sore wo seishun to yobu hi

[MV] Dialogues from Sore wo Seishun to Yobu hi

Kumi: This world lacks imagination.
If we had a bit more imagination maybe both me and everyone else would be different.

O.Shiori: I wonder what I want to do…

Minami&Mizuki: I wonder where we’re heading to…

Kumi: I don’t know.

Kana: To think we all used to be here…
T.Shiori: Just looking at the sky together used to be fun enough, didn’t it?
Kana: We all looked at the same sky, right?
T.Shiori: Now we’ll head towards different directions, won’t we?
Kana: They call it “Everyone’s different path”, but…what does that actually mean anyways?

Emiri: I wonder if there will be tracks on the way…
Kasumi: Will there be a different light on everyone’s different path?
Ririna: We’ve been walking together all this time, but we’ll be alone from now on, won’t we?

Kana: It would be nice if we could stay together forever, don’t you think?
T.Shiori: Even the coulds we all used to look at were moving forward, weren’t they?
Kana: Then I wonder if we have to move forward too…


Kumi: Still, I have to move forward.

O.Shiori: I’ll start walking, imagining my future self.

Kumi: Because that’s me.

Kumi: Yes. That’s my nature.