Dear person who supposedly gave me life

I am sorry I don’t want to watch the stupid, pathetic, failure-at-TV, dramatic bullshit that is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”. Do you really believe that you don’t have enough real drama in your life? 1) You have a heart patient daughter who is (a) fixing to graduate, (b) planning her wedding without your help, and © possibly looking at another heart surgery in the next 2 years; and 2) you also have another daughter who (a) can’t even be in same room with someone who MENTIONS IN PASSING your sister, (b) can’t stand when anyone calls someone else smart or beautiful, and © thinks everything, including the other daughter’s wedding, should revolve 360 degrees around her. I’m sorry we aren’t as dramatic as those shitastic women on TV. I’m not sorry that I actually try to watch TV shows that have some sort of story to them. I am not against reality tv. I do like Survivor and Big Brother and Married to Jonas, but the BS on Real Housewives is too much. These women are so fake and stupid that all they can do is arrange lunch and dinner with other women that they despise and then spend the entire hour long episode YELLING. That’s all that show is. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about their fake-ass, bullshit lives. So, when I ask you to check on big brother, without realizing it’s over, and you flip it and I see that Under The Dome is on and I say something about watching it, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TELL ME TO LEAVE THE ROOM. 

Thanks for all the love you’ve given me. It really means a lot. NOT!