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I watched a Thai movie entitled Yes or No, and I think I’d watch it since I watched Love of Siam before, which is sort of its counterpart with it being boyxboy and Yes or No being the opposite girlxgirl. 

In my opinion, it isn’t really a must-watch, but maybe you could if you’re experiencing the same situation. Frankly speaking, I’m not straight, but let’s not get down to business right here. 

So uhm, I think it lacks substance. Well, having watched a lot of Thai movies and encountering this, I think it does. It didn’t really reach up to their 120 minutes limit of movies, and I think it only had two major conflicts in it.

One was internal. Kim is the one who encounters it, and it is recognized when she couldn’t quite figure what she really is and kept asking Pie. Oh yeah, Pie-Kim is the couple here. The other was that Pie’s mom doesn’t approve of girls who dress like boys or “T’s”, in the movie’s context. 

And the only conclusion it offered was that Pie, in the end, came back to Kim because she thinks that she can’t lose Kim.

Maybe I’m thinking it lacks substance because I’m mentally comparing its elements with Love of Siam and its abundance of family concepts. Yes or No, though, I think focused mainly on the love between the two girls, one of which hated “T’s” with the influence of her mother, and the other confused of what she really is and doesn’t really care. In the end, they sort of feel the connection and *BOOM*.

On a side note, Kim’s really pretty, but well…she’ll pass being handsome, in a way. 

PS: And is it true, what I heard? That they’re a real life couple?  

The seen and unseen love


ooppss i mean, sawadee.. haha :D

(Warning: this post is a bit long.. haha.. you might get bored.

but if you still continue, well then…)

Let me introduce to you the three characters that made Kim and Pie’s love story a bit more spicy.. 


first one would be..

Arisara Thongborisut.. or Due Arisara

we may know her as JANE,.

External image

She is Pie’s friend, classmate, and also taking up as the same course as Pie and;

Jane is her former room mate..

(she just can’t deal Jane's "lovelife" problems, so she transfered to another room)

External image

her character is a hopeless romantic girl..

and in the movie… while she’s in the process of moving on from her ex..

she met Kim.. and fall in love with her.

(well that’s what she’s implying to, haha, and who wouldn’t fall for Kim? :D )

External image

External image
she’s very open about her feelings.

and she’s one of the reasons why Pie doesn’t want to tell anyone that Kim and her were together. (and of course she know, Jane likes Kim)

External image

well on some parts of the movie, Jane was really trying her hardest to be noticed by Kim. :)

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her character is also the reason why Kim and Pie had their very first Heartbreaking moment…

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then the second character would be,

Soranut Yupanun.. also known as P’ Waen or Van.

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He is Pie’s friend since they were young,

in the movie, they we’re really really close

there is a part of the movie where he actually told everyone (well not really everyone, but Pie’s friend, with Kim) that he is her boyfriend..

External image

I was literally so close to flipping the table on that part.. haha

good thing Pie told her to never speak like that again.. :D (boo yeah)

External image

he’s very close to Pie’s mother,

also he is a bit open about his feelings for Pie..

well, in a deleted scene, he told Pie that he loves her.

 and…he is always there for her.

External image

he also is a firm believer that girl to girl relationship is somewhat, “not-a-normal -thing”…


External image

*Jane, Kim, Pie and P'Van in Jatujak Market


Last but definitely not the least.. Yes or No 2 brought us..

Apittha Klaiudom or Mean Appitha.

External image

her character in the movie is Yam (jam)

an agriculture student just like Kim. 

External image

they met in the province of Nan while taking up the internship.

she’s very witty..

a jolly person, and not to mention, she also likes to tell stories about anything under the sun.. but..

unexpectedly… Kim’s charm “penetrates” this beautiful lady’s heart.

External image

she fell in love with Kim.

External image

External image

but she decided to just keep it to herself.

External image

External image

and now the “unseen rivalry” starts as Kim and Pie struggles on facing their “LDR” problems.. 



what a post..

the bottom line is… in every love story ,there’s always some person who may interrupt or just simply past through..

they were there to test you and help you to build a more stronger relationship with the person you love.

you may hate them or even curse them, but at the end of the day you’ll soon be thankful to them.

and they had feelings to you know.. they also just want to be happy.

I, personally want to know what happened to them after the movie, well, i mean to their character..

what happened to Jane after Kim confesses to her that she loved Pie?

what happened to P'Van after she knew that Pie breaks the rule of nature and fell in love with a girl?

and what happened to Yam? i feel sad for her, i like her character too… :(


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