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face-attorney  asked:

I hate people who defend blackface if its towards a celebrity, like nicki minaj, drake, etc. Like I always hear the excuse "It's just the person not the whole race" LIKE YOU CAN DO CELEBRITY INSPIRED MAKE UP WITHOUT BLACKFACE! And even if it was "just the person" they are poking fun at their skintone that the celebrity has. so YES blackface is racist!

Black face in general is so gross and I am utterly disgusted that people try to defend it. Going off a tangent but one of UCLA’s sorority’s threw a party that had girls doing black face and dressed as “gold diggers” and the chapter of the sorority on my campus (Cal Poly SLO) started defending them and I am just so confused as to how these people are not educated on it and how they think it is okay to throw those parties or defend their sisters for being racist pieces of shit. 
-mod S