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do y’all ever think about this real actual photo of young Baze and Chirrut (or young Chirrut and Baze– imo Chirrut is the one smoking, but either works)

(Photo by Roger Stonehouse, taken at a marketplace in Bagan. unfortunately i can’t find any info/credit for the boys in the photo…)

…Honestly, I’m surprised I don’t see a lot of art with Skrimir and Soren.  When I first saw their interactions in Radiant Dawn, I was certain that some people would adore the dumb lion prince being friendly with good ole pissy Soren.  That’s generally a dynamic many, many people adore, especially in Anime and the like, so it’s surprising that, despite this, Skirmir and Soren have such little art together.  I, personally, really adored their possible dynamic, and I think a character like Skrimir, who can take blows and is just so very stubborn, could’ve been one of the people to really help Soren get over his misanthropy, even if not completely.

Summoner/Subaki C-S Support

Written by Shauni


(y/n): …

(y/n): … Here he comes. Quick, act natural.

Subaki: So that’s where you were, Summoner! Do you have a moment?

(y/n): Hello, Subaki. I still have a few minutes before attending the war meeting, so yes. Is there something you need?

Subaki: Actually, yes, there is. I’ve just finished my training for today and was hoping you’d have some work for me.

(y/n): Work? Well, I suppose there’s always something that needs to be done around here… If I remember correctly, the armory could use some tidying…

Subaki: Oh, I’ve taken care of it this morning.

(y/n): Of course you did… Alright then… The archers left the training grounds without cleaning up behind them-

Subaki: I’ve already picked up the arrows. I’ve also disposed of the damaged targets and replaced them with new ones.

(y/n): … You’ve already sharpened the swords and replaced the training dummies as well, haven’t you?

Subaki: That’s right~ You know me well, Summoner~

(y/n): Not really. I was here when you did all that. In that case, I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s anything left to do.

Subaki: You… what?

(y/n): So you really didn’t see me? I followed you all morning. Not in a creepy way, of course, I just wanted to see if you really were going to take care of everything. And you did. Which is… pretty concerning, I have to say.

Subaki: (I… didn’t notice him/her at all…) What exactly do you mean by “concerning”?

(y/n): I mean you’re not alone in this army, Subaki. You should leave it to your fellow heroes to do certain tasks. From time to time, at least. I don’t want you to work yourself to death.

Subaki: … I see. Thank you for your solicitude, Summoner, but I am in tip-top form. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to training.

(y/n): Hey, wait! Subaki!… He left. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

[(y/n) and Subaki have reached support rank C.]


Subaki: *panting* Huff… Huff… That’s weird… I have been training for only 20 minutes and I’m already out of breath. That’s no good. Thankfully there’s no one to see me like this…

(y/n): Good morning, Subaki.

Subaki: Ah!

(y/n): Wah! My apologies, I didn’t mean to startle you.

Subaki: *panting* Summoner?! How did you sneak up on me again?!… I-It’s nothing. Nothing at all. What brings you here so early?

(y/n): Nothing much. Just checking on you. You know, the whole “don’t work yourself to death” thing I mentioned last time.

Subaki: Your worry is appreciated but truly unecessary. As I said before, I am as fresh as a daisy, as flawless as ever~

(y/n): No, you’re not! You look awful!

Subaki: Excuse me?

(y/n): No, not your face! I mean you’re visibly exhausted. If you could see yourself… Are you sure you don’t have a fever? Your cheeks are all red and you’re all sweaty and–

Subaki: !! Stop! Please spare me the details!

(y/n): Why? There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re very hardworking, all the time. I’d question your humanity if you weren’t… well, red and sweaty and–

Subaki: I said stop!

(y/n): …

Subaki: …

(y/n): … I’m sorry.

Subaki: Don’t be… I apologize for raising my voice. I shouldn’t have. After all, you just expressed concern for my well-being, right? I should be thankful.

(y/n): … Are you?

Subaki: …

(y/n): … What are you so afraid of? Imperfection?

Subaki: Well… I’m a perfectionist, if that’s what you mean… I believe everyone here knows it very well.

(y/n): Subaki, there is a line between perfectionism and phobia. I think you’ve crossed it.

