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Where Manon makes a promise and intends to keep it.

Title: Promise
Word Count: 1973
Pairing: Manorian (plus one!)

Princess Sorrin Blackbeak-Havilliard rushed through the hallways of her father’s large castle with a half-eaten cookie in one hand and a wooden practice dagger in the other. As she ran in her light blue summer dress, the five-year old glanced through the windows, catching the sight of three wyverns ready to fly on the eastern courtyard.

The witchling panted as her gold eyes took in the open doors toward the gardens and she avoided servants left and right and jumped over tables to make it just in time. Her father was already there, dressed in the usual fighting leather tunic he donned for training. His wear wasn’t what caused Sorrin to frown however, it was the fact that her mother was in full flying gear, Wing Cleaver strapped to her back and Abraxos fully saddled and ready to go.

She didn’t care what her parents were talking about as she bounded toward them, wisps of dark blue-black hair falling into her cherub face. “You’re leaving?”

Her mother blinked, but it was her father who spoke. “Hey, sweetheart, I thought you were still eating breakfast.”

Sorrin’s frown deepened as she walked straight to her mother. “You’re leaving?!” She repeated, louder than before.

Manon crossed her arms. “I’m needed at the Wastes-”


Dorian cleared his throat. “Sorrin, we’ve talked about this, baby-”

The little girl growled, the sound reminiscent of her mother. “No! And I’m not a baby!” She didn’t catch the knowing look Manon gave Dorian or his subsequent huff.

“Sorrin,” her mother called and the little girl looked up at her. “I’m sorry I can’t stay, but I’m needed-”

“You said you would go to my recital!” The witchling exclaimed, referring to the dance recital she had been practicing for the past few months. “If you don’t go that means you lied to me!”

The few guards and courtiers walking along the courtyard turned to stare and the King and Queen shared a look. Dorian stepped back, allowing Manon to take over while the witch thought over her next words carefully. “Sorrin,” she said and her daughter pouted, her dark brows coming together in an exaggerated way. “There is an emergency I need to take care of in the west. We have talked about how this can happen.”

The frown turned sad and Sorrin’s bottom lip trembled with barely any restraint. “You said you would go.”

Manon had the decency to look apologetic. “I’m sorry, but I can’t assure you I will be back by then.”

“But you said-” a hiccup, “I want you to go.” She had been practicing really really hard just so her mother would see her and now it had all been for nothing.

“I’m sorry,” the Queen repeated. Tears fell down the witchling’s face and her mother stepped closer. “I’ll make it up to you, alright? We’ll do something together when I get back.”

“No!” She wailed, and for the first time in a long time, Sorrin threw a fit. She kicked and screamed and cried, all the while grabbing her mother’s leg or edge of the cape or whatever she could get her hands on. It was not fair. It was not fair that she had done all this for her mother and she wouldn’t even be there to see it.

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“If you are going to kill him for sneaking me out, kill me too! I’m the one who wanted to see the world outside of the fortress!”

It’s so odd how SIlas just casually mentions how he could have been KILLED for sneaking out his bff prince(ss) from a fortress when he is a kid himself like…wtf? I just imagined Nari (my Revelations!Avatar) not having any of this Nohrian bs and trying to save him idk

Child designs of Nari and Silas are from here.

dimir-charmer  asked:

So Sorrin hasn't noticed Ugin's been dead over a millennia? Does he not write? One or the other of them is a really, REALLY bad penpal

Agreed. Maybe it was one of those things where Sorin had Ugin over to Innistrad for blood tea once, and Sorin was like “oh hey we should totally do this again sometime, saaaay on your homeworld?” and Ugin was like “hmm yeahhhh sure prob’ly” and then Sorin heard nothing for a while, and he thought about just dropping in but he had never actually heard Ugin mention anything about Tarkir, and anyway it was really on Ugin to invite him this time, so he was like screw it I’ma let that dragon make the first move, and for a while he started to think like was it me? was I a bad host? did Ugin just have a really bad time and he’d just rather not be ageless tea-buds anymore? and then he snapped out of it like UM NO MARKOV MANOR TEATIME IS THE BEST Ugin is clearly just being unforgivably lame about reciprocating the hosting duties, no way I’m going to send a howdoyoudo, or even worse propose rehosting in my ‘hood, and then centuries went by, and at some point Sorin remembered about Ugin and was like THAT DRAGON HAD BETTER BE SUPER DEAD BECAUSE HE’S A PILE OF DRY BONES TO ME and gave up on him, and then years later he was like aughhh crapcakes the Eldrazi are loose, I’d better go consult with RUDE-IN even though he broke the holy blood tea friend-bond and never even left his freaking planar address, and then oh lovely, after a bunch of research it turns out he’s been rotting in a Tarkir chasm for years, Bitter Revelation much, I guess that’s more blood tea for me, peace out Tarkir, sayonara Multiverse I guess, EXASPERATED VAMPIRE SIGH.

