The peaceful land of Hollywoodia has been taken over by the dastardly director! He has used the Sundance Crystal to shatter himself into 5 different fragments, each a different aspect of his personality. You must fight each of them and then claim their part of the Sundance Crystal. Only then can you combine it to put an end to his tyranny!

Play as four different classes:

  • Director: The Warrior Class. They use a rigged camera for long range attacks and have a giant clapboard that they can manipulate to block projectile attacks. Can spec into Filmer, making their Cameragun incredibly effective at range while limiting their mobility, or the Producer, with powerful crowd control effects to take care of adds.
  • Stunter: the Tank class. Melee range, but plenty of defensive options. They have high mobility skills too, making them good at intercepting attacks. Can spec into either the Body Double class which improves their tanking prowess, allowing them to take hits that would kill weaker classes like they’re nothing, or the Daredevil, becoming less tank focused but dealing way more damage. 
  • Visual Effects: The Mage class. Weak attacks, but has incredible offensive and support abilities. Armed with a laptop, they can conjure visual effects into the real world with deadly results. Spec into the Animator class to gain powerful summons that will fight on your behalf, or become a SFX Guru to create auras that will power up allies and yourself!
  • Actor: The wildcard. Has limitless potential but starts out fairly weak. Can be a jack of all trades or can be a master of one. Their uniqueness comes from their ability to wield props that are in the maps, which have various effects. In an actors hands, fake weapons become real, hard hitting ones. Improvised weapons are weaker but have cool effects - grabbing a lamp will give your attacks a wider arc, and possibly light the target on fire.

Fight One: Mr. Tarantino and Buscemi in a Suit

This is a double battle. Tarantino is relatively weak here, fighting using only fists. The real threat is Buscemi. While Buscemi lives, Tarantino cannot die. This makes Mr. Tarantino more of an annoyance than an actual boss. Buscemi in a Suit is weak to fire attacks but is a high level Actor, and the arena is filled with props. It’s recommended to have a high level Actor yourself to take away some of his power by snatching the props for yourself, or grab a Producer with a Re-Take, who can forcibly disarm Buscemi. Stunters can try and pull aggro on Tarantino so DPS can focus on Buscemi, but its not recommended.

Fight Two: Foot Fighter Tarantino

This can be a dangerous fight due to his extreme range - Foot Fighter Tarantino has a massive zoom lens, and this arena is a long one. The first part of the fight involves dodging his scoped attacks - a Daredevil works great here. Reach him, then burst him down while he’s stunned. Then, he leaps to the other side and begins taking potshots again. Take note that the Plastic Leg has a unique ability in this fight - hitting him with it increases the duration that he is stunned for. This is invaluable if you haven’t yet unlocked Daredevil, as you will only need 2 or 3 rotations to down him rather than the 4 or 5 a regular fight would take.

Fight Three: Coke Tarantino

Take note of the crates around the (small) arena - each contains a dozen cans of coke, and if he gets his hand on any, he will be powered up immensely. He is guaranteed to grab one crate at the start of the fight, so hold off on using your powerful openers until he throws a can away. He will slowly lose power until he picks up another can. The best option is to just destroy the crates, but he will focus fire anyone who attacks the crates, even through taunts. Have the Body Double attack it first, then DPS it down. This also has the benefit of keeping him from seeking the other crates to drink. On Expert Mode, a fully charged Coke Blast immediately after he powers up is a near guaranteed party wipe. 

Fight Four: Samurai Tarantino

It goes without saying that Samurai Tarantino is a blazing fast boss. His sword has powerful critical hit multipliers, and keeping him at range is ineffective due to his ridiculous mobility. 

The trick to making this fight easy are the statues around the room. Tarantino has multiple slashing abilities in this fight, and with a daredevil or actor using the Comedic Apple-on-Head hat, or even an Animator who can conjure up a clone, you can trick him into swinging at one. There are Four statues, two along both the north and south walls relative to the entrance. Having him break one sends him into a rage, increasing his attack rate. If he hits two, his attacks become more wild, leaving more openings for attack. They still hurt, mind. At 3 and 4 he will eventually break into an ultimate rage where his attacks are uninterruptible by any means. However, he will also no longer defend against incoming attacks, meaning if you can dodge them it is much easier to DPS him down.

