Summary : Sorey and the others are paranormal experts. After investigating the case of Hyland Mansion, unbeknownst to them that someone is with them who shouldn’t be.

aka possesion au that no one asked for but since its almost halloween im writing it.

20xx August 28 - 1:29

“I can feel something here,” Zaveid says through his headset microphone. “The temperature is dropping down.”

“Be careful, Zaveid,” Lailah says as she checks the video footage in each room.

Sorey changes the camera view from his laptop and sees Edna roaming around in a music room. There is a grand piano in the middle of the room that seems to be unused. There are also few furnitures there, but what standouts the most is a portrait of a man with an authority look. The man looks menacing, though. He wonders if he is the one causing a trouble presence in this mansion.

Edna also sees the portrait and took a picture of it. The image can be helpful in their investigation. However, a sound of a vase being knocked out from its place startles Sorey and Edna. Something is really going on in here.

“Edna, leave now,” Sorey says.

“You don’t have to tell me.”

And with that, Sorey changes the camera into where Mikleo is. Not noticing himself of tapping his foot anxiously after that little incident, he focuses more into distracting himself on what happened. He actually can’t say that he likes his job. It is scary but this is what are they for.

They are paranormal experts that has experiences. But no matter how many they are, you won’t know what the mysterious presence can do to you.

Breathing deeply, he watches Mikleo who is checking the books in the shelf. There could be something, but knowing Mikleo he might be interested with them, too. Sorey won’t admit that he wants to walk around too to discover something. They have assigned works to doーdepends on it, though.

Mikleo walks to the bed and sits there gracefully. Sorey frowns at the action. What is Mikleo even doing? He watches Mikleo staying still and not doing anything. Mikleo seems to be staring into nothing. It is scaring him.


“Sorey?” Lailah turns to him.

“Lailah, hmm Mikleo - look!”

Lailah looks at Sorey’s laptop and frowns, too. Both of them can hear their companions in their headset asking “what is happening” but neither of them answered.

Sorey looks at Lailah and says, “Something is wrong. I don’t know but -”

“Sorey, what do you mean?”

“What? Lailah, look!” Sorey looks again at his laptop to see no one there. Not even Mikleo is there. He could not believe it. A few seconds ago, Mikleo was just there. Something is wrong. Something is really wrong. But he also knew that everything in this mansion is wrong.

“Sorey? Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah. Just tired, I guess. It’s almost 2AM now, though.”

Lailah looks at him worriedly. But Sorey can’t averted his eyes from his laptop because maybe, he is just actually tired right now.

20xx August 31 - 2:09

Sorey feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks behind to see Mikleo standing behind him. Mikleo looks okay. Perfectly fine, even. Mikleo doesn’t look like the emotionless one from the one he saw in his laptop. Nothing is wrong with him. Heck, he is even smiling gently at him.

“How are you?”

Sorey takes Mikleo’s hand to hold his and says, “Fine. Tired. I want to go home, honestly.”

“Me, either. I was in the attic for the whole time. Nothing strange happened, though.”

Sorey almost gasp. Mikleo has been in the attic and not in the room he saw. He must be really tired. Really tired that he started to see Mikleo even there.


“Let’s go home, Mikleo. I’m tired.”

Mikleo nods and tells him that he will tell Lailah first and that he go to the car first. Sorey doesn’t miss the strange look on Mikleo’s face before turning around to see Lailah.

Odd. Very odd.

20xx September 2 - 8:04

“You’re burning up,” Sorey says to Mikleo. “Are you sure you didn’t do anything?”

“I was perfectly fine for the past few days, right? I don’t know what happened now,” Mikleo says and tries to sit up from the bed. He ends up lying down, though.

“You need to rest.”

“But the work -”

“I will tell Lailah,” Sorey mumbles and drapes the blanket on Mikleo. “Just rest for now. I will be back as soon as possible.”

Mikleo turns his back on Sorey and covers himself whole in the blanket.

Sorey sighs.

20xx September 3 - 13:16

“So, here are all the voice records, photos and footages.”

“Thank you, Rose,” Lailah says.

Sorey takes the cd footage and inserts it on his laptop player. He clicks the file ‘Hyland Mansion Footage’ and plays it. He sees the one in the music room where Edna was, Zaveid in the library, and even Mikleo in the attic. The one he saw in his own laptop is not even the footages.

“Rose, is this all?”


“The footage.”

Rose looks at him weirdly and says, “Yes, that is all.”

“Something is wrong, Sorey?” Edna asks.

Sorey shakes his head. He needs to go back in the house. Mikleo is alone there. He feels that something is wrong.

20xx September 2 - 14:33

He enters the house quietly, not wanting to wake up Mikleo. But he feels eerie. It is too strange and quiet for his liking. He can hear his own heartbeat going faster. Is he nervous? He doesn’t know.

On his walk inside the kitchen to get himself a glass of water and to see something to eat, it is still quiet. His breathing and heartbeat are echoing the walls of his home. He opens the refrigerator to get the pitcher and pours water in the glass. In the corner of his right eye, he sees a fast movement.

He looks, but must be his imagination. So, he lets it.

When he is about to drink his water, the frypans and utensils clang making Sorey jump. The glass he is holding falls from his grasp and breaks into pieces.

Sorey groans. He bends down to pick it up, but the sound of running footsteps makes him stop.

“Is Mikleo awake?” he mutters to himself.

He runs to their room and opens the door to see an empty bed. And the curtains are shut. He taps on the light switch to see the light flickering.


Sorey turns around so fast. His heart is beating fast and loud. There is a sweat trailing down from his temple. He did not hear Mikleo walking behind him.


“What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean? I live here.”

“I know. Aren’t you suppose to be at work?”

“Well, yeah. I mean -”

“Ugh. Okay. Just step aside I want to lie down.”

Soreyーstill trying to calm himselfーnods and step aside. He was scared there.

20xx September 3 - 3:01

Sorey wakes up from his sleep. The sound of a something like thump thump thump is bothering him. He turns on his side and drapes his arm over Mikleo to hug him, but his arm drapes over the sheet.


He opens his left eye to see if Mikleo is there, but his side is an empty space. He opens his eyes slowly to adjust his vision and then, sits up from the bed. He can still hear the thumping sound. It is a bothersome, though.

Looking around his (and also Mikleo’s) room, he sees a figure in the corner. That makes him feel wide awake. A shiver runs down in his spine.

Slowly, he stands up from the bed and walks toward the figure. Each step, he feels his feet are making a creaking noise that will bother the other one in the room, but the person seems to not care. He is carefully approaching the other person with fear, though.

“Hey…” he whispers.

When Sorey reaches him, he looks at the other one to see it is Mikleo. He is suppose to feel relieve, but seeing the one who is making the thumping noise horrifies Sorey more.

Mikleo is slamming his head on the wall and is muttering harshly, “help help help”

soo o i dont know if i should continue it and its suppose to be a one shot but yeah this is more like a sneak peek lmao

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It’s my birthday and I’d wanted to update fic. So chapters 5&6 are up!

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thetwilightroadtonightfall  asked:

Sorey/Mikleo/Celestial Record: the beautiful and canon ot3 of Zestiria

Yep, you’re right. It is the original OT3. They’d been together ever since Sorey and Mikleo were children, and they were always meant to be, the three of them, together forever …

Right up until Sorey lays his eyes on a goblin cart for the first time, anyway. 😆😆😆