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What would the bros do if their S/O (with a Dandere like personality) would ask them, if they would like to take a bath with her? She wouldn't be that embarrassed but would the bros be? Idk maybe they started dating a few days ago xD (I'm sorry! I hope you understood what I was trying to say >,< Love your blog btw!)

OH LOL nah i gotcha! i did have to google what dandere meant though oh my god i swear im Hip & With The Kids Slang

Noctis: He chokes on his spit at their sudden suggestion and has to stop and cough for a few minutes before resorting to messing up his hair as a tension reliever. “U-Uh… don’t you think that’s a little… sudden? I mean, it hasn’t even been that long since we started… um…” His face is very much flushed and his partner might even try to take back the suggestion, to which he bursts out, “No! No, I mean… I… I will… if you really want to.”

Ignis: It would be incredibly difficult to catch the slight blush that creeps up to his cheeks, and he simply coughs and pushes up his glasses. “…I believe it may be too soon for the two of us to engage in such… personal activities. I will, however, ready the bath, towels, and clothing, if you wish.” The way he says it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was declining out of shyness.

Gladio: He just blinks. “A bath? You wanna go in together?” Gladio would be surprised at their request, but definitely not in a bad way. If anything, it makes him happy that they feel comfortable around him enough to ask so soon after they just started dating. “I don’t mind, but are you sure the both of us will fit?” he teases. He’s not too flustered at the whole thing and probably tickles them while they’re in the tub. 

Prompto: “H-Huh?!” his jaw drops open and he flares up completely red. “W-Wait, wait wait wait, a bath? Like, with bubbles? You? And me? In the same tub? Are you… are you feeling okay?!” Honestly, he wants to go in with them, he really does, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself if he sees them naked and has to sit in a tub with them. “I… I can’t! It’s too soon! Take a guy out for dinner first, why don’t ya?!” 

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Classmate AU + one of the minis? (NCT) Idk who, u choose maybe make a series ly💕

  • it was a new semester and it was time to change lab partners
  • luckily for Donghyuck, his new lab partner was you
  • Jeno was so relieved he didn’t need to deal with Donghyuck accidentally setting things on fire every few weeks
  • but anyways, Donghyuck and you didn’t really talk before, you just know that he’s the funny, cute guy who keeps messing up experiments
  • Donghyuck on the other hand knows who you are since you’re one of the better students when it comes to science
  • also you’re cute
  • he basically treats you like a god because it meant that he would finally have a chance to get a passing grade
  • before the pair of you even get a chance to properly talk, your teacher’s already handing out worksheets
  • “so I pour the alcohol into the tube…?”
  • “nO NO”
  • “oh, okay”
  • thankfully, for the first time in Donghyuck’s life, nothing goes wrong because you basically take over everything
  • when Donghyuck thought life was finally going well, the teacher announces a test that would be held next week
  • you see Donghyuck just face plant into his worksheet and you’re like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
  • your teacher notices the lack of explosions and when class ends she’s like,
  • “can you help to tutor Donghyuck because he isn’t very good with written tests too. I’ll treat it as your extra credit”
  • without hesitation you take up that offer, because how bad can that be
  • Donghyuck doesn’t really mind the extra tutoring, but he’s busy with rehearsals and he can only meet you in the music room or during his breaks
  • the first tutoring session happened at the music room after everyone filed out, leaving only you and Donghyuck alone
  • donghyuck was exhausted but he still tried his best to focus on what you were trying to explain
  • but instead of looking at the notes you provided, his eyes kept wondering over to you
  • you were just talking when you turn to see Donghyuck with his body tilted, head resting in his hand, staring at you
  • Donghyuck’s eyes widened and he didn’t know what to do so he pretends to stretch
  • “awh man haha, I’m so sore haha, don’t mind me haha”
  • you nod continue your explanation on the chemicals and stuff
  • at the end of the first session, Donghyuck pretty much only understood 40% of what you had tried to explain
  • he blamed it on his exhaustion, so the second session happened during lunch break the next day
  • the both of you were the only ones at a table because there were book and notes scattered everywhere
  • you were eating and in between chewing you were explaining the homework that was given
  • Mark, Jaemin, Jeno, Jisung, Chenle and Renjun were at a nearby table just looking at the two of you
  • “so that’s y/n…”
  • “pretty cute”
  • Donghyuck, hearing what Jeno and Jisung said, turned to give them a “wtf face”
  • you notice the group of boys just kinda staring at you and Donghyuck so you just… wave?
  • they all smile and wave back, Chenle giving you a thumbs up
  • you laugh and continue talking with Donghyuck about acids and what not to do
  • these sessions would continue for the next week leading up to the test
  • and on the day of the written and practical test, Donghyuck was about to drink some H2O2 to get out taking it
  • you assured him that he can do well and he just nervously laughs
  • because honestly, he just didn’t want to disappoint you
  • so he takes the test and he’s praying to Bill Nye the science guy that he does well
  • halfway through the practical test, you look over and Donghyuck is just staring at the boiling tube filled with acid and he’s holding a beaker of water
  • your eyes widened and you prayed that he knew not to pour that into the tube
  • thankfully he puts down the beaker and goes back to reading the instructions
  • the test is finished without any accidents, thank the lord, Bill Nye the science guy
  • when the test paper comes back, Donghyuck doesn’t even want to look at it
  • so he gives it to you and you peek at it and see written in red, ‘80/100’
  • you just start hitting Donghyuck and you scream that he passed and did well
  • Donghyuck couldn’t believe it and took a look at his paper
  • he instantly starts jumping around like, “holy hell I did it”
  • and without even thinking he just pulls you into a hug and starts to jump around
  • you don’t even mind and you’re jumping along with him until someone clears their throat
  • the two of you just awkwardly separate and return to your seats
  • after class though, Donghyuck is so thankful and he wants to treat you to something
  • he suggests ice cream and you agree so the pair of you end up in an ice cream shop
  • where the Mark and the rest of the boys are too
  • and Jeno just goes
  • “I can sense the chemistry between them”
  • Renjun smacks him on his shoulder

