“Sormik’s New Year”, or “Soreo’s New Year’s evening”, or “Fluff that changed into flu disaster” page 1

Well… I don’t have a good title for this one. Anyway since I saw Mikleo’s official art for his new year clothes I wanted to draw something nice with him and Sorey. I hold myself back, too much of Nezushi projects I had to finish, but this was no use.

Story going to have 10 pages, 5 of them are already scanned and ready to color. The other ones are still need to get proper sketch. I’m planning to upload one page weekly but life is life… Yet I will try to keep that schedule. 

Sormik fandom isn’t easy one… Or rather Zestiria ones… Anime messed up everything and I won’t lie, none fandom ever bring me so much stress and desire to cry from how much things turn bad. I know it would be just best to forget about Zestiria for a while, to not read reviews of anime and how some people try to destroy Sorey and Mikleo’s game canon. How all characters I loved, Edna, Lailah, Rose, Dezel are treated in anime… to just focus on Nezushi… but I can’t because game’s story, this wonderful heartwarming family and cute nerdy boyfriends stole my heart and it hurts on so many levels. I really liked game Alisha, but her shipers and Namco’s decisions started to make me dislike her… I don’t want to ever get closer look at Rose’s changes so she don’t lose place in my heart too…

Ehh…. I’m no longer salty about how things turned out, I’m just sad. I could write book about why anime is bad compare to game, but that won’t change anything. Just 5 more weeks and it will be over… I hope.


Ok, so I’m not freaking out that they sleep next to each other ok, not true, maybe a little (since what? hasn’t this already been established as canon with the whole osananajimi thing…)

…but I did squeal a bit over how Sorey is just subconsciously inclined to face or turn in Mikleo’s direction no matter what the circumstances are.

And I’m pretty sure it’s the same way around cuz the only reason I can think of that Mickey is not facing Sorey at the moment…

…is because he wasn’t sleeping at all.

Sorey was out like a light but Mikleo just happened to casually wake up with Rose yelling not even a foot away? Ya rite…

I’m aware Seraphim don’t need sleep so I’m onto you Mickey-boy…

Ufufufufu… x3


Based on a part in the official novel~

Just Sorey being upset not being able to show off his beautiful partner (ʘ‿ʘ )

Honestly I really wish Mikleo can be seen sometimes. idk i just feel a tinge of loneliness, especially if someone so close to me is basically invisible to the world. Even though we see each other at the same level but yet so different.

Now that TOZ anime is back i am begging to be fed MORE. HELLO GUYS!!