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There’s a saddening lack of books with pansexual/panromantic rep included in queer book recs, so I’ve compiled a list of books for us pans, that I will be continuously updating.

Some notes: I haven’t read the majority of these books, so I’m trusting the people who sent me recs and the research I’ve done. Some of the books are part of series, and I’m not sure if the pan character is in one or some/all books, so keep that in mind.

For each book I’ve put the genre, the names of the characters if I could find them, if it’s canon or implied/hinted, and a goodreads link.

Happy reading!

Legally Blonde thoughts

The thing that gets me the most about legally blonde the musical is that in Omigod, Elle’s sorority sisters call Elle and Warren are the perfect couple because “we love you guys.” Elle responds with “No I love you guys!” However in comparison in the last song, there is a reprise where the same girls call Elle and Emmett are the perfect couple “because we love you guys.” This time both Elle and Emmett respond with “No WE love you guys!”

To me this speaks volumes because it tells me that Warren didn’t like Elle’s friends, he just dealt with them and Emmett sees their true worth and how much they lift up the woman he loves and honestly Legally Blonde is so good and pure and I love it.

Unlearning femininity

So I used to be very feminine, like I used to wear very feminine clothes, sexy, high heels, a lot of makeup, and of course I shaved.

Stopping wearing sexy clothes and high heels was easy, once you (re)discover comfy clothes, you never want to go back. 

But hairs and makeup, that’s still complicated. Sometimes I really hate how I look (thanks internalized misogyny!) but then, I step outside and I think about all my sisters, especially young women and kids. When I’m natural, I’m setting an example for all those women and girls, I’m telling them : it’s ok, your body is perfect the way it is, you don’t have to modify it. 

I’ve even noticed that my mom was receptive to this. She cares less about her hairs, or wearing bras. I’m prouf of her. 

To all my sisters: I love you. 



Constellations (M)

Summary: He was the president of one of the most notorious fraternities on campus. You had expected him to be the same as his other brothers – a sex-crazed, binge drinking maniac… But the truth ended up surprising you – in more ways than one.

Genre/Warnings: College!AU, Fratboy!Namjoon. It’s pretty much all fluff up until the smut part… Then my trash self happened and added some dirty talking and teasing, along with slightly rough sex. There’s also swearing.

Word Count: 10.7k. (is it too late now to say sorry?)

A/N: IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! I spent the whole fucking day writing this fic and it is now 2:30 A.M and I’m fucking exhausted. I love this fic so much, okay. It literally feels like I put my entire fucking soul into this (although that might just be the sleep talking lol) but I hope you guys like it!!!

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Imagine: On Stiles’ 21st birthday, the pack takes him out to Sinema and he gets thoroughly wasted. It’s starts out with something tame- red wine at dinner. Then you go to the club and he starts downing a whole bunch of fruity drinks- the kinds that sorority sisters order with cherries and sugared rims. Turns out, he’s a bit of a lightweight. The dancing gets out of hand to say the least, he flirts badly with way too many strangers, and Theo gets stuck with the very difficult job of dragging Stiles back home. That said, at least he doesn’t have to stay at the club after it closes to look for Stiles’ keys, wallet, and shoes that he left there.


Emerging from the tack room, Anna was struck by a sight she would never forget. Elsa was standing at Marshmallow’s side, currying perfect circles into the Fjord’s neck and shoulder area. The light streaming through the barn gave both horse and girl an almost heavenly glow. Catching Anna’s stare, Elsa blushed and timidly asked, “Am I doing it wrong? I’m trying to do it the way Giselle showed me.”

“No, you’re perfect.”

Inspired by thedoctorspersonalblogger’s Sorority Sisters Ch 15: Triple Combination

🎀 Master list of sweet sorority photo poses! 🎀

Sorority sisters love to take photos and sorority sugar loves these CUTE poses!


The Faux Conversation:

The Glitter Flurry:

The Elbow Clutch:

The Scenic Landmark:

The Circle:

The Legs In The Air Don’t Care:

The Sand in Our Toes:

The Flag Unfurled:

The Happy Hands:

The Straight Arm:

The Boot Scoot:

The Square: 

The Chalkboard Crush:

The Wall Sit:

The Timeless Squat:

The Shirt Showoff: 

The Arm In Arm:

The Tummy Tuck:

The Perfect Pair:

The One Leg Lift:

The Air Born:

The Just Hangin’ Around: 

The Sorority Sign:

The Blowing Bubbles:

The Pyramid: 

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You're No Peter Parker! || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: you unintentionally get super drunk at a party, forcing your friendly neighborhood spider-man to come to your rescue as he escorts you home.}

tonight’s been a stressful night for me, so i need some peter parker fluff. i promise i’ll work on requests as soon as i’m better…my anxiety has been through the roof and today was a particularly bad day….

but i’ll get better, i promise. so here, how about me and you indulge in some peter fluff?

