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There were two requests that were pretty much the same so I’m just going to combine them if that’s okay. I hope you both enjoy the imagine! And awe, I love you too! -Alicia

3rd Person p.o.v

You laughed along with your friends while the hear from the bonfire kept you warm. It was towards the end of the summer so someone decided to throw a party at the beach. 

It surprised you when you saw the guys who run the host club show up at the party. You took another sip of your drink feeling the burning sensation of the alcohol run down your throat. 

“Did you see that Tamaki was here?” One of your friends Yui asked. “Yeah that whole group is here, how strange is that.” You said “Maybe they’re trying to learn how to loosen up.” Your other friend Kisa said. 

“Probably not.” You said laughing. You turned around feeling like someone was watching you, your eyes met Kaoru’s. He turned back to his brother before you looked back to your friends. 

“Kaoru keeps staring at you.” Yui said nudging your shoulder causing you to roll your eyes. “No he’s not.” You said taking another sip of your drink. You only caught his eyes once, that doesn’t mean he’s been staring at you this whole time. 

“Maybe he has a crush on you.” Kisa said smirking at you. “Guys cut it out alright.” You said turning to look at the host club. They all had cups in their hands which surprised you. 

After a couple of house Kaoru was hopeless drunk thanks to his brother. The rest of the hosts were finding entertainment in the red head’s drunken state. His eyes landed on you, you were staring out at the water watching the waves. 

“You should go say hi.” Hikaru said to Kaoru giving him a little push. He stumbled a little making his way towards you. You didn’t notice him walking over towards you, the sound of the ocean was distracting you. 

You felt a hand grab yours, you turned seeing Kaoru on one knee looking up at you. One look at him and you knew he was completely wasted. You put a hand over your mouth to try and cover the laugh you were holding back. 

“MARRY ME MY LOVE!” Kaoru said a little to loudly, your eyes grew wide and you turned to the host club. They were in the same state as you, completely shocked, except Hikaru was laughing. The hosts soon made their way over and apologized to you before dragging Kaoru away. 

The next morning Kaoru woke up with a pounding head ache. He groaned opening his eyes to see his twin standing there with aspirin and water. Kaoru thankfully took both things. 

“What happened last night?” Kaoru asked looking up at his brother. “You mean you don’t remember?” Hikaru asked trying not to laugh. Kaoru sat up stretching his sore muscles before rubbing his eyes. 

“Oh god what did I do?” He sighed. “You might have gone up (Y/N) and yelled ‘Marry me my love’ before we had to drag you away,” Hikaru said smirking at his brother. 

“Please tell me your joking!” Kaoru asked his eyes growing wide. Hikaru shook his head making Kaoru’s head fall. “My god they probably hate me now!” Kaoru exclaimed falling back onto the bed. 

“Honestly I don’t think they were bothered by it. (Y/N) knew you were completely wasted I think your just caught them off guard.” Hikaru said patting his brothers knee sympathetically. 

“Oh my god, I’m never going to a party with you ever again!” Kaoru groaned shoving his brother out of the way so he could go shower. He dreaded having to go to school tomorrow to see you and hear about his drunken outburst again. This next week was going to be interesting.

Spicy Pad Thai...

Can you do prompt #1 with Pietro??? “I’m pregnant” 

Warnings: Vomit.

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           It was an accident, oh boy was it ever the biggest accident that ever happened in your entire life. Not that you’ve had a long existence, so there’ll probably be even more, much larger accidents, but at this exact moment, this, this little pink plus sign was the biggest, and probably worse accident you’ve ever had. It was even bigger than when you crashed your dad’s corvette into a guard rail to get out of the way of a drunk driver, so not really not an accident but still. In your short 23 years of life, that was the worst thing you had done. But now, now you had something to top that, you were pregnant. Pregnant with your best friends brothers child, after you swore you wouldn’t date him, let alone sleep with him after swearing that you wouldn’t the same day. But as you said that faithful night 7 weeks ago, ‘shit happens.’ You huffed, sitting down on the side of the tub, muttering to yourself, “yeah, shit happens,” you scoffed and dropped the test into the garbage, you weren’t mad, you weren’t upset, you were more or less freaked out by the whole ordeal. You were more so worried about how Wanda would react, you could really care less if he wanted to be part of child’s life. Mind you, you would love if he would swoop you off your feet, marry you, and you guys would happily ever after in your own perfect piece of paradise. But you knew better than anyone that that was a long shot, and that it would probably never happen.

           You stood up, stretching your sore muscles out, rubbing your stomach absent mindedly as you went to answer the door of your apartment. You opened the door still rubbing your belly, it was him. He was holding a bag that smelled awful, you turned leaving the door open and ran to the sink in your kitchen, you puked. Emptying the entire contents of your stomach into the sink. Pietro was by your side in a second rubbing your back soothingly, “Y/N, are you okay,” his accent thick with concern. You nodded into the sink, the smell wafting from the bag that was less a foot away. “Get that bag away from me! It stinks,” you gagged moving away from the bag, he looked confused. “But Y/N it’s your favourite, spicy pad Thai,” he stared at you. The sound of that made your stomach turn once again, the colour drained from your face, in the split second your head was over the toilet and you threw up again. “Seriously, y/n what’s wrong,” you went to say you were fine, but he cut you off, “if you say you’re fine….” He stopped mid-sentence, you looked up and saw where his eyes were looking, right at the little pink plus sign laying in the middle of your garbage can. You signed, and leaned back against the wall, placing your hand protectively on your stomach. “Pietro,” you sighed, leaning your head back against the cool wall. “I’m pregnant.” You closed your eyes, finally letting the first tears fall since you found out earlier that day. You knew he would leave, tell Wanda and she would never speak to you again. He sat down on the side of your tub with his head in his hands, he ran them down his face and stares at the doorway blankly. “Is… Is it… it mine?” he stammered, shifting side to side, you took a shuttered breath and nodded. He sucked in a sharp breath, “Okay,” he took a deep breath, “Okay…” another breath, “okay!” You hit head against the wall. “You know Pietro, I don’t expect you drop everything and be this babies daddy, you have a life you live, I have a life to live. And in your job, a family is just a liability…” you shuttered. Pietro looked directly at you, “Y/N, I’m not leaving you high and dry with baby, that’s mine. And you guys will be safe, safer than anyone in this entire country. You’ll probably be put in Stark tower, I can keep you and our baby safe there, and the baby will grow up with lots of family and lots of love.” His accent made it sound all the more surreal. You chuckled, “that sounds too perfect,” you leaned against the wall pulling your knees to your chest and resting your head on them. 

