Spotted Garden Eel (Heteroconger hassi)

The spotted garden eel is widespread throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific from the eastern coasts of Africa including the Red Sea to Polynesia, and south from Japan to New Caledonia.

It lives exclusively in variously sized colonies on sandy bottoms that are exposed to currents, at depths from 15 to 45 meters.  It digs a burrow from which it emerges with about a third of its body, pointing its mouth towards the underwater current to catch drifting food.

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I. could you take care of a broken soul? II. i could hold you for a million years, to make you feel my love. III. we’re smiling, but we’re close to tears. IV. can’t be on my own without you. V. your love will take me higher and higher. VI. just say you want me, that’s all it takes. VII. i don’t want to be here if i can’t be with you tonight. VIII. i want you in my arms, i see you in my dreams

Albanian Terms Of Endearment
  • I dashur / e dashur (m. /f.) : love
  • T'a hangsha zemrën: May I eat your heart  
  • Zemra (Ime)  : Heart (of mine)  
  • Dritë e syrit : Light of my eyes (Usually, it’s used by a parent to call this their children, and especially for Fathers towards their daughters)  
  • Gëzim i parë : First joy (Used by parents towards their children)  
  • Rrush : Dear (lit. Grapes)  
  • Xhan : Dear, from Arabic “Jaan” 
  • Shpirt(i im) : Soul (of mine) 
  • Vdeksha un për ty : May I die for you 
  • T'keqen : Dear, Sweetheart (lit.“the bad”, short of “Të marsha t'keqen” that means “May I take upon myself the evil meant for you)  
  • Arush: Little Bear (Used for little children)