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Rules: if you can, list the top ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals/blogs to do the same

spoiler alert i like musicals lol

1. if i could tell her - dear evan hansen (EEK I LOVE??)

2. preparations - natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812

3. using - sorority noise

4. sincerely, me - dear evan hansen

5. sea of love - cat powers cover (juno is such a good movie bye)

6. raining - the front bottoms

7. promise - violent femmes (this one is my actual favorite song ,, violent femmes own my heart)

8. please do not go - violent femmes

9. the plan (fuck jobs) - the front bottoms

10. fine, great - modern baseball

enjoy my slightly mediocre taste in music

@coupleofspirits tagged me in this, thank you nadia, i love these and ily!

list 10 of your recent music faves and tag 10 mutuals.

1. turnover! i listen to them while i write and they completely relax me and put me in a good mood. check them out, they’re very very talented and they recently put out a new record.

2. the front bottoms. they’re an old favorite but they just put out new music as well and it makes me feel young and fearless. i recommend the song “far drive”

3. sorority noise. i love a band that’s open about mental health issues and they DEFINITELY are. the song “blissth” makes me cry every time i hear it, it’s one of my favorites. ever.


5. kiwi kiwi kiwi. all i listen to is kiwi, the rest of these are a lie. kiwi on repeat forever.

6. swmrs. “palm trees” never fails to pump me up.

7. i’m always listening to joy division if i can’t decide on something else. classic.

8. all of flicker is great, but “on the loose” is currently my favorite.

9. fleetwood mac. need i say more? lol


i’m overdramatic. but, yeah! i love all of the bands/artists i listed and this music is really getting me through my last semester at college.

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The Canadian Academy of Witches, or The CAW

Alright, In honor of Canada Day, here’s a little bit more about my headcanons for my Canadian Academy of Witches.

So if you haven’t already seen me say this by now, This is my attempt at making a fictional Canadian Harry Potter school based on the idea that a Witch’s coven has 13 members traditionally, so what if a Witch’s school had 13 sororities based on the 13 founding members of the original coven? And the way the sororities were split up is by which founder was your role model?

And since it’s Canadian, what better way to find inspiration for 13 things than use the capital cities from the 10 Provinces and 3 territories?

So this post is all about basically looking at the meaning of the names, and the motto’s of, the cities and their territories/provinces, and deciding which one would be best suited for which Magical Subject (descriptions of which found here:

and therefore deciding which founder from which place taught which subject in the original founding coven. Also with a dash of western Zodiac symbolism because I thought that was a nice secular non-appropriative thing to get some inspiration from. (it won’t be the actual zodiacs though, just a magical creature inspired from the that and the places history.)

(warning: super long)

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Nita Neary and Carol DaRonch were the two survivors of serial killer Ted Bundy who testified against him in court. In 1978, after Bundy’s escape, Neary had came home to her sorority house at about 3 a.m., after a party. She decided to come in through the back door so she wouldn’t wake her room-mates, and that’s when she saw the terrifying silhouette of a man holding a club. Remarkably, he didn’t see nor hear her and he moved down the hallway into a pool of light, enabling Neary to get a good look at him. The intruder left the house and ran off down the street. Worried, Neary went upstairs to check on Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman, only to find that he had beaten and strangled her friends to death. She called the police, and was horrified to discover that she had come face to face with the escaped serial killer.

Carol DaRonch had an even closer brush with death in her experience with Bundy. He approached her outside a shopping mall, introducing himself as Officer Roseland, an off-duty policeman. He said that her car had almost been broken into, and suggested that she should accompany him to the local police station to file a report. DaRonch was naturally suspicious, so she asked to see his badge which he produced with no problem. Bundy told her that she shouldn’t drive in her car because it would interfere with the investigation, so he offered her a lift. After driving for several minutes, she noticed that they had gone past the police station. She confronted ‘Officer Roseland’, who immediately put handcuffs on her wrist. However, he was panicking too much to put them on properly, and DaRonch managed to fight back. This is when he grabbed a crowbar from underneath his seat and tried to hit the frightened woman over the head with it. By this point, DaRonch had opened the passenger door and had managed to jump out onto the road and flee.

anglmukhii  asked:

Bat, haunted house, and scream for the Halloween Asks? 😃

1) Bat: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what animal would you be?
- a hedgehog, so I can still get belly rubs and use my spikes to prick a bitch XD 

2) Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?
- Oh man em Jason Mamoa suddenly comes to mind XD (and of course you and Ellie and Jenna and Cari, and a few other mutuals close friends. Just have a sorority house!)

3) Scream: Easiest way to scare you?
- Sprickets Jump scares? 

