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💕 10 FUN ways to build stronger bonds & grow closer! 💕

Q: My chapter has recently had some problems with sisterhood. It just seems like we aren’t as connected as we should/used to be and there’s a lot of gossip that goes around behind each others backs. Any tips on how to build a stronger sisterhood?

A: Being kind to each other year after year is a challenge for most chapters. The importance of respect, dignity and the principles of your creed must be reenforced constantly. Your sisterhood “message” needs to be preached frequently and consistently, so all the members remember what’s most important. Education, ceremonies, rituals and traditions are the top ways to keep sisters on track.

Your chapter leadership sets the tone. They should be monitoring bad behavior and nipping it in the bud. Ultimately, chapter success or failure rests with them. A loose ship springs leaks. It sounds like your organization is not water tight. Getting your officer’s and advisor’s attention would be step #1 in mending your chapter. 

I have a several posts with ideas for strengthening sisterhood bonds. Retreats, games, events and activities with a focus on getting closer are very helpful. There should be a mix of “discipline” for inappropriate negative behavior. And a series of positive programs to promote togetherness in a healthy way. All memberships need refreshing and reminding of their core values.

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And here are some more ways to have fun while building stronger bonds….

💕 10 Activities for Sisterhood Sharing & Growing Closer: 💕 

  • Key Chain: At your next retreat or sisterhood sharing session, ask each sister to bring her key ring with her. Ask each sister to one by one pull it out and explain the meaning behind some of the items on her key ring. What each girl finds important and why can be very insightful. 
  • Grab Bag Pass: Fill a brown paper bag with the following items: $20 bill, copy of the sorority composite or magazine, piece of jewelry, cell phone, passport and candy bar. One sister in the group pulls an item from the bag and makes an honest statement about it that reveals something about her. For example, she pulls the $20 bill from the bag and says, “If I had $20, I’d buy ice cream for everybody.” Statements can be deep or simple. The first girl to start then passes the object ($20 bill in this case) to the right and that sister makes a statement, until everyone has said something about it. Then another sister can pull out a second item from the bag and continue around the group again. This activity can be done in one large group or smaller subgroups. 
  • Balloon Pop: Ask each member to write down one piece of information about herself on a slip of paper. Then gather the chapter/class into a circle. Have each sister put her paper inside a balloon. Each girl blows up her balloon and throws it in the middle of the circle of sisters. One by one, pop the balloons and everyone guesses to whom the piece of information belongs.
  • Magazine Movie: Divide the group into teams and give each team one ‘creative’ magazine picture. The teams have ten minutes to come up with a movie based on the picture and perform it for all. This skit activity is ideal for a lock-in, slumber party, or weekend retreat.
  • Human Trivial Pursuit: Divide the chapter into two teams, or several sets of two teams. Give everybody six small papers and a pen. On each paper, the sisters write a fact about themselves having to do with the 6 corresponding Trivial Pursuit categories: Geography, History, Entertainment, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure. (For example, Claire writes – “I once rode on a dog sled in Alaska.“ for Geography.) Each team collects its papers and mixes them up. Team A reads one of its papers aloud and team B together tries to figure out who the fact is about. Teams alternate turns and get a point for every right answer.
  • Heart-to-Heart Balloon: Have several large light colored balloons blown up and a black marker ready. Gather the sisters in a circle and pass the balloon(s) and pen around the group. Ask each girl to write a question they’d like to ask, or a question they would like someone to ask them, on the balloon. Depending on the size of your chapter or class, it will take more than one balloon. After all the questions are written, pass the balloons around again and each girl chooses a question to answer out loud. This is an excellent way to share feelings, pose questions anonymously and clear the air when chapters are having issues. 
  • Magazine ME: Collect lots of women’s magazines from alumnae/active members, before your next retreat or sisterhood. Ask each sister to cut out the following and paste the words and photos onto a sheet of paper ~ 1) A picture which describes you. 2) Your favorite outdoor activity. 3) A color which describes your personality. 4) A picture which describes what makes you feel most alive. 5) A picture which describes your favorite time of day. 6) A picture that you just like. After the magazine art collages are created, spend time sharing them with the sisterhood. 
  • My Chapter Journey: Pass out graph paper to each sister in the group. Ask each one to chart their personal journey through the sorority with its ups and downs. Ask them to share how they felt at different landmarks along their greek journey. Each sister should graph her own highlights and lowlights. Then discuss each sister’s graph as part of a chapter/class sharing session.  
  • Four Favorites: Give each sister an index card and a pen. Ask everyone to divide the index card into four sections. In one section, each girl draws a picture of her favorite TV show, in another section her favorite state, in the third section her favorite book or magazine, and last, her favorite food. Everyone then walks around the room showing each other their cards. The object is to try and guess what the other sister drew on her card. Do not tell each other whether their guesses are right or wrong; just listen. After everyone has guessed at the cards, go around the circle and ask the sisters to share what their favorites are. 
  • Mystery M&Ms: Pass around a bag of M&Ms and let everyone take as many as they would like. Don’t tell them anything else. Just make sure they don’t eat them. Then, ask each sister to tell one piece of information about herself for every M&M she took! Specify the topics based on the M&M colors. For example: Yellow = big/little, Red = romantic story, Green = a place she’s traveled, Brown = sorority experience, Orange = hometown/family. Sisters can eat their candy after they share their personal details. 

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