skin + skincare headcanons

I wanted to give the boys more teenage-like skin headcanons so here we go!


  • king of natural care
  • his grandma taught him all the tricks
  • makes his own moisturizer, face masks, facial scrubs (all the goodies) with natural products (fruits, oils, …)
  • however, he likes to buy his body creams, always on the natural side without silicones and all the bad stuff
  • always vanilla scented
  • he doesn’t like to have body hair so he trims it 
  • he doesn’t really has pimples ‘cause he doesn’t eat oily food, anyway he has a lot of ingrown hair so it looks like he does have pimples
  • shaves every two days
  • always smells good and clean
  • has a few fresh colognes and just one perfume, but forgets to use them

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