Top 5 Thursday: Best champion reworks

By Helmight

Remember when I used to do this column? Man, time sure does fly when you don’t have Internet.

With the recent Juggernaut updates, the subject of champion reworks has been on everyone’s mind - especially with the looming Taric and Poppy updates. While it may be fun to berate Riot for bad reworks (*cough cough Mordekaiser cough cough*), I figured it’d be more fun to focus on the good ones. We’ve had more than a few over the years, despite what many players say, so let’s highlight them instead of wallowing in sorrow.

Note that for this article, any and all levels of reworks, including MTUs, kit reworks, and full visual upgrades, will be considered. So, let’s get started!

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My newest Soraka Project x3

Thats an idea I had like 2 Weeks ago and i just had to draw it instantly xD
I like the story of Soraka and Warwick (although i hated warwick for a while after reading ‘rakas background xDDD) and i thought that the little red riding hood was a good combination :3
So the warwick in the Background is ©Riot
Soraka (Character ©Riot) Little Riding Hood ©by me