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big/little problems: worrying about personalized crafting...

Q: Big/Little week is soon approaching. I have a little, my first little! I want to make her things/ decorate it to her liking so she’ll actually use it. We have to do a clipboard, badge box, tumbler, canvas, gift basket and the big/little reveal shirts. I’m trying to stalk her interests the best i can, but i just don’t want to mess up. What do you suggest? 

A: Don’t be afraid of pleasing your new little. She will LOVE whatever you craft for her! There’s no need to personalize your gifts completely to her favorite activities. I think you may be putting too much pressure on yourself. A badge box doesn’t need to depict her favorite TV show. A pretty sorority theme, or a classy monogram design, would be perfect. 

If you know her favorite color, or overall “style,” that’s more than enough to get crafting. Aim to make your items super sorority sweet and you can’t go wrong. By using your chapter colors, jewels, mascot, flowers and symbols you can create some real masterpieces. Add a popular graphic such as a chevron pattern, Lilly floral, tribal design, or paisley print. For example, if you create a lovely clipboard with a snappy design and pearl accents, she will adore it. Focus on making beautiful gifts and you will be successful. 

Ways to make crafts more personal ~ 

  • Include your little’s monogram on tumblers, bows, canvases, boxes, etc.
  • Use some of your little’s favorite colors or patterns.
  • Mod Podge a big/little photo into the design.
  • Include your big/little names and dates.
  • Paint a special quote that represents your relationship, or your little’s special personality. 
  • Represent your little’s home state in your design.

If the pieces represent your sorority and include a personal accent, they will touch the heart of your new little. Let your creativity flow and the love will show in your creations. xoxo ;)