ARTISTS BEWARE [the short version]

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Avoid collaborations with dubious monetized YouTube channel GeekyComTV

I’ve held my tongue about this channel for almost a month and I can’t frickin’ do it anymore. This is a call out post.

To make a long story short, this user has been posting videos for over a year now, using miraculous art. Although in some cases he has asked permission to repost, he began monetizing [making money off of] his videos at some point without notifying any of the artists.

None of the artists agreed to monetization.

@maristoryart is only one of many artists that reported him upon finding the monetization, but for some reason, Geeky has focused on her as the reason his channel is being reported [for a second time at least, since this isn’t the first account he has lost]…

GeekyComTV’s creator has resorted to blackmail, to defamation, to actual threats, and finally to identity theft, in an attempt to bully mari and others into complying with his wishes.

It’s gross and it is NOT okay.

[^^^ just 20 of the 200+ videos being monetized]

[WHY? part 2: the long version]
And now the entire thing. Strap in and get ready to get real damn mad…

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the amount of ignorant people in this world is disgusting. and it’s sad that it’s not possible to educate every single person. what i’m referring to rn is specifically people who keep making dog-eating jokes about asians and i’m SICK OF IT. they’re like “oh its just a joke.” like no, you’re an ignorant dumbass. the majority of china actually doesn’t agree with the dog festival happening. there’s actually a small population that eats dog on a daily basis. and it’s actually illegal to serve dog meat in hong kong and taiwan. and also, there are even other non-asian countries that have eaten dog in the past for survival and even farmers in those countries are still doing that TODAY. but no, everyone thinks that all asians eat dog. people think that theres going to secretly be dog meat at chinese restaurants in america. like no, you’re fucking ignorant. and if you think its just a joke, you don’t realize who you’re hurting. 


perhaps i’m a bit too on edge, but if you look at his tumblr post from last night, the first word is convoke and we all know what that means now.

this art week certainly sounds like he’s calling the community together and, more or less, ‘summoning us.

and it’s basically a given that Anti is gonna be the focus this week, especially if Jack drops more hints…us focusing all our attention on him, it kind of sounds like a ritual or something.

it’s not a coincidence that he changed his descriptions on social media and posted something like he did in october. it’s too well timed

…oh boy.

some Thoughts about the ace discourse
  • I can get behind the idea that only sga and non-cis people should be lgbtq. If this is a clear majority opinion (including the opinions of everyone outside of tumblr as well) I will absolutely back off. I do not need to force myself into a space that does not belong to me.
  • Another note, what even IS the consensus on what the exclusionist argument is
  • is it “no cishets” period or is it “only sga and non-cis people”
  • because if it’s “only CISHET aces that aren’t allowed, anyone else is fine”  then I, a non-het ace, would count.
  • but I am aromantic so if it’s only sga people then I wouldn’t??? so which is it???
  • also: even thought I am aroace I still really really want kids and I really really want to get married
  • I WANT to like girls. I WANT to have crushes and fall in love. I just CAN’T.
  • I plan to get married anyway?? and it doesn’t matter to me if they’re a woman???
  • someday I might experience an exception to my aro or ace-ness, and it could be to a girl. But even then I’d still say I’m aroace just because it reflects most of life. 
  • So I’d hypothetically be an aroace person that HAS experienced sga (similar-gender attraction)
  • I don’t know how any of this could factor into my  “counting”
  • this sga attraction thing feels very conditional to me and seems like it could also negatively affect bi or pan people
  • I sort of get the idea that “we don’t want our oppressors in our spaces”, but that also gets complicated if you think about it too much, simply because of intersectionality
  • like, with that logic ANYONE that can be oppressive shouldn’t be allowed? ex) men, cis people, white people, christians, abled people, etc
  • with that logic, All Cis Lesbians should be excluded because some of them are terfs, which is. Absurd and Wrong???
  • I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have seen some ace people that have said some pretty fucked up shit and I’m not in any way excusing them for that. That kind of behavior is not acceptable.
  • I figure that intersectionality within the lgbtq should be addressed, more than it already is, considering a cis white gay man is going to have very different experiences than a Black trans pansexual woman
  • it also rubs me wrong how, even by excusionists, it’s pretty acknowledged that it’s not uncommon for lgbtq people identify as ace before they identify as something lgbtq, because they could be unpacking some internalized homophobia which might be preventing them from realizing they’re lgbtq
  • and what bothers me is that up until that realization! these questioning ace people are faced with an unwelcoming atmosphere that might put a hault to any romantic/sexual discovery they could have had. because why would they want to be a part of a group that was previously very adamant about their exclusion
  • It just seems much, much simpler to me if the qualification for being lgbtq was just “you have any deviation from being cis, heteroromantic, and/or heterosexual” or “you are any marginalized gender, romantic, and/or sexual orientation”
  • because when it comes down to it, aromantic and asexual people are undoubtedly marginalized. Maybe not oppressed, but marginalized.
  • partly because so many people don’t even know what aromantic or asexual fucking is (hint: it’s not sex-repulsion or celibacy)
  • sidenote: this is a request to not trivialize the separation of romantic and sexual orientations. For the longest time I didn’t even identify as asexual because it didn’t address my lack of crushes, so once I learned what aromantic was I finally felt so at home. I didn’t even identify as asexual until a bit later. The separation might not be necessary for someone who’s just “gay”, but it was really important to me.
  • (and in regards to that, yes, a cisgender heteroromatic ace would be a “cishet ace” and straight, like how a gay asexual person would still be gay. I just feel like them being ace is a deviation from heterosexual and therefore lgbt. it’s weird and complicated, and the fact that this could mean someone straight is also lgbt does make me feel weird, but I need to be consistent with my own logic)
  • sidenote 2: please, no one say allosexual when referring to the opposite of ace. just say non-ace.

both choi twins were requested in the “calm down” palette so i put them both in one…
idk how to feel about this, this is my first time using a color palette T__T also didn’t spend much time on this because my arm hurts..