Subaki: I’m afraid I don’t see your point. I am the living proof that perfection is attainable. Isn’t it logical to refuse to accept any standard short of perfection? Most people might be content with being “average”, but it is not my case. I strike to be as good as it is possible to be. How is that reproachable in any way?

(y/n): How? I’ll tell you how. Your quest for the best is not about a deep love for meticulousness. It’s about fear. Fear of messing up. Fear of failure. Fear of disappointing others… To be honest, I am worried. It must be so hard being you.

Subaki: !! That’s… My perfectionism is merely one of my personality traits. I take offence to hear you treating it as a disorder.

(y/n): Subaki, I–

Subaki: Let’s end this conversation here, Summoner. Please. Surely we both have better things to do.

(y/n): … Very well. Have a good day, Subaki.

[(y/n) and Subaki have reached support rank B.]


(y/n): Um… Subaki?

Subaki: Oh, Summoner. Are you here to continue our last conversation?

(y/n): N-no… Actually, I wanted to apologize. I told you mean, disrespectful things… and acted like I knew you better than you do yourself. I’m truly sorry. This won’t happen again.

Subaki: … *sigh* I accept your apologies. Will you please accept mine as well?

(y/n): Yours?

Subaki: Yes… I got defensive. And harsh. I should have handled this situation better.

(y/n): (Oh no, he’s dwelling on his mistakes again…) It’s okay! We’re both sorry then. You forgive me and I forgive you. Deal?

Subaki: Haha~ Deal.

(y/n): What a relief… Well then, I’ll leave you to your training. Glad this matter is settled.

[The Summoner leaves.]

Subaki: …

Subaki: Wait, Summoner!

[The Summoner comes back.]

(y/n): Yes?

Subaki: I… would like to discuss something with you. About what you said last time. However, I don’t think I can do this twice…

(y/n): Then I’m all ears. You won’t have to repeat, promise.

Subaki: Thank you.

Subaki: I come from a noble Hoshidan house. My family has served the royal family for generations and its reputation is immaculate. My parents, as well as my more distant family members, had great expectations for me before I was even born.

(y/n): This sounds… stressful beyond words.

Subaki: Indeed. As you know, I am one of Lady Sakura’s retainers. She is the youngest member of the Hoshidan royal family. I must appear perfect in all circumstances – socially, militarily and as a friend of hers. Everyone thinks of me as a prodigy… but the truth is… is…

(y/n): It’s alright, Subaki. Take your time.

Subaki: *panting* I… I’m no genius. My prowesses are not the result of effortless first tries, but of countless hours, days, weeks, months, sometimes years, of hard, meticulous and repetitive training. As a child, I was forced to train – not until I got it right, but until I was unable to get it wrong. When I was ten, I started getting dark circles under my eyes and cysts because of the stress… and even these were treated as imperfections to be eradicated. “Offences”, as my parents called them.

(y/n): This is… Oh my God, Subaki… I have no words.

Subaki: What I wanted to say is, you were right… I don’t particularly enjoy being the way I am. It’s my fear of failure that keeps me going.

Subaki: … Oh gods, there, I said it. I– I understand if you wish to send me back home now…

(y/n): Subaki… You will go back to Hoshido, when the times comes. But I’m not sending you back because you expressed your humanity. What kind of monster would do this?

Subaki: …

(y/n): … I think I know how you feel. But, listen, you did not disappoint me, alright? I am actually impressed. I didn’t think you’d be able to admit your flaws. To be completely honest with me. Especially after I harassed you so much about that.

Subaki: So… you won’t look down on me for not being the best?

(y/n): Everybody’s best is different, Subaki. You can’t always be the best… but you can always do your best. I know you always do. And let’s be honest, your best is pretty darn amazing.

Subaki: Haha! Normally I’d take offence to that… but this time, it’s music to my ears. Thank you, Summoner.

[(y/n) and Subaki have reached support rank A.]


(y/n): Well, I think we can call it a day! Thank you for helping me with these battle plans, Subaki. You provided invaluable advice.

Subaki: It was my pleasure, (y/n). I’m surprised you didn’t ask Robin or Soren to help you though. They are, after all, actual tacticians.

(y/n): Um… Soren would have… you know, been himself. And Robin wasn’t available. Training.

