Oh no she’s hot!

Today my gurl @haizeas-harem and I started an awesome BDO adventure together! Thats my ranger babe Calleil and her hot sorceress Nightmare Gaia and we made it to Velia B) It’s so much fun to play with friends, especially with squad ♥ And of course even better if it’s my darling Mara *-* Can’t wait to play more ~ I love you, sweetie ♥


We went to explore in snail mode today. :3c


Okay here is part 3 xD

Erdbeertoertchen dont have so much dresses, she always got a new one when i changed her look xD The same goes for Chibichii x.x
Sepherin got only some dresses cause i was lucky with lucky boxes and she didnt have some dresses back then xD (And i wanted to play her more often c:) Chibi.Ichigo should have been my “Main” Tank, cause warrior Tank is not so good this patch. But i learned even to ank with warr this patch! #warriorbesttank xD And about Chibihana, Shisura and Chibisakura, i wanted to give them a dress :3 xD

Executive Board

Meet our two new exec board members! With the new additions to TR&WP we can now move forward and get sponsorship from SORC, and receive the appropriations that we so badly need!

We also asked (aka. forced) them to write a little something about themselves!

Asish: Recording Secretary: I am a Nuclear Engineering/Economics double major aiming to leave a mark on the world through energy development, charitable contribution, and gratitude for everything and everyone that’s a part of my life.

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