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Indie Book Network may not be a safe space for Queer Authors.

I would strongly caution any queer writers to be very careful when joining the Indie Book Network. This was my experience today dealing with site creator Kyle Perkins. I am listed as Visitor.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a safe space for queer indie authors. I had high hopes going in but this attitude has really put me off. Having my gender publically made fun of by people who I considered fellow authors is extremely disheartening.

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What would happen if Adrian ever woke up to find Garrett sleeping with noticeable morning wood? Or vice versa? I need to know because reasons.

Umm … honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it. 

I know Adrian occasionally wakes up with this issue and he is always careful not to let Garrett know since he doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. 

With Garrett being out most nights, he’s often either already asleep when Adrian wakes or is awake when Adrian gets home. Not much chance of him being around/awake to notice. Though I do think if Garrett ever did notice he would likely think nothing of it, just seeing it as a natural occurrence and being all ‘oh so this happens to him too.’ 

Adrian, on the other hand, would be utterly horrified to have invaded Garrett’s privacy by noticing and likely go take an ice cold bath.

This answer pertains to them as they currently are in the story, things can (and will) change as the story progresses. 

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(that one writing alignment chart u posted ( i know im late sorry)) U are totally lawful good! ur writing is amazing. I usually dont like 'main character/oc' fics, but your characters dont feel 'oc'. they feel like they belong in the thief universe and you write every character so well.

I honestly don’t know what to say other than thank you. That means so much to me I can’t even articulate it. I’ve worked very hard to make sure the characters feel real and like they belong so I’m very happy to know it’s paying off. Thank you again <3

So it turns out I misnamed my cats. I should have called Garrett, Erin because she is very loud and yells at me about everything. Pitch in Boots (Bitch more often) is the thief and ultra sneaky about getting on the counters where she knows she’s not allowed. She loves straws and will knock over my drinks just to take the straw to play with. 

Wobbles is … just Wobbles.

The more I try to write ‘traditional’ romance the more I feel like I’m failing at it. I don’t know if it’s because of my current situation or because I’ve never enjoyed stories where the main tension in the plot comes from sexual tension. I get that romances need to focus on the romance but I can’t help that when I write the romance is often a subplot. I was really hoping that this dragon story would help me grow beyond that and write an actual romance. 

I’ve read some really great romance novels (Captive Prince, Lord Mouse, Ironclad Devotion, just to name a few) but I can’t seem to emulate the formula. Not even following an actual formula with a beat sheet seems to be helping. I had to take out a whole chapter this week because it was making things too complicated.

I guess I just need more practice with this genre.

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In chapter 7 of Pain Betrays Where the Shadows Lie, if no one else had been around, would Adrian have kissed drunk Garrett? What would have happened if he had?

Adrian pretty much answers that for you himself:

Adrian leaned forward before stopping himself. He clenched his fingers around the smooth wooden armrests of his chair. Grabbing Garrett and kissing him in front of Basso and August would not be a smart idea. After what had happened on the ship he wasn’t about to make that mistake again. Besides, Garrett was drunk and it would be disrespectful to do something like that while he wasn’t himself. Closing his eye he leaned back in the chair, wanting to just enjoy a quiet evening and dwell on finally learning how Garrett looked when he smiled. He wanted to sketch Garrett, capture that smile so he could look at it again and again.

Adrian is very keen on respecting Garrett’s boundaries. He’s terrified of driving Garrett away by making him uncomfortable or pushing too hard in the relationship. If he had given in to the impulse to kiss Garrett, he would have felt guilty immediately afterwards and then distanced himself much as he did back in Chapter 24 of Fight Like a Man or Hang Like a Dog.

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Get to know my character: Adrian Barbeaux - 2, 3, 18, 21, 24, 46

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness? 

One of Adrian’s biggest insecurities is being a burden or not pulling his weight. He’s never felt equal to any of his brothers and deep down blames himself for their mother’s death. While he’d never admit it, he feels that he kept his brothers from realizing their dreams because they had to help raise him instead. He has been able to hide this for the most part, but August suspects. This is something that others can exploit without even knowing. 

03. What would be their favorite physical trait about themselves? 

He likes his hands.

18. What kind of home would they want to live in? Where would they place this abode? 

He would love to have a nice cottage by the sea. Something on the outskirts of the City where he could still see and hear the clock tower. 

21. What is one of your character’s biggest fears? How would they react when dealing with this fear?

One of his greatest fears is failing to protect his loved ones. He does not handle this well and can become overbearing and overprotective.  

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like? 

Actually, next to one of his sketches of Garrett he has this written:

Your soul is a storm I

cannot weather.

The tempest in your eyes

will be my demise.

46. What is some random affectionate thing that your character always does to their lover? 

Adrian knows Garrett isn’t used to displays of affection so he makes certain that anything he does isn’t crossing the line. His favorite thing to do is run his finger down Garrett’s nose.

Just a side note that while I personally don’t celebrate any holidays, if you need someone to talk to or an escape from family during the holidays, you are welcome to hit me up. I’m nearly always available on Skype. I know how stressful and/or lonely this time of the year can be and I want you to know I’m here for you.



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Do you have any examples of what Adrian's voice sounds like? Like a clip of some actor or whoever you think he sounds like. I’ve had to think about this for a long time since you’re not the first to ask. I think this VA is the closest I’ve found if you can image him having a light French accent instead of the British. I’ve always imagined his voice as being deeper, but not rough and with a more caring note to it. It’s not as velvety as Garrett’s but is definitely rich with a hearty laugh that carries easily. Where Garrett’s voice is cool, calm and quiet, I hear Adrian’s as warm, friendly, and easily picked out in a crowded room.

After days of being stuck and rewriting the same chapter multiple times, I finally figured it out. Thank you to @taffing-garden-salsa and @leonoriel for sprinting with me and listening to me whine. Also, thank you to @haethel for letting me pester her over stupid stuff.

Everything makes sense now and I can’t believe it took me this long. Sheesh. 

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Hi sorrows! I was wondering, I was reading over Flamohlad again, and I realised chapter 24 he says Ri's kiss is 'a step up from a hug, and not something he has any experience with' So does that mean Adrian was his first kiss? *-*

That would be a yes. I’m fairly certain, given that Erin pretty much had to straight up murder him to get him to admit he cared for her as his sister, that he’s never had any relationships that weren’t business related. Growing up on the streets and having to worry about starving or dying of exposure kind of ruins any chances for romance. 

Plus, I headcanon him as demisexual, so there’s that too. ^^

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Get to know my character - 22 & 48? :))

I’m going to assume you mean Adrian here if I’m wrong or you’d like other characters as well just let me know. XD  

22. What kind of tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, freckles, and other such unique physical features do they have?

It hasn’t really come up but Adrian does have two tattoos, one on the bottom of each foot. The left is a pig, the right is a rooster. This came from the superstition that these would keep a sailor from drowning since pigs and chickens were put in crates that floated and at times were the only survivors of shipwrecks.

He also has several scars from bullet wounds, shrapnel, sword wounds, whip lacerations and a burning branch that ruined his left eye. 

48. Is there anything in particular that would ignite your character’s jealousy? Or does your character not get envious?

Adrian isn’t an overly envious person. If someone deliberately tried to make him jealous you’d find that he’d be more likely to blame himself for their behavior and see it as a rejection of his friendship.