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"Bored," Sola-Ui casually said. There was something about this unfortunate guy that compelled her to at least treat him out for some expensive Japanese tea. "Tell you what. We'll go to Ichiriki to drink some tea. It's on me."

”- are you -?” Sure? He swallowed the last word and nodded.

“Thank you very much. I’d like to.”

Call him a desperate, still, that little friendlyness and knowledge that this woman wasn’t his enemy, was for a change just heartwarming.

[9:57:59 PM] Lacie: YE
[9:58:02 PM] Lacie: *YES
[9:58:09 PM] Lacie: waver: maiya-nee how do i become like you
[9:58:27 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: here, take this -hands over a water gun-
[9:59:00 PM] Lacie: waver: what–
[9:59:05 PM] Lacie: waver: this is a water gun
[10:00:09 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: nods
[10:00:44 PM] Lacie: waver: what do i do with a water gun maiya-nee
[10:00:54 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: you can use it to do many things
[10:01:44 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: such as shooting your professor in the face or shooting his fiancee’s right hand
[10:04:13 PM] Lacie: waver: oh my god you are right
[10:04:20 PM] Lacie: waver: TIME TO GET BACK AT THE EL-MELLOIS
[10:04:51 PM] Lacie: waver: what
[10:04:53 PM] Lacie: waver: hang on spoilers.
[10:06:18 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: sorry
[10:06:28 PM] Maiya Hisau: maiya: I’ll remember to tag it as spoilers next time
—  Skype time with Solamun :D
puns I
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "Don't worry. He can Kariya."
  • Gayneth mun: ....
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "He's strong. He can Kariya any time."
  • Gayneth mun is dying
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "Ahoy, Aoi!"
  • Gayneth mun: Stop it solamuuun
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "We must always Kerry on."
  • Gayneth mun: Im weak against pun
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "Do not Weiba."
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "Be brave. Be tough like Velvet."
  • Aoi mun: iSCANdar the area!
  • Aoi mun: oh shizz
  • Gayneth mun: I kayneth handle it orz
  • (...)
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "Diarmuid jackets." (Deer-made jackets)
  • Aoi mun: Shirley things will be fine, right~?
  • (...)
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: Maiya pissed. (My, ya pissed.)
  • (...)
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "You must Saber before she dies!" (Saber=save her)
  • Turkeyomi -mun: XD
  • Turkeyomi -mun: Oh god xD
  • Turkeyomi -mun: I can't xD
  • (...)
  • Aoi mun: No, don't Rider (ride her)
  • (...)
  • soraui || sola-san || umika: "You should've bought the mat--oh." (You should've bought the matou.)
  • (...)
  • Gayneth mun: can we make something with sola
  • Aoi mun: "Quit being such a Toe suckah!"
  • Aoi mun: "Sola as you're okay with it"
  • Aoi mun: (so long as you're okay with it)