Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


when i saw the end of the preview where pidge was roasting the other paladins i couldnt get this out of my head lmao I JUST NEED BI LANCE

and everyone in the room knew that by “boy” he means keith ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

As it’s Friday - just take that gif out of context and image John is on his knees between Sherlock and that wall, Sherlock staring down on him, wide-eyed, overwhelmed, only slightly canting his hips, his abdominal muscles quivering as he pushes just a little bit deeper into hot, wet heat, desperately trying to restrain himself and not to choke John. And the noises they’d both make…

Sorry, I got carried away. I only find this shot rather suggestive.

gif by @halloawhatisthis