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So you draw a lot of soriku (which omg you're amazing!) And I was wondering if you know of any good fics? Like I've loved them forever but o haven't read any in such a long time! Can you please help a girl out if it's not too much trouble?

I am glad that you like my soriku… it’s a plesure uvu, and yes I have. This are from posts of my soriku blog and the lastest ones are that I did read recently:

  • Caller Number Nine by Katraa, Rated: T,  State: Complete || A really good fanfiction, one of my favorites with a good story and a lot of fluff <3
  • Innovation by Katraa , Rated: M,  State: Complete || A sweet story really, I like it a lot because of the development of the story :)
  • By Chance by  Katraa , Rated: M,  State: Incomplete || Great story, has Cloud x Leon too :D
  • Gravity by redwing55 , Rated: T,  State: Complete || ONE OF MY FAVORITES! Is so sweet and intense and how the relationship of Riku and Sora grows in each chapter is so.. awww <3
  • Blue Moon by WasabiLemon {R |Supernatural | Complete}  Here Riku is a vampire but Sora’s personality is cool and he’s not just a weak human.
  • Boys by Casey V {R |High School!AU | Complete} A very good fanfiction about the problems of human reationships, really a good one with 90′s nostalgia
  • Haunted by an Angel by LoquitorLatinae {PG-13 |Supernatural | Complete} Riku is a ghost in this, it’s a really beautiful fanfiction and the interactions that have Riku and Sora in here are so cute!
  • Life on the Blitz by finem {R | Complete} Good fanfiction, it’s a sad one but you can enjoy it.
  • Oathkeeper’s Dawn by LoquitorLatinae {PG-13 | Complete} One of my favorites!! I’s so so beautiful! Riku is a dick in the begining BUT how he changes for the better is so good.
  • Tease by paintthesilence {R | Complete} The main pairing is akuroku but the soriku interactions are a lot and sweet.
  • Bug Spray by DarkeAngelle {PG-13 | Incomplete} It’s a really good one! Here Riku is blind and antisocial but you’ll know why. Sora is sweet as always, but it’s incomplete :c
  • Stuck With You by sensitive touchdown  {T | Complete} I really did hate Riku in this…
  • Something Velveteen by the machination  {T | Complete} Oh this is so beautiful!! I loved this one, here Sora works in a coffee shop and it’s near Christmas and Riku is awkward… I loved it.

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I just wanted to thank you for sharing your opinions on soriku. supportive soriku blogs are really what i am looking for. i've seen a lot of negativity and shaming from the casual kh fandom about soriku. people on tumblr and twitter are mostly supportive or just don't ship it and that's fine,but comment sections on youtube videos,reddit posts etc are very hateful and toxic and i really don't need this toxicity in my life. your art is great and also you are great. i hope you have a nice day

I don’t participate a lot in the fandoms, like really. The only thing that I do is drawing fan art, I am not part of a lot of communities and I don’t say my opinion much because most of the communities are really toxic and I prefer to stay out of it… But I am happy that you felt support of my part, it’s better to stay away of all that toxicity and hope that you find comfort in this little art blog. You are welcome.

Am I the only one who can’t hear Rebecca Sugar’s “Love Like You” without thinking about Soriku? Like:

“If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love.”


“When I see the way you act,
Wondering when I’m coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.”


“I always thought I might be bad,
Now I’m sure that it’s true
‘cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you.”

Plus, let’s not forget:

“Look at you go,
I just adore you,
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special.”

Like dang?!

The Blog is up and requests are open!

Hey everyone and welcome to Soriku Writings! This blog is dedicated to writing fanfictions for the ship Soriku as well as doing small side things for this ship. Like gushing for this ship. 

Anyways, this blog does accept writing requests that you can submit and your stories will be written up. The only thing that will not be accepted is NSFW because I am not all that into writing it and am not really good at it in general. I will try to do some sensitive topics but I might not do all of them. Shoot me a request if you are unsure and will let you know if it is something that I feel I can tackle properly. I do not want to try to write a fanfic about a sensitive topic I’m not all that knowledgeable in and either make it out worse than it is or make it seem like no big deal when in actuality it is a big deal.

If you would like references to my Soriku writing just check out these stories and see if you like my writing style:

If you have any questions please go ahead and ask! I hope you all have a wonderful day/evening!

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Favorite fictional characters: Sora (kh), Ford (hhgttg), Star Butterfly (svtfoe), Lapis Lazuli (su), Robin (y’know the boy wonder one) 

Number of blankets: who sleeps with more than 1 blanket? Where does this question come from? Like, sure some people sleep with a sheet and a blanket but that’s 2 max. I mean, I know I live in a hot state but come on, does anyone sleep with a weird number of blankets? I personally skip the sheet and go for a heavy blanket because I like weight. (also 4 pillows and sometimes a bear.) I mean, if it’s cold I may add a fleece blanket to the mix but… yeah 2 max. 

Dream Trip: anywhere in Europe really.

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