sicksolo  asked:

could you do some cute cuddly tythan headcanons please? (i love your blog by the way!!)

of course i can bb!! sorry this is so late I was at school!! and thank you so much aah!!

  • Ethan likes to sit on countertops, and Tyler will come and stand between his legs and kiss him.
  • Sometimes Tyler will pick him up off the counter and Ethan will giggle and bury his face in Tyler’s neck. 
  • Tyler will fall asleep on Ethan’s chest and Ethan will play with his hair, and sometimes it’ll be the other way around
  • Ethan steals Tyler’s beanie all the time. Tyler would be mad if Ethan didn’t look so cute in it
  • They basically share a wardrobe. Although Ethan claims all of the comfiest, biggest hoodies and looks swamped in them
  • No matter where they’re sitting at first, they will always end up sitting literally pressed up against each other. And eventually Tyler will throw an arm around Ethan and pull him impossibly closer.
  • Tyler finally lets Ethan actually sit down and teach him how to edit, like for real. And by sit down, I mean he sits in Tyler’s lap and ends up doing all the work while Tyler just kinda watches.
  • Tyler calls Ethan ‘baby boy’– oh wait, that’s cANON–

redandblackassassin  asked:

"I didn't think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this." For the Manorian prompt, ly ☺

I didn’t think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this.

Dorian held back a yawn as he looked at the large crib next to the bed. He cringed at the thought of it being empty, despite the item being made of the finest materials in the whole kingdom. A loud cry echoed across the room and the King rubbed his messy hair back as his gaze went over to Manon, who kept walking back and forth from the bathing room to their own.

“Need help?” He asked, making sure to keep his voice sullen and quiet, lest he further irritate the small bundle in her arms.

She looked at him, but shook her head before turning back toward the bathing room. As with everything, Manon was quick to take her new role as a mother in the form of a challenge. A week into the job and already she was wonderful at it, surprising Dorian with every little thing and sometimes impressing him so much he felt almost unfit as a father.

It didn’t help that the tiny witchling would outright wail the second anyone but her mother picked her up and while the witch midwives and Manon assured him this would pass after a few weeks, his spirits still dropped when he realized he couldn’t pick up his little girl unless she was deeply asleep. Most of the time the child was indeed asleep, but for once Dorian just wanted those beautiful dull gold eyes to focus on him without that cherub face scrunching up immediately after.

As Manon did another round back to the bedroom, the King finally decided to get up and join her. He wasn’t sure how he could help, but he wanted Manon to rest, if only for a few hours. “Let me try,” he offered and although the witch stared at him unconvinced, Manon slowly let him take the baby.

Immediately as Sorrin began to fuss, Dorian quickly rocked her, humming a song he used to hear the servants sing to their children when he was young and scurried around the castle at ungodly hours of the night because no one bothered to actually put him to bed. He could never see his father after dinner even when he tried and his mother merely gave him a nod before going to bed. She never went with him to his room and the maids assigned to him had given up on trying to get him to sleep because he always sneaked out.

He would go to the servant quarters, hiding in dark corners and listening through the thin walls as mothers and fathers sang and told stories to their sleepy children. His soft humming seemed to work as the small witchling in his hands quieted down. He caught the smile on Manon’s face as the child let out a tired yawn. “You must teach me your songs,” she muttered as her fingers came up to touch the baby’s head.

Dorian looked up at her. “You don’t know any nursery songs?” Her silence said it all and the King thought that perhaps hearing other parents sing to their children was better than hearing nothing at all. “I’ll teach you some,” he told her, smiling while he reminded himself to keep his voice down. “I bet Chaol and Nesryn can help, too.”

Manon huffed in amusement. “It’s hard to imagine your First Hand singing a song meant for children.”

