I always pictured Nico as someone who would have bottomless supply of milk carton because she wants to get taller she wants to grow even by a little and her siblings would ask her if she has any and Nico would be like ‘i got u fam’ and hands them each with one

lil Maki here found that Nico does not only carry milk but also tomato juice so she has acquired a liking to this peculiar human. she keeps her meeting with Nico a secret because she doesn’t want anyone to hog Nico the tomato juice

But RIn and Pana soon find out the bottomless supply of milk and chaos ensues lol

Mack just gets sad because she cant have Nico all by herself now


ilL draw the continuation tomorrow. (probably)

Welcome back, you handsome bastard

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Okay but, I really love Luca? I was always expecting some big reveal from him, but no. He’s just a regular guy. And does he let Hide’s position as captain of a world class team change or get to him? No. Luca is just a chill friend enjoying a good snack

sore-dake  asked:

Props to you for quitting smoking! Are you at all spiritual?

I believe in God, so yes. I don’t attend church, though. I’ve been meaning to start going again, but I’ve been to some churches around where I lived and felt uncomfortable. I don’t think you have to go to church, as long as you talk to others about him, about the Bible, and all of that. That being said, I would like to find a church that I can attend and feel comfortable. I struggle with faith, as I think everyone does at times, so having a place that I can talk about that with other people (other than those close to me), would help me out. Thanks for the ask, dear heart!

my sd card just up and died on me rip in peace

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The PAST Act will make Big Lick illegal. All stacks, pads, chains, soring practices gone. The act affects TWH, Racking Horses, and Spotted Saddle Horses. The act makes it so DQP inspectors must have higher qualifications. So anyone who receives more than 3 HPA violations (in other words, fails inspection due to soring evidence 3 times) is subject to trial and permanent expulsion from showing. The Tennessee Walking Horse needs the PAST Act.

Click HERE to read a summary of the PAST Act. (Yes, I’m aware this is the page for the 2013-14 bill but the two are the exact same bill. The page for the reintroduced 2015 version has not been updated with a summary.) You can also read the entire bill as Congress sees it if you so choose, but I don’t imagine many people have the time for that.

In 2014, the PAST Act was introduced to Congress but was tabled because it did not receive enough votes in time. How many votes short was the bill?


It’s 2015. The PAST Act has been reintroduced by Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. As of July 29th, 2015, 43 senators have agreed to co-sign on the bill. We need 51 in order to hold a majority. Some states already have both senators signed onto the bill, like Virginia and Vermont (yes, that means Bernie Sanders has agreed to co-sign the bill). Other states only have one of their senators on board, and some states (like the obvious Tennessee) do not have either. You can view which senators have signed onto the bill, as well as the bill itself, here.

This link will take you to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s website where you can send a pre-written or personalized message to your senators, either thanking them for signing on already or pleading them to co-sign the PAST act. Just enter your ZIP code and be over the age of 18 since they can only accept input from legal constituents. If you are not over 18, consider asking your parents to send a message for you. We need all the support we can get.

Message me if you have any questions at all about this act or Big Lick in general, or consider visiting @forthetwh on Instagram. That is an account I manage dedicated to providing information about Big Lick to a public that is drowning in misinformation.

It’s time to make Big Lick and soring a thing of the PAST.