sorcerer surpreme

Feast thine eyes on Doctor Strange.

I consider this drawing to be a turning point. For too long I’ve been drawing portraits of nobodies, making weird faces. I’m really happy with the coloring in this one and want to continue building on that.  That’s really part of why I started this blog. I just jumped head-first into freelance illustration, and I’ve gotta say, the fire that’s been lit under me is intensely hot. Everywhere you read about what to do when you start freelancing, or want exposure on the internet in general as an artist, the advice almost always includes “start a blog”. I desire to be successful at what I love doing, so here I am. I’ve never been one to share thoughts like this publicly, but hopefully this will be good for me.

I will be posting on this blog every day that I can (preferably daily), so keep a lookout for more musings, art, and cats.