sorcery idea

fossegrim trott luring in pretty boys with his music and playing pranks on them since his singing voice usually scares them away. 

he doesnt like killing them because hes lonely but hes surprised when ross comes back three days in a row to see him and spend time with him (and brings him food since ‘fish dont really swim down this bit of river, mate’)

trott mostly thinks ’oh shit hes never heard of Strömkarlen before, thats why hes not scared of me’ but ross knows hes dangerous and thats why trott is interesting and mysterious. ross knows he should have died three days ago but hes not dead, and thats why trott is so damn cool.

ross brings him sheet music for lotr and eventually invites him up on land to his little seaside house to watch it. trott learns every song ross brings to him because hes never had attention before and he likes it, and he wants ross to like him. 

trott cries when ross calls him a friend.

A is coming home for their birthday...


Assuming the timeline is around January to May (thanks ramsassy-and-sweet-lady-kisses), here are the upcoming birthdays (thanks to sorcery, no idea where these birthdays came from considering we never had a party so this is not 100% accurate). (thank you pllcrazyness for the full list, which you can find here.)

Alison: June 6, 1995 TORMENTED BY A

Aria: July 22, 1994  TORMENTED BY A

Emily: November 19, 1994 TORMENTED BY A

Hanna: March 6, 1995  TORMENTED BY A

Spencer: June 12, 1994  TORMENTED BY A

Ezra: 1988 - conveniently  left out 

Paige: May 18, 1994

Maya: April 10, 1994

Caleb: 1993  - conveniently left out

Toby: March 19, 1994

Mona: October 8, 1994

Jenna: October 17, 1995

Cece: 1988  - conveniently left out

Bethany: July 19, 1992

Noel: 1994 - conveniently left out

Shanna: 1994 DEAD

Holden: 1993 NOT RELEVANT

Lucas: 1993-1994 - conveniently left out

Mike: July 29, 1996  TORMENTED BY A

Melissa: 1988 - conveniently left out

Jason: 1988 - conveniently left out

Ian: March 23, 1985 (presumably dead?)

Garret: October 18, 1986

Wren: 1988  - conveniently left out

Meredeth: 1987

Jessica: March 8, 1965 DEAD/PARENT

Kenneth: Febuary 17, 1963 PARENT

Byron: May 14, 1967 PARENT

Ella: 1972 PARENT

Wayne: ? PARENT

Pam: April 27, 1968 PARENT

Ashley: 1964 PARENT

Tom: 1962 PARENT

Veronica: September 30, 1969 PARENT

Peter: Febuary 4, 1967 PARENT

Marion: 1962 PARENT


Ezra, Paige, Maya, Toby, Caleb, Cece, Noel, Lucas, Melissa, Jason, Ian and Wren.

Let’s cancel out some more..

Ezra, Paige, Maya, Toby, Caleb, Cece, Noel, Lucas, Melissa, Jason, Ian and Wren.


Maya, Cece, Noel, Lucas, Melissa, Jason, Ian and Wren.

Let’s hope this narrows down our search ;-)