(heh, chemistry, i think i’m pretty funny)

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy (Faraday x Reader) NSFW

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“How much?”

“Two bits for the cheap stuff, three dollars for the good stuff.”

You were too busy cleaning the aftermath of a fight to bother looking up. The voice didn’t sound familiar, but then again, most didn’t. People were always drifting in and out of town. It was rare to see a face stick around for more than three days, and even rarer for you to bother recognizing it.

“Hey Johnny, you got two bits on ya? Gonna buy me a whore for the night.” The stranger could barely finish his sentence without bursting into hysterics, and you could hear a few others join in. It wasn’t the first time you’d heard the joke, and it wouldn’t be the last, but it still stung.

“Either drink or get out,” you replied coldly as you continued wiping down the bar, careful to avoid the broken glass.  

“She’s got some fight in her! I like it. A buck. I think you’re worth a whole buck.”

“Alright now listen,” you hissed as you finally stopped what you were doing to meet his eye line. He was an ugly looking guy, just as you expected. His beard was long and mangled. He was missing a few teeth. You weren’t sure when the last time he bathed was. Disgusting. “I think it’s best you leave.”

“Oh yeah?” He stood up, placing one hand on his gun, and grabbing your wrist with the other. You winced a bit as he tightened his grip. He’d pinned your hand down hard against a large shard of glass. “How about no money but instead I let you keep that pretty little head of yours.”  

“Fuck,” you mumbled as panic started to set in. Men made lewd comments all the time, and on nearly a daily basis they got in fights with each other, but never had one gotten physical with you. In all honesty, you considered yourself relatively lucky. With the trash that drifted through here, you were surprised nobody tried anything sooner.

“ ‘Scuse me, but I’m gonna need you to move aside. I’m trying to order a drink from this here lady.”

The man blinked and turned his head. Resting against the bar was yet another man you didn’t recognize. This one seemed calm and collected, but you still caught a spark of wildfire in the corner of his eye.

“The hell you think you’re doin’, Faraday? You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you dead after you cheated back there at poker.”

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John Laurens to Richard Kidder Meade, October 22, 1781

(A few lines from this letter have come up in some recent posts, and I was able to find the entirety of the letter on microfilm.  There were a few words I couldn’t make out with 100% certainty, but the message of the letter remains intact.)