Final Fight: Overlord Tarantino

Overlord Tarantino cannot be fought until four pieces of the Sundance Crystal are obtained (i.e until you beat the first four bosses). Once you have four pieces, his castle will open its gate to you and you will be faced with the final stage.

The First phase, Tarantino in the Clown Seat!, has him laugh manically as enemies pour out of the clown’s mouth. This is a simple survival round, he will keep throwing enemies at you until he runs out. Shooting at him is ineffective as a magical barrier covers his face. Just focus fire on the adds, which at this stage should be trivial to fight.

The Second phase, Tarantino Commands the Fight!, has him lift off into the air and wield the The Room Camera, a powerful double shot camera that fires both freezing and igniting rounds. He is vulnerable whenever he is firing, so spread your party out or have a VFX come in to summon clones. More adds will stream out of the Clown Mouth while this is going on. If you can get a Daredevil up to the balcony, you can have them Leap and attack Tarantino up close. Though dangerous, landing a melee hit on him in this phase is a guaranteed critical hit. Try using a weapon with an On-Crit effect, like the Royale With Cheese’s Cheeseblast On Crit, to take advantage of this.

The Third phase, The Great and Whimsical Tarantino Kills You Once And For All!, has 8 massive robotic limbs rise from the clown face, spreading out across the room. At first you are confined to a mere eighth of the room, although any class with mobility can leap over one of the limbs. Each must be damaged and then the attachment to the Clown severed. Once you slay two limbs, they will begin to flail but Tarantinos shield will go down. The limbs to either side of you are still dangerous, so either take them out or play incredibly safe. Otherwise, DPS Tarantino down as normal. Each limb destroyed in the original matter does cause a piece of funny dialog and reduce his health slightly, but otherwise is negligible. Killing all 8 grants an achievement, though, so for the completionists its recommended fighting this guy twice.

Once you slay his third phase, a short cutscene will occur, and depending on your progress thoughout the game, you may fight the final Extra boss, Quentin-EX. Fighting Him is a mystery, one that will not be spoiled in this walkthrough.

Here Comes A Thought

So, the latest Steven Universe episode really got to me. Not only was the animation stunning and the music was beautiful, but the message was the thing that got me because I’ve been going through some stuff lately.

What I got out of “Mindful Education” was this: everything will be ok.

For the past few months, my emotional state has not been the best. There has been a ton of drama in my family and amongst some of my friends. I ended up in the middle of it. I thought that this is just the way the world works, that this happens to everyone and I have no reason to complain or be hurt. I tried my best to hide my pain with smiles and laughs. But it didn’t really do much to help

This episode has taught me that thinking about it will hurt, but it’s the best way to deal with it. If you ignore it, it’ll only get worse and you’ll just dig yourself into a deeper hole. Once you think about your problems and deal with them, all of a sudden they seem manageable, at least for me.

Once I realized this, I was happier, more or less. They problems are still there, but I am able to handle them better now. And now I know that any problem you may have will not be the end all, be all. If you’re sad now, just know that things will be better. Happier days are ahead.

You may not know it, but you have support in your life, whether it be your friends, family members, significant other, or others who are close to you. No one is alone on this earth, even though you may feel like it. Believe me, I’ve felt alone multiple times. But I opened up to my mother and my roommate, and let me tell you, I felt a lot better when I let everything off my chest. Talking about it made me realize that I was over analyzing a few things and that I could deal with these problems.

So, if any of you need to talk to me about anything, feel free to message me. I’ll do whatever I can to help you through anything that is troubling you.

I’m here

Random, sappy moment but

Today marks the last day of my streak of summer vacations, and all of the regular school years that have had them in between. When I wake up tomorrow I will never have another one. From this point on I will be working nonstop to become a veterinarian, and will then graduate in less than two years to hopefully go on to become board-certified in something. As cheesy as it is, I’ve been preparing myself to start classes up again tomorrow by watching that trailer I reblogged for “A Dog’s Purpose,” because the human-animal bond in it is so important to me. That book is one of the few that has made me sob uncontrollably because of how passionate I feel about the bond humans and animals have formed over centuries of living side-by-side. And realizing that I will be a veterinarian that will be able to strengthen or mend that bridge, and hopefully make a difference in the lives of countless people and animals, is so surreal.

So I say goodbye to the chapter of my life where I am a full-fledged student, and say hello to the chapter of my life where I become a student vet.