“If you are going to kill him for sneaking me out, kill me too! I’m the one who wanted to see the world outside of the fortress!”

It’s so odd how SIlas just casually mentions how he could have been KILLED for sneaking out his bff prince(ss) from a fortress when he is a kid himself like…wtf? I just imagined Nari (my Revelations!Avatar) not having any of this Nohrian bs and trying to save him idk

Child designs of Nari and Silas are from here.

Also known as: Split Sorrin
Gender: Cis Female
Symbol: (not done yet)
Rank: 5
Sword arm: Left
Type: Offensive
Special Techniques: Split Sword
Status: Alive

Height: 4’11”
Weight: 85 lbs

Capabilities (?/10)
Yoki Powers: 6
Agility: 9
Strength: 7
Perception: 8
Willpower: 9
Leadership: 7
Regeneration: 4

(Only known) Emile: Older sister. Former warrior (no. 24). Deceased.

Referred to as “Spilt Sorrin” because of her unique ability to move her sword so fast, it appears to cut in two places at once. And also because of the way her personality seems to split and switch from her resting state, to her battle state. In her resting state, she is irritated and angry, but in battle state she is very focused, bloodthirsty, and nearly unstoppable. She is stuck at number five, however, because she is unstable, manically depressed and has a hard time controlling her split selves.

She is light and agile, allowing her to move quickly, and quietly.

She was part of the first stage of warriors to be trained to use soul link (even before Rafaela and Luciela), though because she and her sister weren’t even twins, let alone identical, the experiment failed, and her sister awaked, and therefore killed during soul link. Some believe the reason for her split selves, is because her sister poured her very soul into Sorrin, causing her to adapt her serious battle state.

She does not work well with others, especially in leadership roles. She is bossy, and commanding, but when actually put in the position of leader, flustered and confused. However, she has yet to order someone to their death.

At 4’11” she is among the shortest of the warriors, (save for the trainees). She weighs eighty five pounds. Though she is in her late twenties, many people mistake her for a child. Her hair rests at the base of her shoulder blades, and she usually wears it up in a braided bun. Her hair is a white-blonde. She also has a streak of auburn hair, the same color as her sister’s before she became a warrior. Her ears are pointed, but not so that they look yoma-like. She carries herself in a prideful manner, but can act extremely childish at points.

Apparently, the second set of the Khans block has been relieved: Fate Reforged! Is that Bolas I see in the background?

Based on what I’m hearing from Pax, the story is this: Sorrin and Sarkhan go back in time to stop Bolas from killing Ugan, the spirit dragon! I’m going to assume they succeed, and the third set is all about the new present they’ve created by changing the past. Neat!

My favourite thing about magic lore right now is the parade of odd-couple buddy cop movie team-ups they keep tossing at us

Gideon the glorious and sleep deprived saves Jace the weedy and ill prepared from an awkward date so they can SAVE THE WORLD

Sorrin goes on a roadtrip to connect with a pair of old friends he lost touch with so together they can do one last job

Old war buddies Elspeth and Ajani hitch a ride with Kiora, a mysterious woman who’s hiding something


This is Sorrin. Without him we probably would have starved to death out here. And we certainly would have missed our flight! What a legend!

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