I snatch a moment my dear brother to thank you for your friendly letter which I cannot at present lay my hands upon, but I remember that you speak of retiring from public affairs, a measure which from my knowledge of your value, I can only reconcile myself to on one ground, [illegible] that your example and maxims will always be useful and have their effect altho’ you fill no office.  How could I be so unfortunate, as to pass in your neighborhood, without knowing it?_  However anxious I was at that time to join the army, I should undoubtedly have made an effort to embrace my friend, after so long an absence, and to have made an acquaintance with the incomparable female that is become a part of yourself. I sincerely partake your mutual happiness, and I entreat you will speak of me in such terms to Mrs. Meade as will secure me an admission to her friendship_ you know my heart_ I am filled with admiration of her character from what I have heard among those who have the happiness of enjoying her society, and my unbounded and inviolable attachment to you will I am confident give me a title with her._ Our business here, my dear friend, has been happily accomplished, much sooner than we had reason to expect.  On the 17th Cornwallis sent a letter to the General, in which he requested that a cessation of hostilities for twenty four hours should take place, that two officers might be appointed to meet the same number from him for the purpose of settling the terms of the surrender of York and Gloucester_  The General in answer, required that he should commit his proposals to writing, previous to the naming Commissioners; that for this purpose, a suspension of hostilities for two hours should be granted.  He replied, that the time limited was too short for digesting articles, and in general proposed that his troops should surrender prisoners, with all the honors of war; that the British should have leave to go to England, and the Germans to Germany, on condition of not [illegible] until exchanged, and that some men in civil employments, attached to the army, should have their interests attended to_ The General in his answer declared that he regarded the removal of the Garrisons to Europe as inadmissible; that they must remain in parts of the country best calculated for their subsistence; that the same honours as were granted to the Garrison at Charleston should be allowed to them, and that they should be treated with that benevolence which had always been exercised by Americans to their prisoners_ The appointment of Commissioners succeeded; Colo. Dundas and Major Ross on the part of the British_ Colo. Laurens and Viscount de Noailles on the part of the Allies.  On the Nineteenth, the Capitulation was definitively settled and signed_ The substance of it is that the Garrisons of York and Gloucester shall surrender prisoners of war that they shall remain in Pennsilvania, Maryland and Virginia_ that an officer in the [illegible] of one to fifty shall be suffered to reside with them to be witnesses of their treatment besides a field officer from each nation, Hessian [illegible] and British_ that the Genl, Staff and other officers not employed as above shall have their paroles to go to Europe or New York_ that the artillery, public stores, military chests &c, shall be delivered unimpaired_ that the shipping shall be delivered to an officer of the French Navy_ These are the essentials for you.  The Garrison consist of between six and seven thousand privates, exclusive of seamen_ upon [illegible] of _ hundred pieces of ordnance, seventy five of which are [illegible], are returned in the two posts_ _ This is an illustrious day my dear friend for our national honor and interests_ You say something of horses_ I am most miserably mounted, because I bought with too unguarded confidence in the appearance of the seller_ his condition however of asking them back at the same price, will relieve me, provided he has the money._ In that case, I am anxious to purchase two military, serviceable horses, that can be recommended at a price, that will not be immoderate.  If you can assist me in this, you will render me a real service. Adieu: I embrace you tenderly: my eyes are sore, my body and mind fatigued by an uninterrupted flow of business, but as long as they exist, my friendship for you will burn with that pure flame which is kindled by your virtues_

John Laurens

Head Quarters

Near York

22d October 1781_


Heyy friends, this is my first time publishing angst haha so I hope I did it right?? Honestly I would adore feedback because I don’t really know if I did ok and what I could improve on :) I also tried a kinda new writing style so let’s see how that worked out. 

Anyway the fic was based off two prompts I got, which I kind of blended so I’m really sorry if that’s not what you guys wanted. One prompts was for angsty analogical and one-sided Prinxiety, sent in by @give-me-a-minute-to-think, and the other was for angsty Logicality, sent in by an anon. Also this took me wayyy too long to write so I apologise for that.