Jealous Ranger Headcanons


  • when zack gets jealous, he’s really huffy about it and super obvious
  • like he will pout and cross his arms and whine in his seat if he thinks he’s not getting the attention he deserves (from billy, jason, tommy, or whomever)
  • he’s also super petty when someone makes moves on his significant other(s)
  • ”well if you like them so much why don’t ya marry ‘em, huh?” “zack all i said was that they told me to tell you they say hi” “well if that’s not them comin’ onto you then I don’t know what is”
  • sometimes though when he feels actually threatened, he puffs out his chest and raises his chin to look super tough
  • other times he casually slides into the conversation and charms the threat into submission by aggressively complimenting them until they find it suspicious and gets uncomfortable and leaves


  • you really gotta try to get billy jealous
  • he’s normally pretty zen but he gets really upset when people don’t even try to be discreet about their flirting with his boyfriend(s)
  • normally he’ll just stay quiet and try to convince himself that this is just the other person being friendly, until he really can’t
  • when that happens, his face immediately tenses up, as does his posture, and he looks super offended but confused
  • he’ll start to speak in fewer words, until the other person gets the hint and stops, or jason and/or zack realize how billy feels and shuts down the conversation 
  • right afterwards, he’s back to being his peppy lil cute self (which is slightly alarming to the others)


  • jason is pretty used to being the guy who gets hit on, not the guy who watches his guy(s) get hit on
  • so, obviously, he’s taken aback
  • the more it happens, the more his patients grows short
  • it’s usually worse because a lot of the time, billy isn’t aware when people are being more than friendly, so the conversation just keeps going. and zack just assumes that people are appreciating how great he is, and doesn’t realize he’s being hit on
  • sometimes, jason wonders if maybe the people hitting on his significant other(s) are more worth their time than he is, but he gets more sullen when this thought comes up, which catches the attention of his boyfriend(s) who then turn their attention on him in concern, effectively cutting off the flirt fests
  • most the time, he just clears his throat very, VERY loudly as he comes up next to his bf(s) and gives a very threatening smile


  • kimberly is the aggressive jealous type
  • if she thinks someone looks at trini in predatory way, she deadass steps in between trini and the person
  • ”… kim what are you doing?” “i’m protecting you” “protecting me from wha-” “SHHHHH they can’t be any more aware of your presence than they already are”
  • trini isn’t used to anyone actually pursuing her, so she can’t really tell when people are hitting on her, which makes kim very irritated
  • she decides it’s her duty to step up to the plate and glare at anyone who looks at trini, boys included even though she knows they’re not a threat
  • sometimes, if she reads way too far into things, she’ll pull the other person aside in private and tell them to back off of her girlfriend
  • kim is constantly reminding herself not to do something she’ll regret. she occasionally gets a little mad at herself for letting her jealously control her even after the ty/amanda thing, but the thought immediately flies out of her head when she seems someone acting too friendly with trini


  • a jealous trini is initially annoyed and exasperated, but it turns to self consciousness pretty quickly
  • since trini is often pretty reserved, it’s less obvious when she starts to panic about her self worth than it is when a jealous jason gets like this
  • she starts questioning why kim even chose her when there’s all these fantastic people giving her attention and compliments, which trini often feels a bit too flustered to do
  • she just works herself up in an anxious fit, contemplating if she should just let kim go so she can have a world of options, or if she should just stay quiet like she’s taught herself to do her whole life
  • kim is a naturally social (and relatively flirtatious) person who’s used to being hit on, and she’s always gone along with it. it normally isn’t until later when trini starts to look guilty around her that she realizes that trini was jealous
  • of course, kim lets trini know she would never leave her, but trini has… pretty obvious trust issues. she tries to remind herself that she IS important to kim for reasons she doesn’t believe
  • kim also has to remind herself that trini’s lack of faith isn’t in kim but in herself, so kim tries to be more mindful in when people flirt with her. though, sometimes kim wishes trini was less complicated and more blunt when jealous

@ vld twitter

the fuck are you thinking. remember how lance is a child?? all that fuckin was was takin innocent lines he said (+ one that he never fuckin said at all. and you made him say it to a fucking animal.) and making them gross and sexual!! what the fuck was that voice you had him doing. he never fuckin talks like that.

what you did was you took a teenage boy, and you sexualized the shit out of stuff he said, and you also made him say a sexual pick up line to a fucking animal. a fucking animal. the fuck made you think this was okay? what the fuck. there are a ton of latines in this show’s fan base, many of whom are children. (you know, like lance!) did you think at all about how this would effect them? did you think at all? they all deserve way better than to see themselves treated like this.

this is absolutely disgusting. you should be ashamed.