Appreciation for Tumblr Witches

Honestly, i love tumblr witches. We tend to get a lot of hate from other more traditional witches, family witches, and older witches (Although obviously not all and most are very kind and helpful) for being too liberal with the craft. But honestly, i love tumblr witches and how validating the community is. I love how spells i see always have warnings for allergies, pets, and general advice. I love seeing simplified posts for spoonie witches, new witches, and closet witches. I love masterposts made just to help those wandering and lost, those who dont know where to start. I love how tumblr witches respect all witches regardless of path, religion (or lack there of), experience, sexualities, race, gender, etc. I love how tumblr witches seek to make witchcraft something everyonw can do, not just a select few. I love tumblr witches; we are real witches.

cosmosvulpine  asked:

I love the font and design. Did you have any inspiration? I'm trying to do one for my OCs race.

tbh half the time it just??? happen??? like?? oh I want a circle font today?

oh what about one that’s supper square??

o i want one that is made of music notes?

that’s pretty much it. I get a general idea of a font and just make it

tho they are some that are more inspired by more concreate things or already existing things

for example thise one is inspired by the simbols on the wind waker orbs

this one by the writing on the lotr ring for my fantasy AU

or this one which is based constellations (and the numbers on the SU warp pad hub)