So I’m going to tag some people I would like to read this haha. @use-it-ironically / @pansexualroman, @lekawaiimelon @mylasagnaisraw, @princeyandanxiety, and ofc @give-me-a-minute-to-think. Hope you guys like it! (If you want to be tagged in other things I write, simply ask haha) And without further ado, the actual fic!!

Words: Around 3500

Warnings: There’s a little bit of swearing. Lots of crying, and a panic attack.


It had been inevitable. It had been slowly ending from the moment it begun. It was destined to die, and it was destined to hurt, and nothing they could do would stop it. It was cruel and they tried so hard, but it was impossible.

Patton should have known that he and Logan wouldn’t work out.


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Shadows on the Subway

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Fandom: The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters
Paring: Jace x Reader
Summary: You’re traveling home when an unexpected interaction leads to deathly consequences.
(I know this mirrors the storyline of Clary Fray, but I couldn’t help but add some modern flare to it. Plus it’s such a good intro for a character to have into the shadow world!)

The air in the tunnel sucked in as the approaching train shot it’s way into the platform. You followed the crowd and stepped onto the tube, appreciating the space a 9pm commute offered and taking one of the quad seats. You stretched your legs out and onto the seat in front of you, prepared to stare out and do your usually post-work zone out. While it wasn’t the most stressful job in the world, being a barista at Java Jones always left your cheeks sore from smiling and mind cluttered with rude comments from caffeine deprived customers.On the plus side you constantly smelt like coffee.

The train took off, shaking a bit and the overhead light flickering on as the underground tunnel cut out the sky. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the closest person to you was a tall woman, pale and shaking. A druggie? you wondered to yourself, No. She’s dressed too nice to be a user, or at least one that would eat your face like that that guy in Florida…
Something was clearly wrong, and not just because she had chosen to rock a blazer with massive shoulder pads. Damn. You knew you had to ask.

“Ma’am, you alright?”
You asked, pulling your headphones from your ears and sitting upright.
She looked up sharply, her face flashing from shock to fear to something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.
“Well aren’t you sweet,” she said, wringing her hands, “I’m-I’m ok. Just been a long day. A long century.”
You laughed, “yeah I feel that.”
Her mouth turned into a smile, but you felt yourself instinctively press against the back of your seat. 
“Um, can I help you? Do you need help?”
“Yes actually, now that you mention it…” she said moving closer and taking the seat next to you. Crap. You had not intended to make friends on the train today. 
“I’m feeling a bit…well drained. I need something to help…” It was there, in the woman’s unnervingly steady eye contact that it dawned on you. The expression you couldn’t figure out earlier- it was hunger.
Instinctively you slid your hand into your jacket pocket and wrapped your fingers around your keys. Best case, she was going to ask for cash for McDonalds. Worst case you could use your keys and go all low-budget Wolverine on her face, and jump off at the next stop.

“You’re taking Fast Food to a whole new level.” You and the woman jerked your heads up to see a young guy with blonde hair and an annoyingly defined jawline. The woman grabbed hold of your wrist but turned her gaze on the guy. 
“Nephlim,” you heard her almost growl at him.
“Alive and in the flesh, which is more than I can say for you” he said, pulling out an object from behind his back and lunging towards the woman. Instantly she dropped your wrist and moved with ridiculous speed, appearing behind the guy-sharp teeth bared. But he was ready for her and ducked sweeping his leg under hers. As she fell you saw something glint in the guys hand. A knife. No. A sword? Oh God, I’m about to witness a murder!
“No!” You screamed running at the blonde guy. Surprised he turned to meet the exclamation and fell as your shoulder make contact with his chest. The weapon scattered out of his hand and you scrambled to pick it up. 
“Both of you just stop!” you shouted, holding the blade in front of you with both hands. “No one is killing..or eating…anyone!” Your hands were steady but your voice held a wild confusion. 
The woman smirked, “Oh, silly mundane.”

