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@jadetarsier suggested something fascinating and I have been turning it over in my head all day. 

The possibility that, by the end of the game, Rinoa is no longer a sorceress.

Hear me out: part of Ultimecia’s goal is to gather all the powers of all the sorceresses across time, essentially completing the puzzle of Hyne and claiming the entirety of godlike powers for herself, then going one better and doubling up on it by reaching for powers through multiple time periods. But key point: she has all the pieces. She has Hyne. 

What if, once the pieces are reunited, the Succession finally ends? What if Hyne, whole inside the spirit of Ultimecia, was mortally wounded with her? What if the power she passed on to Edea was already fading, and essentially meaningless? 

Additionally, Ultimecia is connected to all sorceresses in her presence through Time Compression. But Time Compression was aborted halfway through its casting by Ellone: not every sorceress in existence throughout time was with Ultimecia. Rinoa, however, was. And so-connected, if Hyne was neutralized when Ultimecia died, so too might the powers of all the sorceresses Ultimecia had tapped start to fade. 

Rinoa may have used the last of her powers to find Squall and bring him home. After which, she is free of them; just a teenage girl, again. It’s a new and unique theory and it still fits and I really like it. 

I write Rinoa as a sorceress, having maintained her powers after the battle. I write about her learning to manage them, and how she deals with the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with the package. 

And I try, very hard, to emphasize that her powers, however complementary to her relationship with Squall, are not necessary for that relationship to exist. He would be with her whether or not he was a knight, regardless if Rinoa has powers or doesn’t. 

If you’re skeptical, consider this: Squall tells (well, thinks to) Angelo before Rinoa comes to see him in the flower field: “Rinoa is just Rinoa.”

A lot of people miss this scene because they already have Rinoa in their party when they arrive at Edea’s house, so no one goes to get her, and Squall never has the opportunity to have a one-way conversation with her dog. 

That’s a shame, because apart from being really damn sweet, it’s a scene that underscores what I believe to be a key aspect of their relationship. That is, it isn’t dependent on Rinoa’s inheritance. You might think it would go without saying, but the whole sorceress/knight dynamic is very prominent in most stories (including my own) featuring Squall and Rinoa as a couple, to the point I think it sometimes eclipses the very nature of their relationship. 

Squall would be there whether he was a knight or not. The concept of being a knight–however you interpret that term in your headcanon–does play into his sense of duty and gives a name to a purpose he’s defined for himself. But he’d be that way anyway, and if suddenly Rinoa isn’t a sorceress anymore, he’s not gonna just piss off. It’s her he’s interested in. Who she is, not what. 

Although my headcanons follow a different route, I like the idea that, in the end, they’re just a couple of kids with troubles, brought together by circumstance. I like the idea of exploring them in that context. I kind of wish there was more of it in my writing–more space for it. I hope more people can work with this idea. It opens a lot of possibilities for them that are problematic to impossible with the constant undercurrent of Hyne’s influence haunting their every waking moment.


I just rewatched the FFVIII ending (again…) and for some reason I’ve never noticed the background  in this scene before. But that statue(?) is interesting. I thought it might be Adels Tomb at first, but it’s not that similar. Then I noticed the glowing orb (top picture) and it looks a bit like Ultimecia’s head in her final form. Do we see this statue/figure earlier in the game anywhere? Been a while since I played it. 

It’s placement and also where it appears like straight behind Rinoa while the viewer(Squall) drives(?)/zooms into that room makes it seem very important.

tacticalgunner replied to your post: squalleonhardt replied to your…

i dunno, maybe i’m gross. i’d do it …. i mean ship with ultimecia. … maybe not adel … have to seen that hair. and that face. and that … that abomination. 17 years of looking at that abomination in space more like why.

I can see a ship. I do. With other characters. I read a convincing UltimeciaxQuistis once upon ages ago.But I just don’t see Seifer ever shipping with Ultimecia/Adel/Edea/Any Sorceress (except Rinoa because of the whole ‘they dated before’ thing.)

Like, love and chemistry aside, Ultimecia didn’t care about Seifer. She used him. Totally and entirely. When she was done with him she discarded him because she had Adel, and she had Rinoa (and in a way, she had Ellone there too, if she had been quicker about it.)

Idk. I can see it with Ultimecia but not for Adel. Like you said, Laguna’s stared that thing down for years. It’d be like staring at an ugly painting for 17  years waiting for it to finally look good and it just never does. Just… ech.


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