Subaki: Oh, really? Because I’ve seen him on my way here. He told me he offered his help and  you declined~

(y/n): !! T-that’s…

Subaki: Yes~? Can’t think of an excuse, can you?

(y/n): Argh! Alright, alright, you wipe that cocky grin off your face this instant! I just wanted to spend more time with you, okay?

Subaki: …

(y/n): Besides I knew you’d be good at this! Robin would have probably ended up planning everything on his own, making me stand here feeling useless…

Subaki: …

(y/n): … Subaki?

Subaki: … I can’t do this anymore.

(y/n): Um, what?

Subaki: You just said you want to spend more time with me, yes? Well, I do too. Much, much more time.

(y/n): Are you implying what I think you’re implying…?

Subaki: If you think that I find you incomparably charming and that I’ve fallen for you, then yes, I am. What about your feelings? I-I’d understand if they don’t match mine… after what I confessed last time.

(y/n): You mean, you not being a prodigy? Oh, Subaki. Come on, look at us. We come from two completely different worlds, met in a third world which existence was unheard of, and we don’t even know when we’ll be able to go home. You not being perfect is the most reassuring, realistic, comforting fact I’ve heard in a very, very long time.

Subaki: Then does this mean…

(y/n): Yes. Gosh, I’m stuck here in the middle of a war and I couldn’t possibly be more out of place or scared, but here I am, in love with you and refusing to let go.

Subaki: Gods, I… (y/n), I will always be a perfectionist. There is no turning back from it. But… around you… I feel like I can be as imperfect as I wish. So I have to ask you… Will… will you still love me when I mess up? When I… fail?

(y/n): Yes. Yes, always, yes.

Subaki: Won’t you get angry at me? Or be disappointed?

(y/n): Never. Remember, you’re just human. You’re not supposed to be perfect.

Subaki: And yet it took me years to learn to pretend to be perfect. I’m afraid it might take me years to accept that I, in fact, can not. Are you willing to remind me until then?

(y/n): *laughing* For you, I’ll make an ‘incomparably charming’ parrot.

Subaki: *laughing* Not even for a moment would I entertain the idea that you would not. Now, come here~

[(y/n) and Subaki have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Subaki: We are so imperfect and yet so perfect for each other, darling. You and me, until forever ends.


i had this dream where i was hunted by a dragon shifter n he looked like a man but i could see the sky through him he had the sun for a heart and it blazed but i was the only one who could see it and i knew he was hunting me but he was beautiful

so obviously i adopted him as an oc and shipped him w my other oc hhahaha 

so this is soren (th dragon from my dream) n luka (started as an anglerfish gijinka scribble i rly liked th design of)…………………..

Amabella had already been in the habit of visiting the Skullship… Enjoying roaming the winding and seemingly countless hallways, as well as admiring and talking to the intriguing watchdogs that wander throughout it. Even after turning into one many times, she still isn’t sure how they function… But lately, instead of exploring the depths of the ship, she’s been drawn to a particular area in it. An area where she can spend hours simply being still and talking… Which is something that is even more mysterious than a watchdog eating. At least, for the usually hyper-active girl.

Laying on her stomach on the bed in Soren’s cubby, Amabella looks over at her best friend… Legs lazily kicking in the air as she rests her head on her folded arms, she silently ponders this strange fact. ‘Now every time I get on this ship, I end up coming directly to his cubby. I do not even explore a little bit anymore before visiting him…’ Her head tilts to the side with curiosity, light blue eyes sparkling with interest, ‘But, I do not mind it at all… I would rather be talking to Soren in his cubby, than exploring this gigantic ship. I do not think I have ever managed to stay still for nearly as long with anyone else…’

Her curly tail gently drapes across the bed as she shuffles her body slightly to get more comfortable, the perky girl usually able to drop her watchdog disguise when she is safely in Soren’s cubby… ‘I guess that is what makes him my bestie, instead of just a friend?’ She thinks, for some reason not feeling entirely satisfied with her conclusion. But the oblivious girl isn’t sure what other explanation there could be for her confusing gravitation towards him…

“Soren… What do you think makes someone a bestie instead of just a friend?” Amabella asks, hoping that talking about it with Soren will help her understand it better. @ask-the-sailor-boy