What happened next only took a few seconds, but felt like it was in slow motion. You saw the guy open his mouth wide, yelling. You saw something that reflected fear rise in his blue eyes. But you didn’t hear any noise. All of your focus turned to the woman, who’s grimace and hands reached out for you. Her skin so white it made her lips look they were covered in blood. And then they were. Blood coated her bottom lip and a trickle slid down her chin. Confused you looked down, seeing the blade your hands still clutched now stuck in the woman’s gut. Upon realizing what had happened time sped up to it’s normal pace, sending you falling back onto the nearest seat and the woman writhing on the floor. You looked across her to the equally shocked guy “You…I…I didn’t…” You didn’t know whether you should defend or explain yourself. 
“You shouldn’t of been able to do that. You shouldn’t of seen…” the guy muttered, keeping his eyes on you but picking up the body of the now still woman.
You looked down at your shaking hands, covered in blood so dark it carried tints of black. You wanted to scream but the reality of what you’d just done hollowed you out. “Oh God.”
Suddenly the PA system dinged, signaling the opening of the doors onto the new platform.
“Don’t.” The guy said, reading your desire to run. But you weren’t wanting to stick around. You may be running from the scene of a crime, but considering he’s the one who brought the weapon on the train, you figured you’d be justified in getting away from him. Right before the doors closed you grabbed your backpack and bolted for the platform, running past the people waiting to step on and up the stairs. You didn’t stop to warn people or explain; you just ran until you broke the surface and were standing in the open air outside the station doors. 
Breathing heavily and shoving your hands in your pockets you threw your head about making sure the guy hadn’t followed. When you felt you were alone you sunk to the cement. Images of the woman’s face, the smell of that blood that still stained your skin, and the guy’s final words as you ran overwhelmed you. 
“They will come for you.”

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 76: The Way Home

We’ve seen Inashiro. It’s fair to see Yakushi, another team Seidou has to beat in order to get to Summer Koshien and another Tokyo team that manages to get further in Senbatsu than Seidou. It appears being in Senbatsu is more a burden than a blessing, because it’s not only Seidou that has problems, Yakushi too. Mainly, the Todorokis.

From nobody to somebody, from an underdog to champion, it’s a radical change that neither Todorokis are prepared for.

Fortunately, their Ace, Sanada, remains as reliable as always. Comparably with fewer numbers of their members, Yakushi gives more chance for their first-years to play in matches and gives them experience. Tomobe, the first-year pitcher looks promising with his calm and composure (he scolds Raichi who is his senpai), especially when we remember Sanada is in his third year. (Damn, there’s a lot of people we’re gonna miss, isn’t it?)

Furuya… is still unstable. But then again, Rome isn’t build in a day. He’s still taking his first steps. Everyone notes how he’s getting more self-aware and the team are willing to support him until he gets back to his feet, because they know better than anyone how huge a burden it is being an Ace. None of them forgets that this same person carried them through Senbatsu. He has won their trust, and it’s not easily lost. But it doesn’t mean that he’s off the hook.


Furuya is still not entrusted to play full match, even against non-Koshien-level team. Only seven innings, two lost runs, six walks, and Eijun closes the match with only one hit and no run, with young, inexperienced catcher to boot.  How the tables turned, when it used to be the other way around. (That actually reminds me, Furuya is never paired up with any other catcher but Miyuki… my take is that his pitching is that unstable that only Miyuki who can deal with him and his pitches… I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing, regardless that Miyuki’s the main catcher)

I wonder what Coach Kataoka is thinking. While the team seems okay with Furuya regaining his footing, it’s pretty obvious that the team has to work harder when Furuya is on the mound (’they brace themselves’). The particular choice of words gives me the impression that it is taxing to support the current Furuya… and that’s not good for the morale of the team.

The overall statistics of the pitchers is fascinating.

Purely based on the results of the practice matches, Eijun doesn’t have the best performance. It actually goes to Kawakami, who plays most innings and only gives up two walks and two runs, second only to Eijun. In the last practice match, he even manage a shutout. While Kawakami doesn’t seem to have the presence of an Ace (or probably just because he’s lacking screen time), the result speaks for itself. Kawakami is still in the running for Ace position. However, if we consider that Eijun plays a full match against Koshien-level team… I’d say Eijun has the best performance. (I might be as biased as Oota when it comes to Kawakami as I am to Eijun ;p)

So if we are to list the best pitcher in Seidou, it’s a toss up between Kawakami and Eijun, followed Furuya, Kawashima and lastly, Kaneda. I’ve got a feeling that Kaneda is gonna be replaced by Kuki if he shows no sign of improvement. Toujou… doesn’t seem to be considered as pitcher, unfortunately. He makes too much of a good center fielder, I suppose.