Thanks Trisha! :) 


Halloween ask:

anonymous asked:

i would prefer soccer girl harry cuz like... shorts would be better than pants. soccer girls have such incredible thighs. the girl from my hs i was talking about played soccer lol. i also want the fic now too but I'm to lazy to write it lmao. but harry would be like the captain of the soccer team at uni not bc shes good but bc shes so nice and supportive. and zayn and her would have art class togeth and zayn would have no idea what her major is even tho they've been dating for ages. and 1

zayn would be in a frat with louis and niall and liam but its that rlly cliché frat and liam niall and louis would be ur classic frat boys and theyre childhood friends and that’s how zayn ended up there. and harry would be in the like the 3 best sorority, bc theyre not the classy rich bitches or the party one, theyre just all super nice and accepting and have the best fundraisers and such a eclectic bunch of girls that somehow works. and in this I would jave harry be bi too and her and zayn 2

meet at a party where theyre both trying to pull the same girl. lets make her perrie lol cuz i love perrie (shes so beautiful). and perrie ends up being in relationship already (i vote jade or jesy but not too particular) so zayn and harry end up talking. and theyre both already drunk, but harrys team just won a game and so shes goes hard and ends up puking on zayn later. and this is like, sophomore year, week before term starts. and they don’t see each other until their first class on 2?

Monday, and harrys super embarrassed cuz she thought zayn was fit too and she puked on him. and zayns kinda meh at first, cuz that was his favorite shirt, but harrys impossible to stay mad at. so they become friends, but I’m a sucker for miscommunication so here goes: zayn thinks shes gay not bi, bc they don’t rlly talk about sexuality other than to bemoan perrie who has a gf already. and harry just thinks zayns not interested, bc hes always talking about other girls that w her. and then 3 

lets say, one night at a party zayn gets wasted and hooks up with a boy, cuz hes bi too, and harrys like sad, cuz she thinks that zayns interested in everyone but her at this point. and by now theyre like madly in love with each other, and everyone but them knows it. and harry gets sad, and hooks up with someone too. and she wants to forget zayn, and theres this guy in her brit lit class whos been flirting with her, so she hooks up with him. zayn notices, and is like wait ???? what???? BUT 4

onto the field and is like HARRY I LOVE U and harrys like ? excuse me what? and theyre in the middle of the field, and i change my mind, its half time, and theyre losing, and the other team is like? whos this guy whats going on? and harrys team is like SHUTUPSHUTUPWE'VEBEENWAITING FOR THEM TOGETITTOGETHER and zayns like I’m sorry! i thought u were gay! and harrys like lmao wtf what did u think my obsession with ryan gosling was and zayns like idk! I’m dumb! forgive me love of my life! 6

and harry just laughs and kisses him. and harrys team, and the coaches and the refs and even the other team cheer. and then harrys team wins. Later that night, zayns like ok no more confusion! were goung to be super open and honest and direct from now on! and harrys like lol kay sounds good mate. and zayn goes: so pls! I’m dying to know and harrys like uh oh what zayn. and zayn goes wHAT IS UR FUCKIN MAJOR IM SO CONFUSED and harry laughs an laughs and laughs says somin like engineering or 7

totally random and not all expected. and zayns like? whys ur schedule so wack?? and harrys just like oh i love taking electives. and then they kiss and fuck and live happily ever after. and now i need to write my fucking paper that’s due in like an hour. byeeeee ! 8 (i think? might’ve messed up the numbers)


im crying????? i literally love this???????? oh my GOD

🕶 master mixer list • PART 2: 🕶

MORE sorority sugar themes for your next sorority/fraternity mixer - exchange - social - swap - invite - crush - date party!! 

