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Hello! My sorority is doing spring informal recruitment this year (!!!) and we're in charge of making a banner for bid day. I've seen so many cute ones on your blog and was wondering what the best way to go about making a banner is. Do chapters usually use tarps, sheets, paper, etc.? Any tips would be appreciated (type of paint, tips for hanging them, etc.)! Thank you!

Banners are made out of fabric ~ not paper. Paper posters tend to tear. You can use “cheap” sheets, or white/ivory fabric from the fabric store. Even colored sheets look great if they fit your theme. Acrylic paints are the best to use on fabric, and be sure to use a drop cloth underneath so the paint doesn’t bleed through to your floor. If the banner is to be used outdoors, you may need a spray acrylic sealant too. 

Trace your design on first with pencil and then paint. For the lettering, you can print examples from your computer, then copy the font onto your fabric. 

As for hanging, you can use rope ties at the corners, or zip ties. If you browse my #tag “banner” you will see several different hanging methods depending on the location. Balconies and second stories work great for draping sorority banners. Sometimes banners are hung on a rod or pole. Even duct tape works, if it can’t be seen. You may need grommets at the two top corners, or all four corners, if you are using rope to secure your banner. Small weights attached at the bottom can also help keep the banner hanging vertical. 


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