The above panel particularly interests me because it doesn’t only show pitcher relay, but also battery relay. I wonder whether it’s possible to use that strategy in official matches. Baseball fans, has that been done before? Because well, Seidou have good pitchers and catchers in their current lineup, why not take advantage of it?

Yuuki-otouto finally hits his stride, though he still sucks at defense, and he’s in the outfield. ( ̄□ ̄;) So, pinch hitter is his best bet for now. Honestly, he’s like the comic relief right now with all the blunders and flat expression.

Let’s bow down to the greatness of the Seidou’s Keystone Combo: Haruichi and Kuramochi. m(_    _)m

Miyuki’s not only the one leaving a huge shoes to fill, Kuramochi doea too. Haruichi is good, and he’s considered the better second than his brother, but it is Kuramochi who has a role into raising Haruichi up to the level that he is currently in by forcing him to keep up with him and give his all. Haruichi is going to have a tough time doing the same/adapting with his new partner. (My best bet is Takatsu)

So far, my Seidou’s new team roster still holds up.  I’ll just wait to see the final match to finalize the Summer lineup.

Lastly, Miyuki and Mima!

Their exchange is hilarious! XDD  (Miyuki is a confirmed flip phone/non-smartphone/email-only user)

Mima is way too serious for his own good, I feel bad for him. Miyuki will take advantage of that. Honestly, I’m surprised if he doesn’t. He already calls Mima a sore loser in his mind. Pfft. But damn, that’s a lot of baseball teams scouting for Miyuki, like fifteen? It might be more after Summer Koshien.

So with this chapter, it should wrap up the practice matches and return the focus back to the team…. Except for Miyuki, with Tokyo Senbatsu????? Can’t wait!

We Know Where We Belong

Just a short little something - not edited and kind of all over the place, but I just felt like posting. Send me requests (drabbles, headcanons, etc.)!!!

Warning: slightly NSFW 

The first thing you noticed when you woke up was that you weren’t in your own bedroom.  The second was the arm draped over your waist.

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Tired eyes, exhausted mind, sore body – I feel like falling asleep and never wanting to wake up. But I see your face in my mornings, my dear, you are worth waking up for.

Okay in like 30 mins I’m calling it for the night and getting back in my bed. Stupid shoulder is in the sore stage rather than needle pain, but it’s still obnoxious and I need actual sleep tonight. But! Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be in too much pain, and even if I am, my mom is coming down to campus so I can go get stuff to ease the hurts. I’m excited

Music Tag!!

Hi friends! @tobeflyhaikyuu tagged me for the music tag, sounds like fun!

Rules: Shuffle your music, choose the 9 first songs and tag your favorite lyrics from them. Tag 9 people

1. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied, illuminate the No’s on their vacancy signs, if there’s no one besides when your soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark

2. In A Week - Hozier
We’ll lay here for years or for hours, your hand in my hand, so still and discreet, so long we become the flowers

3. Idle Town - Conan Gray
And they watched the sun rise, blinking out of red eyes and sore minds, the airplanes keep flying by and they cry cause they’ve never even touched the sky

4. Angela - The Lumineers
The strangers in this town, they raise you up just to cut you down, Oh Angela it’s a long time coming

5. What Do I Know? - Ed Sheeran
Love could change this whole world in a moment, but what do I know?

6. LOST BOY - Troye Sivan
So what are you waiting for? Cause someone could love you more, I’m just a lost boy, lost boy

7. Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco
Then the time for being sad is over and you miss them like you miss no other, and being blue is better than being over it

8. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) - Emma Stone from the La La Land Soundtrack ~ don’t judge me
Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem, here’s to the the hearts that ache, here’s to the mess we make

9. Nests - Keaton Henson
On the way to my hotel, I found myself wishing I lived there, on the way to my own home, I still felt alone but I’d knew that you’d be there

I tag @kwalayukine