@soratobu_movie Hey! This is Akamatsu3.
I’m taking pictures today, too! Tomoya Nagase-san’s acting has been particularly splendid so far 😌✨
This is a picture of the set for Akamatsu Shipping’s Maintenance Division. Every detail has been captured beautifully. We’ll show more pictures later on!
In driving and in filming, safety first!
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@soratobu_movie Nice to meet everyone! ( ¨̮ )✨
[#SkyFlyingTire] This is Akamatsu3, in charge of advertising!
Filming started without an issue the other day, and we’re currently in the middle of shooting.
We’ll be publishing regular reports from the filming set!
Incidentally, “Akamatsu” is the name of the character played by Nagase-san.
Akamatsu1 and Akamatsu2 will be posting soon as well, so look forward to it!

@soratobu_movie Good evening! This is Akamatsu2.
Even though the flowers have started blooming in the Kanto region, the days continue to be cold. While I haven’t spotted cherry blossoms lately, today as I was complaining about just that I caught these in the vicinity of our shooting location. Tomoya Nagase-san’s character is still going through hell, but that’s fine. Spring is coming up real fast!