**please if you have any respect for the writer at all, do not repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine.**

warnings: drunk kisses, tbh


You had no idea what crazy part of your brain thought that attending a party was a good idea. You weren’t the particularly social type, and the fact that you were surrounded by girls making out with several guys from the next door fraternity house made this all the more unbearable for you.

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😏Piercing Theories [Part 1] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  Ethan owns a tattoo and piercing shop and a girl comes in asking to get her nipples pierced and so he says yes and as he’s doing it he gets hard cause she’s super flirty and touchy and sexual about the piercings and once they are done he wants her to come to his house after the piercings have healed so about 2 weeks later she goes over and he fucks her and plays with her piercings a lot and just super rough with lots of dirty talk?  Maybe when she goes in to get them pierced she can say something like “i heard that a girl can cum just by playing with her nipples after they get pierced” and he just kinda brushes it off but then when she goes over to his house he’s like “why don’t we find out the answer to your question sweetheart” and then makes her cum just by that then fucks her

Warnings: TEASING


Originally posted by punishmedolans

I walked into Dolans Piercings as I saw no one was at the front desk. I peered around the corner and still I didn’t see anyone. “Hey I’m here for a piercing!” I hollered into the empty tattoo shop. Just then a guy from the back walks down the hall towards me. He was wearing a black tank top which showed off his sleeves of tattoo. He smirked at me letting out a chuckle. I was 

“Well I hope you’re not here for cookies. That’s across the street.” He let out a laugh at his own joke, but I didn’t laugh. “What can I pierce for you princess? Are we wanting a nose stud or belly button?” He asked with a chuckle. I raised my eyebrow in shock at his statement. “Gotta match your sorority sisters right?” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Actually I already have my belly button pierced along with my nose. I even have three tattoos believe it or not. I actually came here to get my nipples pierced thank you very much. Can you do that for me or will you get too flustered?” I teased as he raised an eyebrow at me.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Excuse me?” He asked in a deep gruff voice. I smirked knowing exactly what was happening. He was getting frustrated. I handed him my ID as he scanned it in. “Alright second room on the right. Do you know your left and rights princess?” He smirked as he felt clever.
“Yeah and I know I would swipe left on you and right on your brother.” I chuckled as I knew his twin brother and him ran the shop. I went into the room as I waited for the guy to walk in. I took my shirt off revealing my red pushup bra. I checked myself out in the mirror as I arched my back in different angles to try and get my best look. I looked towards the door as someone walked into the room.
“Okay Y/N?” The guy wasn’t the one in the front. “Oh I’m sorry.” He apologized after seeing me in my bra. I quickly hunched over awkwardly as I heard a voice boom.
“Gray! I’m piercing her! You’re piercing a navel down the hall!” I heard Ethan snap as Gray chuckled awkwardly.
“Sorry about this. I think your new piercings will look good though.” Ethan then jerked Gray’s shoulder back out of the doorway and pointed down the hall. I chuckled as Ethan walked into the room and slammed the door.
“Unbelievable sometimes I swear.” Ethan huffed which made me laugh. “Okay let me look at your nipples.” He said with a smirk. I straightened my back.

“Would you like to unhook my bra for me?” I asked smiling innocently. He cocked an eyebrow at me with a smirk. I chuckled as his hand went behind my back with one hand and unhooked my bra. I placed my hands on the cups to keep my bra over my breast.

“Take it off.” I slowly slid my bra down my shoulders revealing my bare breasts. He looked up at me with a smirk. “I take it you’re a 34 B?” He smirks which I scoffed. He let out a chuckle as his fingers came up and pinched my nipples hard. I winced but he didn’t care. He rolled my right nipple in between his fingers as he stared at me intently.

“You know I heard you can make a girl cum just by playing with her nipples after she gets them pierced.” I watched as his jaw tightened to which I smiled. “Do you know if that’s true or not? I mean my ex could never make me cum at all. Most nights he would do crazy things, but he could never make me cum. Actually no guy ever has.” I admitted as he dotted my nipple with the small purple marker.

“H-How does that look?” He asked handing me a mirror to make sure they were even.

“Hmm I like it. It looks kinda hot. What do you think?” I asked biting my lip which caught his attention. His hands grabbed my hips tightly, but quickly released as he let out a grunt.

“They look damn good. And if you want we can test your theory. Breathe in.” I inhaled deeply as I felt the needle break the skin of my nipple. I let out a shaky breath to which Ethan smiled. He screwed the ball on as he bit his bottom lip. “Now as I was saying.” Ethan trails off as he rolls my other nipple in between his fingers again. This time felt different as I felt a shock go throughout my body. I threw my head back as I felt Ethan’s pinch tighten.