🕶   GREEK MIXERS from A to Z • Part 2: 🕶

  • Almost Famous
  • Alphabet Soup ~ everyone shows up dressed as something that starts with the first letter of their name. It gets interesting with the more difficult letters. 
  • Amazing Amish ~ following the trend of popular Amish reality shows, host an all Amish costume mixer. 
  • Best of the South & South of the Border
  • British Invasion ~ host a croquet, cricket, regatta, or polo theme party complete with finger sandwiches, tea, champagne and British attire. 
  • Candyland ~ decorate with a candy theme and serve sweet drinks. Guests come dressed as their favorite treats. 
  • Chicks & Hicks
  • Chuck E Cheese After Dark 
  • Crazy Hair Happening ~ guests must make their hair look the craziest. 
  • Debutante Debauchery ~ host a co-ed etiquette class, followed by a food fight and waltz lessons. 
  • Disney Dreams & Football Teams
  • Favorite You Tube Character 
  • Fur Ball ~ come dressed as a cat or dog and bring pet toys to donate to a local animal shelter. 
  • Giant Twister
  • Handcuffed Bowling ~ couples are united with fake plastic handcuffs for an evening of bowling. 
  • Happiest Place on Earth ~ everyone comes dressed as their happy place. 
  • High School Sweethearts
  • In the Line of Duty
  • Italian or Greek Wedding
  • Land Before Time ~ dinosaurs and pre-historic girls. 
  • Librarians & Barbarians
  • Middle School Dance
  • Noah’s Ark ~ couples dress as the same animal. 
  • Obscure Tailgating ~ select the “oddest” sport on your campus and plan a complete pre-game tailgate bash before the competition. Go all out with school spirit for your badminton, water polo, or bowling team. 
  • Paint Slip n Slide
  • Pancakes & Pajamas ~ break things up with a morning brunch party instead of another nighttime bash.
  • Preachers & Sunday School Teachers
  • Scrabble ~ everyone wears a large Scrabble letter and you spell out words for photos. 
  • Seeing Red ~ all attire, decorations and food must be red. Theme a color social to your sorority colors, such as Seeing Purple, Seeing Pink, or Seeing Blue.
  • Sexy Joggers & Rugged Loggers
  • Sloppy Seconds  ~ thrift store clothes required. 
  • Seussical – everyone dresses as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and brings a children’s book to donate to a library, school or family services program. Serve wacky drinks and Green Eggs & Ham.
  • Temptress Teachers & Mythical Creatures 
  • Ten Year Reunion ~ what will you be in 10 years?
  • Togas & Yogas
  • Tops or Bottoms ~ take your pick. The other half must be anything but clothes. 
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • More TV Show Ideas ~ theme your social to a popular TV show. For example: Walking Dead, Duck Dynasty, Game of Thrones, etc.  
  • Two Yards ~ everyone must come dressed in two yards of fabric. 
  • Vikings & Vixens
  • Water World ~ everyone wears white and only water is served. Play water pong, water card & drinking games and host a water tasting contest with lots of different flavored waters.  
  • Wet & Wild Luau
  • White Trash Wedding or White Trash Christmas 
  • You Are What You Eat ~ food costumes only.
  • Zip-Ties & Mai Tais ~ couples are zip tied together and share mai tais. 

Link here for more sorority sugar Mixer THEME ideas:

Master List of Mixer Themes

Master Mixer Theme List Part 3


After Ted Bundy’s more successful second escape on December 30, 1977,Bundy entered the Florida State University Chi Omega sorority house at approximately 3 a.m. and killed two sleeping women, Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman. Bundy bludgeoned and strangled Levy and Bowman; he also sexually assaulted Levy. He also bludgeoned two other Chi Omegas, Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner. The entire episode took no more than half an hour. After leaving the Chi Omega house, Bundy broke into another home a few blocks away, clubbing and severely injuring Florida State University student Cheryl Thomas.

On February 9, 1978, Bundy traveled to Lake City, Florida. While there, he abducted, raped, and murdered 12-year-old Kimberly Leach, throwing her body under a small pig shed.

Eventually, Bundy was stopped by Pensacola police officer David Lee. When the officer called in a check of the license plate, the vehicle came up as stolen. Bundy then scuffled with the officer before he was finally subdued. As Lee took the unknown suspect to jail, Bundy said “I wish you had killed me.” He was later taken to Miami to stand trial for the Chi Omega murders, amidst media frenzy.

🌻  20 PNM practice questions to prepare for recruitment! 🌻

If recruitment is right around the corner, it’s time to brush up on your small talk skills, Here are some simple questions for PNMs to use in practicing making conversation.

Have a friend or family member play the part the sorority member, while you answer the questions. Get comfortable chatting freely about yourself and expressing your personality in an interesting way. 

🌻   20 Quick & Easy PNM Practice Questions: 🌻 

1. How do you measure success in life?
2. What three things do you hope to accomplish during your years in a sorority?
3. What is the most important part of sorority membership for you?
4. What makes your heart sing?
5. What do you admire most about your family?
6. What advice would you give another PNM?
7. Why do you want to go greek?
8. What is your happiest memory?
9. How are you different from the other PNMs?
10. How did you prepare for recruitment?
11. If you could do one thing over in high school, what would it be?
12. What makes you sad?
13. How do you cheer up a friend?
14. Describe your best friend.
15. What topic are you an expert on?
16. What makes you nervous and how do you handle it?
17. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
18. What one thing would you change about yourself or your life?
19. How do you know if you are respected by your peers?
20. What will you never do?

anonymous asked:

I know you always give out good music but you have such great taste so do you have any other tunes you could share?

Here’s a cute make out playlist I made yesterday 4 my pals-

1) only you - Mac demarco
2) smoke- sorority noise
3) open- rhye
4) only you and me- Ben cocks
5) eyes shut - years and years
6) lovers spit- broken social scene
7) darling divine- wild child
8) go down on you- the memories
9) BTSTU(edit) - jai Paul
10) vulnerable ft. Travis Scott- tinashe (probably my fav tbh)
11) burning desire- lana del rey
12) every other freckle- alt J