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Heather: I need your date’s name for the foam formal by friday… just a security formality.
Katie: Oh, right…
Heather: You do have a date…
Katie: Yeah, what are you kidding? Tons… not really, none.
Heather: You aren’t shy, are you?
Katie: No… but apparently I’m contagious, remember? And I kinda worry about any guy who’s willing to date herpes poster girl


Name: Ellie Calliou
Age: 18 [Senior]
Startgame: Single
Endgame: Reed Foster
Secret: I’m sleeping with my teacher.
Bio: There was a time in Ellie’s life when everything was simple - she went to the mall, got tipsy at parties, hooked up with a few boys, wore pretty clothes, and got good grades. That was it. The stereotypical cheerleader, popular teenager, she coasted through life with a pretty smile and perfect hair, the envy of other girls. Some people thought she was a bitch, others thought she was a darling, and it didn’t quite matter to her as long as she kept her social status in school… that was before Mr. Foster became her AP Language teacher. Now Ellie’s life is, well, a mess of a girl with a broken heart. She’s become quieter, escaping her normal socialite tendencies to read alone in her room, or taking long drives and wishing she could get lost on the way and never go back to Arcadia. Ellie is in love with a man who not only doesn’t want her for anything more than her body, but is constantly putting her down about her looks, her personality, her mind, and her attitude. But instead of walking away, Ellie is taking his “advice” to heart. Is she really just a shallow girl with a pretty face? Does she have the ability to be something more than a soccer mom when she grows up? For the first time in her life, Ellie is faced with harsh criticism in a terrible relationship she can’t walk away from, but along with it hurting her… she’s pretty sure it’s going to help her find herself. She doesn’t want to be just another girl. Ellie is striving to be the most unique girl in the world for Reed Foster. How many times is she going to try to be someone she’s not though before she actually finds someone she wants to be?
Storyline: You’ll Never Know - Jer Coons
Relationships: Reed Foster - love interest ; Payton McKenna - cousin ; Lily Jordan - friend ; Winnie Hays - friend ; Audrina Henry - friend ; Gwen Fisher - friend