“Ugh Ethan.” I moaned to which Ethan stood up. I felt my nipple grow harder.

“Lie down. I can’t sit down to pierce this or else I will explode.” I chuckled at the effect I had on him. I lied back gently against the cold metal table. He flicked my nipple which made my head rise. “Earlier what I meant about testing your theory is breathe.” I inhaled deeply as the needle broke skin again. I jumped in shock, but Ethan held me down. He screwed the ball on as he sat me up. “Nipple piercings take about two to four weeks to heal. Come to this address when they have healed and aren’t too sensitive. Then I’ll make you cum by playing with your nipples.” He handed me a sticky note with an address.

“How do you know I want you to test the idea? Maybe I want it to remain a mystery.” I smirked to which Ethan leaned into my ear.

“Trust me sweetheart, you want me to make you cum.” His warm breath sent shivers down my spine. “I’ll see you in two weeks. Remember to soak them in non iodized sea salt.” He smiled as he tossed me my bra.

“How much do I owe you? Like 70?” I hooked my bra on as I slipped my shirt back on.

“No trust me. We’re even. See you in two weeks sweetheart. This of this as a science experiment. A hypothesis if you will.” I gave him a puzzled look. “A hypothesis is an ‘if, then’ statement. If I play with your nipples, then I will make you cum.” I rolled my eyes as I noticed Ethan had a tent in his pants,

“And if I keep teasing you then you’ll have blue balls to the max right?” I chuckled to which he nodded.

“Sorry I can’t control myself when I have a beautiful bare breasted woman sitting on a table in front of me making sexual comments every chance she gets.” He huffed which I giggled. “They look good by the way.” He smiled.

“Thanks and well I’m not exactly leaving all hot and bothered. See you in two weeks.” I smiled as I walked out of his piercing room to see Grayson smirking.

“Hey.” He smiled shyly.

“Hey Grayson! Do you want to seem them?” They look really good according to your brother.” I started to pull my shirt off as Grayson stared at me.

“No one gets to see them except me Y/N.” Ethan snapped which was strange. He sounded extremely serious which threw me off guard. His eyebrows furrowed as I slipped my shirt back down.

“It’s fine Y/N. I believe they look nice and I’ve pierced plenty of nipples. Don’t forget to soak them.” He chuckled which I nodded. Ethan stood up and leaned against the door frame to which I saw his body was covered in tattoos.

“See you in two weeks Y/N.” He smirked as he walked pass me, of course his hand grazed my ass and he gave a firm squeeze.

Part 2

Why Endless Summer Is Not Worthy of Michelle Thuy Nguyen: A Dissertation (but not really)
  • Umm why???  Because she EXISTS and is too good for La Huerta
  • That’s it
  • I know, I know, without her the gang p r o b a b l y wouldn’t have survived even half as long as they are right now sooo…be grateful LOL
  • I mean…her sitcom-like opening dialogue in Book 1 Chapter 2, where she screams “Heeelllooooooo?” into an empty hotel?  Iconic. 
  • Wait hold on I have the screenshots

  • Remember when she helped Zahra HACK into a computer just by owning a bobby pin??  Iconic.  if med school doesn’t work out maybe she should consider computer science
  • Sidenote can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL SHE IS LIKE WOW
  • Probably won “Best Hair” at a Greek Life formal or something
  • Becca is shaking! in Professor Vasquez’s house rn
  • Probably the only person who can wear a combination of purple eyeshadow, bright blush and pink lip gloss in this day and age and still have fans going “yaaaaasss maaaaa show me whachu got”
  • Let’s talk about her signature millenial pink™
  • Actually no let’s talk about all the med schools probably lined up, waiting for her to accept their offers
  • Let’s also talk about her dreams - just kidding, wrong choice of word - AMBITION to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon 
  • @ those crusty musty sorority sisters who did her dirty: you WISH you could be this successful….RATS!!
  • Probably the bestest friend anyone could ask for??  Witty, rational, supportive, focused, strong-willed…Craig should be so lucky
  • Lo and behold…some of my favourite quotes from Queen Meech:
  1. “MC believes in me.  Why don’t you, Sean?”  (um sidebar now that we know the truth about cheating-gate this is so deep yike)
  2. “The chef is actually a family friend of a family friend, so I practically know him.”
  3. “Hey!  MC is trying to talk!  So listen up!”  (thx for having my back when noone else did sis u and becca are probs the best sorority sisters out there)
  4. “I just wanted to spend a few days on the beach, but noooo.  That was too much to ask!!”
  5. “We called an Uber.  Who cares?”

anyway…,,,we are truly not worthy….,,,of this kweendt….,,,,pls don’t let her die….,,,Michelle Nguyen IS Endless Summer….,,the endt