The King bit his lip to keep from chuckling. “I want to hear you sing.” He had caught her humming once, before they had Sorrin, and had hidden behind the half-closed bathroom door as her voice filtered from the accidental acoustic in the bathing room into their shared bedroom. He had been both awed and fascinated even when she cut the melody out as soon as she caught his scent. It had been a tune she had gotten from hearing the newly formed orchestra, one of his favorites. When he has asked her about it Manon had pretended it never happened and that he had been ‘clearly imagining things.’

“Witches do not sing.”

As he thought about the way she had naturally taken to the tone and pitch of a tune she had only heard once, he pursed his lips. “Not even to your witchlings?”

The Queen’s eyes went to Sorrin, but she didn’t answer. Dorian hoped she would try it, even if he didn’t get to hear it. As the silence stretched, Manon turned back to the bed. “You should try to lay her down.”

He nodded and they both went to the crib. Dorian slowly lay the baby down on the small bassinet at the top part of the crib, and after making sure she was warm and comfortable, he took Manon’s hand and dragged them both into bed. Her sigh as they lay down made him smile. “Parent life isn’t as easy as we though, huh?” Silence for a while, but he wasn’t bothered by it. Emotion rose through him as he muttered his next words. 

“I didn’t think that my actions would lead me here. To you. To this.”

She remained quiet for a bit, before he felt her shift closer. “Neither did I.”

He leaned in to kiss her forehead as her hand came up to his neck. 

They were asleep within the next few minutes.

Thanks for the promt! I’m sorry I take so long with these, but I haven’t forgotten them! I hope you enjoyed!

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Apparently, the second set of the Khans block has been relieved: Fate Reforged! Is that Bolas I see in the background?

Based on what I’m hearing from Pax, the story is this: Sorrin and Sarkhan go back in time to stop Bolas from killing Ugan, the spirit dragon! I’m going to assume they succeed, and the third set is all about the new present they’ve created by changing the past. Neat!

Dear Fellow Aces,

fandom-dork submitted:

You are not broken.

You are not screwed up. There is nothing wrong with you or how you feel, or how you don’t. You are 100% valid.

It is completely okay to be asexual. It is not wrong. It’s okay that you might not want sex. It’s okay that you might want it, too. You can do whatever you want because no matter what, you are valid. You are not broken in any way.

I know that sometimes, even if you know this, it’ll still come up somewhere in your mind. You might sometimes still worry if maybe there is something wrong with you. That’s okay. But you shouldn’t feel like that all the time. And if it’s a person making you feel that way? Drop them.

You do not have to settle. You deserve just as much as anyone else, ace or not.

If you like someone who is not ace, that is okay. If you want to try and make things work, talk to them. But, if they don’t respect you or any boundaries you might have, drop. Them. Do not make yourself uncomfortable because you think that it’s all you can get. Do. Not. Settle.

If you don’t like anyone, and people are making fun of you for it or commenting on it, drop. Them. Too. You do not have to put up with that. You can do whatever you want. You can feel how you want.

If anyone is harassing you about being ace, drop. Them. “But you haven’t even tried!” Drop them. And don’t even bother trying to tell them if you have, because A) they don’t deserve an explanation and it that doesn’t validate your feelings anyway, and B) you’ll probably just get told, “Well, you just haven’t met the right person yet!” Drop them.

“You’ll change your mind when you’re older.” Drop them. Maybe you will, but that doesn’t change how you feel in that moment. Your feelings do not deserve to be invalidated. You do not deserve that.

“People won’t want you.” Who cares? The ones that don’t want you don’t matter. There will be plenty of people that will like you for you, and besides, you don’t need a partner, especially not to validate you for other people. All you need is you. And maybe a best friend. And if you do have a partner? Great. You are still valid.

You are always valid.

You do not need other people to validate you or your feelings.

You are not broken, and if anyone tells you that you are. I’ll personally beat them up myself because you. Are not. Broken.

Love, Sam (or Sorrin), a 15 year old agender panromantic asexual who repeats this to themself everyday in the mirror because there’s no one else to tell them this. I hope you take my words and keep them with you because there is nothing more important then knowing that you are valid.

My favourite thing about magic lore right now is the parade of odd-couple buddy cop movie team-ups they keep tossing at us

Gideon the glorious and sleep deprived saves Jace the weedy and ill prepared from an awkward date so they can SAVE THE WORLD

Sorrin goes on a roadtrip to connect with a pair of old friends he lost touch with so together they can do one last job

Old war buddies Elspeth and Ajani hitch a ride with Kiora, a mysterious woman who’s hiding something