sorcerer's apprentice

I’m an adult, why did I spend an entire evening (badly) designing the MC for an otome game????
….Because that game is  a m a z i n g. 
I seriously can’t find a thing I don’t love about @thearcanagame, even their tumblr is absolutely hilarious.

So yeah, expect more Arcana fanart from me, what can I say?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Another spoonful of Fantasia (1940) concept art. There’s so much of it, and it’s all interesting.

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” was initially designed as a lush comeback short for Mickey Mouse. When production costs started to exceed the short’s projected earnings, the idea for Fantasia came about, and other segments were added.


“Bobbin, the Bold” with all three layers (background, raw edge applique pieces and monoprinted organza) assembled and fused together.

My quilt top for the QuiltFest Jacksonville Challenge is finished and ready to be sandwiched. Before I do that, I’ll need to decide exactly how I’m going to finish the edges and how I’m going to quilt it.

I have never had the luxury of this much time before a deadline, so I’m going to use it well and sketch out my quilting designs before committing to them.

In the mean time, my quilt top is safely tucked away while I return to working on “Vincent.”