sorceror dude

Okay, bear with me for a second, this is going to sound weird. I’m just tossing around ideas. But.

I’m into StrangePath. I’m into that super duper NSFW Grigg + Sorceror Mads art going around.

But. Just consider. Don’t you think a big scary powerful sorceror dude might get a little tired of the sameness of people who want to marvel at him, project their childhood scifi fantasies onto him, pin their entire belief systems on him, etc.?

Mightn’t it be refreshing to meet a different, slightly, odd, literal sort of person? One who doesn’t go wide-eyed and stammering at displays of power, but just accepts them because if he can see them they must be possible, and he’s interested in how they work but not awed? Mightn’t it be amusing, and charming, and satisfying of a half-forgotten ache, to be seen as much for the man you are as the power you wield?

For such a person, who isn’t particularly impressed that you could burn down the world for him, you might want to, just *because* he’s the first one in tens or hundreds of years who wouldn’t even think to ask if you could.

You might want to give him the things he does care about. Stars dancing in his living room at night. A quick trip to the moon and back, with some careful finagling of the atmosphere to make it breathable. Your ancient, brittle heart, to hold and tend as carefully as he does the rest of his small, ordered world.

I’m just saying, Adam Raki, the Sorceror’s Boyfriend, is something I’m vaguely considering.