to ward off the impending hangover that was obviously going to take place tomorrow, but he was standing stoically behind her when she turned to retreat back to her room with her acquired drink.

“Oh!” She yelped and dropped the glass.  He managed to grab it before it hit the ground, still right side up and handed it back to her.

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Hello!!! I've been following you for a while on my other (reblog only) account and I just made this account five minutes ago! My own art account! Yay! I'm trying to migrate a little from Instagram to here, but I was wondering if you had any tips? I've never had a tumblr account where I actually post stuff so literally any tips or tricks help! <3

oh my goshh hello!!! welcome to the artsy side of tumblr dot com!! where people share tips about which brushes to use, how to create the perfect color pallete, why photoshop is a pain in the ass, and where to hold mass crying sessions every wednesday at 5 pm to mourn the loss of the half-assed sketches we never managed to finish. WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS!!! all eight of them. yes we draw tentacle porn too.

ANYWAY!! YAY FOR ART BLOG!! A SPACE FOR YOU TO STORE ALL YOUR MAGNIFICENT PIECES (and they ARE magnificent holy shit i just went to see ur art and theyre so good??? h o w) IN AND SHOWCASE IT TO THE WORLD!!!!!! i dont really have Super Helpful Tips considering im not 100% an art blog and i tend to reblog everything that fascinates me lmao but I’LL TRY!! HERE U GO FAM:

1. draw what you love. this is pretty generic and probably not all that helpful, but i mean it - draw what you love because this blog is going to be your safe space and a place for you to stow your passion in. don’t give too much thought about what will bring you the most notes. yes, it’s super great to get recognition for what you do, but if you’re only making art to please everyone but yourself, then what good will it do? for me, since my drawings tend to lean more into humor, i always try to think of a trope/prompt to draw in my head first, and then if i end up ugly snorting at myself, then that’s a surefire way of knowing that that’s what im going to draw. because if other people won’t end up liking it, at least it makes me laugh, and that’s already more than enough, imo.

2. interact with other artists, no matter how intimidating you think they are. because more often than not, that artist is actually super nice and fun to talk to, and is always open to more artsy friends. trade drawing tips with them, share free photoshop links, tell them which brush presets you use, etc. seriously, i’ve discovered so many fellow artists whom i originally thought would be intimidating that said they were intimidated by me and i’d always wish that i had been more courageous in starting up a conversation with them so they didn’t have to feel that way!

3. post your doodle dumps. for me, personally, i truly love it when i see other artists’ casual doodles, because it gives them a sense of being human and not having to make perfect artwork all the time?? if you know what i mean?? and sometimes with the doodles you can still see the tiny soft sketch lines and the rough edges and parts where theyre too lazy to use an eraser so they try to cover it up with thicker lines, etc i dONT KNOW OKAY THEY JUST LOOK SUPER FASCINATING TO ME AND I LIKE TO POST MINE TOO SO I DONT STRESS MYSELF INTO MAKING “PROPER ARTWORK” ALL THE TIME

4. reply to people’s compliments. this is of course hard to do if you have a big follower count which makes it difficult for you to catch up with your messages, but still, try anyway. appreciate the time theyre willing to give in order to drop a nice message in our inbox. if we learn to appreciate our audience, then they surely will appreciate us too!

5. the shorter the caption the better. this is up to your preference really, because there are posts that aim to tell stories behind the art, posts where the process of the drawing is written in detail, etc. but personally i like to keep it short and clipped with a touch of wit and humor so that the majority of the viewers’ focus is still on the art and not on the caption.

6. watermark. dear god, watermark your shit. watermark it to HELL AND BACK because this goddamn site knows absolutely JACK SQUAT about proper crediting, as frustrating as that sounds. it doesn’t even have to be a huge one smack dab in the middle of your work. as long as its readable and not in a place where people can easily crop it away, then you’re fine. fuckin reposters gaining attention and traffic to their fuckin blogs by taking advantage of other people’s hardwork god motherfuckin dammit im SO PISSED

7. learn to say no. you will get requests from people wanting you to draw this and that for free. and while sometimes you’ll come across some very interesting ideas that you’ll want to draw (in which case, go ahead, be wild, be free my friend) you’ll also come across requests that you just… dont want to do. nobody should dictate you on what you can or cant draw. it’s okay to say no as long as you do it nicely.

i think thats all i can say for now?? obviously theres actually more to say about this but i think thats the gist of it.

hope that helps and i wish you the best of luck with your art blog!! HAVE A GREAT DAY LOVELY

Crispino is our wine

Crispino loves skating on ice

don’t touch Sara or you will die

and his sister can’t deny that

Crispino is our wine

Emil wants to fuck him

senpai doesn’t notice him

in the Grand Prix he won’t shine

Crispino is our wine

Crispino is our wine

Crispino is our wine

In the Grand Prix he won’t shine

Crispino is our wine!


Un ringraziamento speciale alla moglie che mi corregge l’inglese perché io faccio schifo <3

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Have a look at everyone who has performed on xf this year. Not all of them have a connection to Simon but they are all friends with One Direction. Everything in this year's xf has been leading up to, not just the finale but to the end of Simon.

Simon was tricked into having blue and green sticks on Sunday when Zara was performing. Everyone else had other combinations including blue, green, white, yellow and red. Everyone is against Simon. Sunday will be a fun day. Not for him though.

I’m assuming this is the same anon?  Listen, I want nothing more than to watch Simon’s empire crumble as karma finally captures him and shows him what’s up, but he is a psychopathic control freak so I find it hard to believe that he could be tricked into anything on his own show.  Having said that, I have 5 bottles of champagne in my fridge just in case.