I’ve just finished Soratobu Kouhoushitsu novel and feel very inspired to share some funny and cute trivia from the dorama official staff reports :D

1. Shooting dorama poster.

2. Staff asked the real employees of Public Affairs department whether the real PA office room was any different from the dorama set. Their answer was: “The real PA department room is so hot. We’d rather worked here!”

3. Most of the pictures, photos and models for the sets were borrowed from the real PA department room. “Our office looks so empty right now” - said one of the empoyees.

4. Actually models for the Yamaneko Delivery Service Uniform Photobook were guys from the dorama staff XD

5. The last scene from the first episode in which Rika watches Sorai crying and can’t help but start to stroke his head… Aragaki Yui said that Ayano looked like a puppy in the scene but actually the filming was very harsh. It was a cold night in the early spring, rain poured without stop and staff couldn’t even use a portable stove because the rules of the base prohibited it. Ayano’s hands were all in scratches because he kept hitting ground. Despite of all that he performed the crying scene perfectly.

6. Beautiful sakura tree near the location set.

7. Ayano watching Aragaki Yui’s crying scene on the operators’ monitors.

8. F-15 ball pen was made by the dorama staff so it’s original and there’re only two in the whole world.

9. Sorai and Maki hiding from Yuzuki XD Both the cast and staff had a lot of fun shooting this scene.
During the filming someone suggested that Yuzuki would notice at some moment the suspicious movements behind and turn back to check. But when she actually tried to do it she turned back too fast and met eyes to eyes with Maki. Oops XDDD

10. In the 7th episode the main event was the shooting of CM in which Sorai wore a bow tie. Actually Muro Tsuyoshi and Ayano chosed Sorai costume themselves and created back story to explain their choise: Higa was so tired of Sorai only wearing boring suits and ties that he made him wear a bow tie this time XD

Sorai is one of my favourite Ayano’s roles and Soratobu Kouhoshitsu is probably the only dorama that managed to capture my heart in last four years so I strongly recommend it not just to Ayano’s fans but to all dorama lovers. I cried almost every episode, really.