hey guys! I want to apologize for the low activity of the blog. In these weeks I’m really overwhelmed with work and I can’t find enough time to do and post new illustrations. So sorry!

   I SOLEMNLY SWEAR that As soon as I meet my deadlines , I will post new arts!

for all those who have written to me …. if I’m not answering it’s because I’m trying to find the time to reply with a sketch or an illustration or  to answer it properly! So, don’t worry, sooner or later I will answer to everyone! :)

Anyway my pc is full of sketches of jily, marauders, golden trio, some wolfstar, marauders, scorpius, Marauders, Albus, Rose and Scoprius, Marauders, Harry and Draco, Professors,  Marauders, Snape, Marauders, a comic on Marauders……OPS…I SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID THAT. 

So as Ron Says: “So… you’re going to suffer but you’re going to be happy about it.” 


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please be thankful for everything you have today, tell your family you love them (if they are good to you), tell your friends thank you for being supportive, give your pets a hug. my mom is in critical condition in the hospital and i’m pretty upset so if anyone has cute or funny holiday family stories, i wouldn’t be mad if you were to just drop em here


Bear and Hamster in Yoo Seung Woo’s vlive - Romance.

  • Shadow: Alright son,
  • Silver: Please don't call me that
  • Shadow: I think you are ready for this responsibility,
  • Silver: What are talking about?
  • Shadow: I have convinced Sega and Sonic Team to allow you to have your own game.
  • Silver: Wait what? You're not joking right? My own game!?
  • Shadow: On one condition.
  • Silver: That being?
  • Shadow: *spins around and poses dramatically as a motorcycle is revealed*
  • Shadow: Meet your partner in crime!
  • Silver: ...It's a motorcycle...
  • Shadow: How dare you disrespect your partner for that I am taking away your rights for your own video game.

can I just talk about how incredible the word ‘incredible’ is?? like it’s definitely my favourite adjective,,, it’s just so satisfying to say and feels like it really does what you’re describing justice,,, it can be so emotive
Incredible is incredible 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered writing a sequel to Mystic Coffee? Or maybe a few ficlets set in that universe? It's such a great AU, I'd love to read more of it!

I never really give a solid answer to that question because I won’t say it will never happen, but I’m also not working on a sequel right now. And I also don’t want to commit something I might not have the time to do, you know? But rest assured that it’s something I definitely do consider from time to time.

As for ficlets, here are a few drabbles I’ve done:

(Ember/muffin drabble

(magic painting drabble

(New Years Drabble

(Christmas drabble

Might do some more in the future, we shall see.