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First I want to say that i really, really adore your ocs, seriously, especially Orihana, there is not a single thing that I wouldn't love about her. Aaaand - I am really curious, in that cutscene after "fighting and kissing" moment, did Orihana asked Sera about marriage? (that is probably the most trival question about an oc you will ever hear, sorry)

Omg thank you!!! :D Don’t apologize, I love getting questions!

Do you mean the cutscene where Sera has the “I’m in love with you” realization? Because for some reason, that one didn’t trigger in my game… it’s kinda annoying, I don’t know why I didn’t get it. About marriage, I don’t know if Orihana and Sera would really want to get married, though. If they ever did, it would be at least a decade from the end of DA:I, when Sera was a little older and more mature - but they’d probably never be the fluffy domestic type lmao

soretto replied to your post “First I want to say that i really, really adore your ocs, seriously,…”

Aww, too bad. I find this dialogue really cute. Also “cute” is the word I’d described Sera’s romance with, no tragedies, no leaving anyone, no deaths or anything. Sera’s romance is a true gift from the Maker. Unbelievable that so many ppl hate her.

Yeah that’s part of the reason why I love her so much. The way it was framed I thought that it would start off as something more physical and then have the whole “love realization” thing but like??? It was just ADORABLE all the way through and I love her so much omg

Like part of the reason that ppl don’t like her, I think, is that she doesn’t “grow up” during the course of the game, but I’ve seen other ppl talk about how that’s actually a good thing? Like for once we have a female character who’s loud, abrasive, and unapologetic about it. Her character arc isn’t about molding her into someone more palatable - it’s about accepting her for who she is, and if you don’t like her you can screw off.

I mean, she does have some issues with internalized racism, and that’s a problem - Orihana was actually far more respectful of “elfy” things than Sera was, and that did cause a small argument between them after the Temple of Mythal. But I sincerely doubt that what we get in DA:I is the last we’ll see of her, especially if you subscribe to the theory that she’s actually Andruil (which I find intriguing).

But yeah, sorry, kinda got off topic - her romance was absolutely cute and adorable and like you said, there’s no tragedy or heartbreak or anything (side-eyes Solas and Blackwall). It’s just pure bliss and I love it so much.