Carrying my coat on the dance floor was a bit annoying but didn’t stop me from slut dropping thooo 😏

The difference between Trump and Clinton is that if Clinton had been elected, Trump supporters wouldn’t be fearing for their lives, their safety, their family and friends, their rights, their home. They would be angry, sure, but there’s no direct threat to them. I wouldn’t go to their inbox and spew racial and gendered slurs at them just because they disagreed.
But Trump was elected, and I have received so much hate for being afraid, I feel weak and sick and vulnerable and threatened. I genuinely do not feel safe. I can guarantee you if Clinton had won Trump supporters would not be feeling this.
So that’s the difference. That’s why this is more than just having different opinions. This isn’t about having a small disagreement. What’s so hard to understand about that?

the signs in spring
  • aries: wears a flower crown everyday
  • taurus: rolls in the flowers
  • gemini: only wears florals
  • cancer: hay fever
  • leo: prancing in the fields
  • virgo: runs screaming from bees
  • libra: gets a sunburn
  • scorpio: decked out in summer gear
  • sagittarius: hibernation
  • capricorn: still dresses like its winter
  • aquarius: sneezing
  • pisces: wears flower crowns everyday