-Soriel Family-

Hey guys! It’s Dimonds, here with some Soriel fanart .3.

I made that lil character concept art of Sori the Skelegoat, then I decided to put her in a portrait with the rest of her family. So, here you go.

+ a lil gif so you can see all the steps :)

Sori design by me, @dimonds456
I also kinda want @ask-soriel blog to notice my lil design. I hear a baby is on the way, so… :)

You can use her, just make sure i get credit please? Thanks!

Unpopular Opinion Time:

I am not a fan of SoraxRiku from Kingdom Hearts.

But before you go sending me hate, I can see why people ship them. There are a lot of scenes where their on-screen chemistry is more than bromance level. But here’s why. Over 10 years ago (damn) many KH fans endured what was to be later dubbed: The Shipping Wars of 06.

Out of the vicious clashes over ships, there was one thing that became very consistent and that was a lot (not all) of SoRi fans antagonizing Kairi for getting between their “ship”. I’m serious, there were whole groups dedicated to hating Kairi. It was awful.

Now Kairi may not be the most developed female character of KH, but I think she has a lot of potential and it always saddened me she was not only shoved to the side by the games but then also the fan base. I do like Kairi so seeing many fans hate her for that simple reason, turned me off from that ship.

I’m saying this all now because KH3 is finally on the horizon and new material will mean more ship fodder. But please, for all the female progress we have made online in the past decade STOP ANTAGONIZING FEMALE CHARACTERS FOR THE SAKE OF SHIPS!!!

*Chillin’ with the other Tories while waiting for AU Wonderland

Look at me, trying to know how to color, ink and take pictures of stuff ;) I’m excited for AU wonderland so I decided to draw some of the Sories chilling together. Poor Geno, Reaper Sori arrived when she was posing for the picture. This is REALLY messy and the picture angel is all werid, I know but I tried XD

Altertale,Afterswap and Alterfell: @friisans
Reaper and Geno Sori: Me?? (I guess? IDK)

Personified Soriel

Because LOOK AT HER…

Ok, so I was bored, and I started sketching randomly. And I sketched this. :P

Anyways, Sori would be adorable~

(I mean, why wouldn’t she be? She takes too much after her uncle :3)

Design by me, @dimonds456
I also know that a certain ask blog has a certain baby coming along, so @ask-soriel :3

Feel free to use her. As long as I get credit. Thank you! :D

In case you can’t read my handwriting, here is her info!
- Daughter of Sans and Toriel
- Personified version of the Soriel ship
- very sweet/ kind hearted
- loves music
- loves jokes/ puns
- loves cooking
- Green- favorite color
- eyes light up when excited
- believes in you (takes after Uncle Papyrus)
- (currently) 8-9 years old
- she and Frisk get along
- friendly and outgoing
- hates blood/ death
- loves anime (hangs out with Alphys and Undyne a lot)
- loves nature, science, art, jokes, reading and dancing
- Treats everyone she meets like her best friend
- a cinommon roll
- Loves school
- She thinks her parents are the best in the world
- Even though she doesnt know she’s half royal :3
- about 3 ft tall (currently)
- Blue eyes
- does have a tail lol
- 3 AT 4 DF
- her attacks are a mix of fire and bones, no Gaster Blasters
- Doesnt like fighting
- Stands up to bullies, though

Aaaand thats it. Hope you like her! :D

Story Time

Tää vuosi alko niinkin vitun kivasti että mun mummu kuoli heti tammikuussa ja tänään oli hautajaiset. Mun mummu oli 85 ja se oli aina just sellanen pullan tuoksunen mummeli joka tankkas sut täyteen ruokaa, leipo parhaimmat herkut ja letut.
Mummu oli loppu vuosina sairastunu alzheimeriin. Ei muistanu mua tai ketään neljästä lapsestaa. Siitä tuli välillä tavallaan hauskoja hetkiä, esim kun mummu panikoi, että nyt on tytär (mun äiti) kadonnu kotoa! Ja äiti oli yli 20 vuotta sitten jo muuttanu pois, eikä mummu millään uskonu. Surullista joo, mutta vähän huvittavaakin.

Viimeisinä vuosina, kun mummu ei tuntenu enään oikeen ketään eikä aina ees tienny omaa ikäänsä hän kuitenkin muisti yhden henkilön. Ukin. Vaikka ei aina ukin nimeä muistanu, niin aina kun ukki meni vanhainkotiin häntä tapaamaan (mikä tapahtui päivittäin) mummu sanoi:
“Sieltä tulee se mun tuttu mies!” Ja ukki ja mummuhan on ollu naimisissa sellaset 66 vuotta!

Hautajaisten muistotilaisuudessa joku kertoi tarinan, että kun oli mummua mennyt hoitokotiin tapaamaan niin mummu oli ottanu kaikki servetit mitkä löysi, kirjoittanu niihen ukin nimen ja kotiosoitteensa ja jättäny ne oven viereiselle pöydälle, niinkun kirjeitä. Mummu ei muistanut juurikaan mitään tähän aikaan, mutta jostain se muisti vanhan osoitteensa!

Ei kai mulla muuta ku että Rip mummu <33
Ja pahintahan hautajaisissa oli nähdä ukki kyynelissä…. 


I’ve been to a lot of conservatories in my time, but the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is the first I’ve been to that has an entire room devoted to ferns. During my visit yesterday I spent more time than I’d like to admit being completely enchanted by the various sori (spore-producing structures on ferns) arrangements along the underside of each frond.