Pietro moved your side and pulled you close to him, “It will be perfect Y/N,” he hugged you. You smiled at him, and he kissed your forehead. “So, who’s gonna tell Wanda?” You both laughed.  

Devin opened her eyes flinching when she tried to move. The cot was making her body sore, and she was constantly getting sore muscles. Rubbing her shoulders she looked around not knowing what time it was. Slowly she moved her legs over the edge of the bed sitting there. “Is it too much to ask for some heat down here?”

Angel Baby

Pairing: Dean x Cas when is it not tbh

Word Count: 798

Warnings: fluff for days (there’s implications of sex but i was far too lazy to think of enough variations for the word dick so i didn’t write it lol)

Summary: literally i have no idea what this is i just thought about which stupid nickname Dean would call Cas and this sorta just happened???

A/N: i was gonna write something sad but did this little drabble instead you’re welcome to try to alleviate my writers block

“Hey, babe, d’you know where that book on Mesopotamian gods went?”

Cas nearly falls out of his chair when Dean says that, his blue eyes a mix of shock and embarrassment. A blush is already spreading across his face like wildfire, one that Dean doesn’t seem to notice as he walks across the library to where Cas was sitting next to a dangerously large stack of files.

“Dean?” He croaks, quickly scanning the shelves for Sam’s familiar mane of brown hair.

“I know it’s a long shot, but- what’s wrong?” Dean pulls up a chair next to Cas and his mountain of research, frowning when he sees Cas’ discomfort. He processes what he said for a moment, and then exaggerates an eye roll. “Oh, come on, Cas. Sam isn’t even here right now. And he wouldn’t say anything if he was, anyway.”

“I know,” Cas answers meekly, cheeks still red as he absently drums his fingers on the table. “But I still don’t like it. Pet names are-”

“It’s not a pet name,” Dean says indignantly. He chews his lip thoughtfully, struggling to find the right words. “It’s…it’s a term of endearment.”

“I don’t mind that part. You can call them whatever you want, it’s babe that I don’t like. And baby, for that matter. I just don’t like them. They’re not even anatomically correct,” Cas mumbles as an afterthought, leaning back in his chair as if to say conversation over.

Dean chuckles and shakes his head at Cas’ literal interpretation of it. He presses his knee against Cas’ thigh under the table, smirking at the gasp the small action steals from the angel beside him.

Cas attempts to give him a stern look. “Dean, I have work to do.”

Dean gives him a wolfish grin and drags Cas’ chair closer to his. “So do I.”

Despite what he just said, Cas doesn’t even try to stop Dean as he trails light, quick kisses along Cas’ neck, one hand in his dark hair and the other slowly teasing his belt open. Cas squirms when Dean whispers into his ear, low and eager, “So what you’re saying is, you’re okay with pet names, I just gotta find the right one.”

“Yes, but not right now,” Cas growls, tugging Dean closer by his shirt and unbuttoning it in record time.


“Mornin’, sweetheart,” Dean mumbles as he shuffles into the kitchen the next morning with messy hair and sore muscles, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with a yawn. He reeks of sex and he’s not even wearing a shirt, but Cas really doesn’t mind that.

Cas looks up from his position next to the stove, spatula in hand. He hands Dean a mug as he walks past so he can fill up his coffee. “Rise and shine, sleepyhead,” he jokes, returning Dean’s use of a nickname.

Cas finds himself smiling involuntarily as he watches Dean dump an unholy amount of sugar into his coffee, because just the nearness of Dean makes him happy. Dean comes to stand next him and wraps his arm around Cas’ waist, his terrible morning coffee breath tickling the back of Cas’ neck. Dean hums contentedly as he rubs circles into the hem of Cas’ shirt and watches him flip the eggs, and Cas thinks domesticated life would suit Dean better than he’d ever admit.

In the back of his mind Cas distantly registers that sometime while the toast was cooking Sam came in and walked right back out at the sight of them half naked in the middle of kitchen, but he was too focused on the warmth radiating from Dean to care all that much. Dean pulls him closer so that Cas’ back is flush against Dean’s chest, and they begin to sway to a rhythm that couldn’t be heard; no words, no melody. It was as if just the two of them existed in that moment, suspended in the calm silence of a lazy Sunday morning.

They stand there for much longer than necessary, Dean simply leaning into him with practiced ease, brushing his lips across Cas’ neck often enough to make Cas shiver every time. When Dean begins to tap his fingers along Cas’ ribs like piano keys Cas chuckles and twists his head around to look up at him, an uncharacteristically gentle smile waiting for him.

“What is it, Dean?” Cas just now realizes the reason Dean doesn’t have a shirt is because he had taken it by accident.

Dean shakes his head, a look of wonder in his green eyes. He presses a kiss to Cas’ temple and says with a contented sigh, “I just really love you, baby.”

Right then and there, Cas realizes that baby has to be the only nickname he’d ever get used to.