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🌸 chapter specific bid day themes & banner slogans! 🌸

These are some “sorority specific” themes and recruitment slogans! Most of these sayings can be adapted to different chapters. Perfect for bid day banners and tee shirts.

🌸   80 Bid Day Themed Slogans for Different Chapters: 🌸 

  1. Glow Gamma Phi
  2. Welcome to XI Good Life
  3. You Had Me At Halo
  4. Sweet Home Delta Gamma
  5. These Girls Are On PHIre
  6. Kappa Karnival 
  7. Pretty Little Lyres 
  8. In APhi We Trust
  9. Say Yes To the Crest
  10. Red, Kite & Blue
  11. Betas in Wonderland
  12. Bow Down to the Crown
  13. The Best Just Got Beta
  14. Chi O'Merica
  15. Sail With the Best
  16. Kappily Ever After Starts Here
  17. Nothing Dazzles Like an Alpha Gam
  18. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  19. ADPi in the Sky With Diamonds 
  20. Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone’s Wild About SK GIrls
  21. Drafting Top Picks Since ___
  22. Come One, Come All, To the Greatest Sorority of Them All ___
  23. Our Future Never Looked So Bright
  24. Something Beautiful is on the Horizon
  25. Under the Sea With KD
  26. There is No Better Friend Than a ___ Sister. And No Better ___ Than You
  27. Only the Best Get Picked
  28. Only the Wise Know to Go ChiO
  29. The Best Catch Around
  30. Every Girl Can Be Pretty in Pink, but to be Beautiful You Must Add a Little Green
  31. Welcome to our TRIbe
  32. Here’s to Lack of Sleep, Blistered Feet & Amazing New Sisters at the End of the Week
  33. Every Day Should Feel This Good
  34. Hold on Tight, You’re In For the Ride of Your Life
  35. A Little Bit Classy & Oh So Sassy, Definitely ___
  36. In Simga We Trust
  37. Our New Girls are a Real Catch
  38. A League of Our Own
  39. Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters, Take It From Me 
  40. What’s Not to Love About Zeta
  41. It’s Bid Day Baby
  42. Adventure is Out There with KD
  43. Home is Wherever I’m With You
  44. Breakfast at Tri Delta
  45. No Need to Roam, I’ve Found My Home 
  46. Red, White & Bows
  47. From Her Cowboy Boots, To Her ZETA Roots
  48. The Good Go Greek, The Great Go Confidently
  49. We Chose Wisely
  50. Welcome to the Ivy League
  51. Making Dreams Come True Since ___
  52. The Most Magnificent Sisterhood on Earth
  53. I Knew From the Start, I Had AOII in My Heart
  54. Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be a Kay Dee
  55. Sweet as Can Be, Welcome Home to Delta Gee
  56. Shells Sink, Dreams Float, Life’s Good in Our Phi Mu Boat
  57. The Odds Were In Your Favor
  58. Live it. Love It. Alpha Phi.
  59. Lights, Camera, Action, We Are XI Main Attraction
  60. Bid the Best
  61. All You Need is Theta Love 
  62. How I Met My Sisters
  63. Kissed the Rest Goodbye, Went Delta Tri
  64. The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls 
  65. This House is So Right
  66. I’m Coming Home to You
  67. If I Had Three Wishes, They’d Be For These Zistas
  68. DG Floats My Boat
  69. What Ever Happens Here, Stays In Our Hearts Forever
  70. I Got the Wish I Wished Last Night
  71. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Our Sorority is Blessed Because of You
  72. Why Gamble on the Rest, When You Can Bid on the Best
  73. Welcome to the Winner’s Circle
  74. Welcome to the A-List
  75. We Hand Picked the Sweetest
  76. Ain’t Nothing But a Phi Thang Baby
  77. Down With The Crown
  78. Flying First Class Since ___
  79. Some Girls Were Meant to Sail
  80. Throw Three D’s on That Bid

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🌿 Greek week sayings & slogans! 🌿

Publicize your next Greek Week with a catchy saying to enhance your theme. The “tag line” on a banner or tee shirt helps generate extra excitement for your events and competitions! 


  • Today, tomorrow, forever greek
  • Go greek or go home
  • Whatever the letters, greeks do it better
  • The greatest week on earth
  • May the odds be ever in your favor
  • All you need is greek life
  • Let the games begin
  • It’s all greek to me
  • Greeks united
  • Get ready to rock Greek Week
  • Greeks do it all
  • Worth the sacrifice
  • It’s no longer a competition, it’s a tradition
  • This time we came to win
  • We have a legend
  • Greekstock
  • Anything you can do, greeks can do better
  • Cruisin’ down the road to victory
  • Greekopoly
  • Battle of the greeks
  • The best Greek Week ever
  • No excuses, play like a greek
  • You only live once, but if you live it like us, once is enough
  • The few, the proud, the greek
  • Greek Week wars
  • Are you feeling lucky?
  • Out wit, out last, out play
  • All for one
  • All is fair in love and Greek Week
  • Lights, camera, greeks
  • Where the wild things are
  • Game on
  • Live young, wild and greek
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of Greek Week
  • Star spangled Greeks
  • We’re all mad for Greek Week
  • A league of our own
  • Hustle and heart set us apart
  • One spirit, ___ teams, one Greek Week
  • Greek Week is sport, make it count
  • Win from within
  • All for ONE
  • Bring the heat to Greek Week
  • {School} Greek Week: where amazing happens
  • Tradition never graduates
  • Peace, love and Greek Week
  • Good. Better. Best.
  • Bringing out the best in each other
  • United we play, united we win
  • {School} Greeks - it’s a way of life
  • Fast and furious
  • Keepin’ the dream alive
  • Fortune favors the bold 
  • Greek Week 2015 - no regrets 
  • We define epic
  • Work like a captain, play like a pirate

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headfirst---fearless-blog  asked:

Hello! My sorority is doing spring informal recruitment this year (!!!) and we're in charge of making a banner for bid day. I've seen so many cute ones on your blog and was wondering what the best way to go about making a banner is. Do chapters usually use tarps, sheets, paper, etc.? Any tips would be appreciated (type of paint, tips for hanging them, etc.)! Thank you!

Banners are made out of fabric ~ not paper. Paper posters tend to tear. You can use “cheap” sheets, or white/ivory fabric from the fabric store. Even colored sheets look great if they fit your theme. Acrylic paints are the best to use on fabric, and be sure to use a drop cloth underneath so the paint doesn’t bleed through to your floor. If the banner is to be used outdoors, you may need a spray acrylic sealant too. 

Trace your design on first with pencil and then paint. For the lettering, you can print examples from your computer, then copy the font onto your fabric. 

As for hanging, you can use rope ties at the corners, or zip ties. If you browse my #tag “banner” you will see several different hanging methods depending on the location. Balconies and second stories work great for draping sorority banners. Sometimes banners are hung on a rod or pole. Even duct tape works, if it can’t be seen. You may need grommets at the two top corners, or all four corners, if you are using rope to secure your banner. Small weights attached at the bottom can also help keep the banner hanging vertical. 


banner hanging techniques ~