sorcerer's daughter

a list of things that happened in yesterday’s game of d&d:

  • the NPC giving them the quest didn’t know the age of his daughter
  • our sorcerer just walking into the first encounter with no perception check (despite a warning of ‘a glowing campfire’ in the distance), got impaled with a javelin to the shoulder
  • our dwarf rogue was unable to shoot his bow without disadvantage, threw his arrows instead
  • Inspirational Thumbs Up
  • on the same note, our dwarf rogue missing literally everything EXCEPT the final blow on one of the lizardfolk, in which he rolled well on a dex check and fucking leapt up to it’s face to stab it
  • our sorcerer yanked out the javelin and rolled a really fucking good performance check to spin the javelin all fancy and stuff
  • our paladin hugging the sorcerer to heal, “lay on hugs”
  • our teifling rogue tried to lie about finding a climbing potion but rolled really bad so our teifling cleric was like don’t bullshit and is now Super Suspicious about him
  • our teifling rogue doing the same thing but with a 50gp gem and actually managed to pocket it without our cleric seeing it
  • “we killed the beatles”
  • nap pile

( .OOC ) Begin of 2017: Marylin gains apprenticeship with even more mad master she previously has had + is introduced to necromancy and approached with many necromancers now.


I…actually like this.