Soren & Ryoma: C - A Supports

C Support

  • Soren: …Can I help you?
  • Ryoma: Ack!
  • Ryoma: Er, sorry. Was I staring?
  • Soren: Yes. Do you need something?
  • Ryoma: I was just curious about that mark on your forehead.
  • Soren: … Why do you care?
  • Ryoma: There was a girl I knew once who had similar marks. I never asked her what they meant. But the curiosity is starting to get to me.
  • Soren: Hmph. You’re better off not knowing.
  • Ryoma: What? Well, now I’m more curious than ever…

B Support

  • Ryoma: Hm… Nngh… So tired…
  • Ryoma: Zzz…
  • Soren: What are you doing here?
  • Ryoma: Gaaah!
  • Ryoma: Oh. It’s… errr, Soren, right?
  • Soren: That’s right. Why are you in the library?
  • Ryoma: I was studying. Is that such a surprise?
  • Soren: Yes, actually. I took it you were more of a warrior than a scholar.
  • Ryoma: Well, I’ll have you know I appreciate both. Although I don’t have much time for reading nowadays…
  • Ryoma: Hence why I’m in here so late, about to pass out from exhaustion.
  • Soren: What are you studying? That book looks like it’s from Tellius.
  • Ryoma: It is. I was researching the mark on your forehead.
  • Soren: Ack…
  • Ryoma: But the only thing in here is some propaganda about interbreeding between races. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with…
  • Soren: …
  • Ryoma: Erm, something wrong?
  • Soren: I already know. You needn’t say anything.
  • Ryoma: What do you think I’m going to say?
  • Soren: That I’m disgusting. Repulsive. I’ve heard it all before.
  • Ryoma: What? That’s… horrible. People treat you like that?
  • Soren: …
  • Ryoma: Look, I don’t pretend to know much about the world you’re from.
  • Ryoma: But I’m not going to judge you before I even get to know you just because of some centuries-old prejudice.
  • Soren: You’re one to talk.
  • Ryoma: …What do you mean?
  • Soren: You may not know much about my world, but I’ve read up on yours.
  • Soren: Hoshido and Nohr? The warring nations? I heard you tried to kill your own sibling because they sided with Nohr.
  • Ryoma: That’s… not what happened. We united the kingdoms.
  • Soren: Maybe in your world. But in another world, you didn’t. Which means you’ve always had the potential to be that person.
  • Soren: You’re nothing but a hypocrite.
  • Ryoma: …

A Support

  • Ryoma: Soren, can we talk?
  • Soren: What is it?
  • Ryoma: You were right. I am a hypocrite. I’m not a better man than the people who mistreated you.
  • Soren: Your point?
  • Ryoma: In the past, I despised Nohr. I admit it. There was a time when I would have tried to kill… even those I loved… because of that hatred.
  • Ryoma: I had never considered how much my prejudice could have hurt people.
  • Ryoma: I thank you for pointing that out to me. Someday, maybe I’ll be able to fix the things I’ve done wrong.
  • Ryoma: But I have a friend who helped me to move past that hatred. To see the people of Nohr for who they really are, not where they’re from.
  • Ryoma: My one desire for you is that you meet someone like that.
  • Ryoma: Because the truth is, Soren, others’ prejudice against you isn’t what hurts you.
  • Ryoma: It’s the prejudice you have against yourself.
  • Soren: …
  • Soren: Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps… there is someone who deserves to know the truth.
  • Soren: Thank you, Ryoma.
  • Ryoma: Well, to be honest, I didn’t come up with that. I read it in a book.
  • Soren: *sigh* Of course you did.

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First it was bad because Dorian is the son of a magister and magisters killed a lot of Soren’s clan, Soren instantly assumed Dorian was like all the other magister when he wasn’t like them at all. (If you’ve played the game you know Dorian goes on to join the magisters to change them and make them into good people who don’t harm the elven clans Bc Dorian is amazing) Then Dorian saved Soren and helped him free his people from some bad dudes and Soren started to fall for him. He got super pissed at himself because he didn’t want to fall for Dorian but he couldn’t help it. He showed Dorian his strange magic and Dorian was fascinated by it and started studying it with Soren because Dorians a nerd. They became quick friends and fell in love along the way and are a kick ass power couple now :)