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Fitz & Simmons (AoS s02e10) + Sorata & Arashi (X/1999 vol 5)

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God I fell in love with these two the first moment I spot them together. Sorata is definitely one of the dorkiest and sweetest CLAMP characters! To see him together with Arashi made my heart melt! <3 They sure deserve each other and I really hate it that the X Manga stopped at that point where Arashi was in great danger and kinda swallowed or something and couldn’t be at least saved by Sorata T^T But hey- we’ve get them as a married couple in Tsubasa… that was literally one of the best moments ever… unfortunately I read Tsubasa first and couldn’t quite understand these two at the beginning- but now I’m all like: PROTECT THE PRECIOUS MARRIED BABIES! <3


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“Arashi and Sorata? I really hope they’re doing fine… even though I couldn’t get to know them as much as the other’s did I was thankful for their help. 

Arashi also took care of me whenever Syaoran and the others went outside to look for my feathers. I am so grateful for being able to meet them. They are a wonderful couple… I wish them all the luck in the world.”

She secretly wishes the same for her relation with Syaoran. Arashi and Sorata are kinda like her perfect couple example? xD Well- at least they are pretty admirable to her and she really loves them <3 I wish she could have had more time with them v.y