Hello! I recently reached a follower milestone, one I would not have anticipated, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s here for making it happen! 

First, I want to take a moment to highlight my mutuals, some I have known for a while, some not so long, and some from afar, who have all monumentally improved what could’ve been a hellish or isolated experience on this little blue corner of the internet and whom I would consider “follow forevers”:

@lifeinpoetry | @starmaps | @provst | @tsarkoshei | @mythofdevotion | @antigonick | @intraducibile | @soracities | @bio-punk | @wolvenry | @twoclaws | @gnossienne | @flaubertian | @dearestdeads | @petrichorals | @pairedaeza | @echymosis | @conceptvals | @florizels | @evycarnahan | @ravenkings | @wraithlings | @wizzard890 | @la-femme-terrible | @kimhle | @xshayarsha | @pinkmanage | @sainterly | @onvelvet | @deusexmachiavelli | @neverfeedthesarcophagi 

Second, to all my followers! I’m happy to do some blog rates to celebrate you, because I’ve never done them before, people seem to like them, and I fancy they’ll be fun for the both of us. If I don’t receive much interest in these, that’s okay too! It’s up to you all. 

Rules and format under the cut:

  • You do have to be following me, because it’s a celebration of my followers. 
  • You do have to reblog this, but you don’t have to like it, and you can absolutely delete it after I do yours. 
  • Send me an ask off anon with any message you’d like, maybe with something you value (favourite poetry excerpt, book, song, film, recent experience etc..) but make sure you begin the message with this (💫) emoji so I know what it’s for. 
  • If this flops it doesn’t have to be awkward, we can just pretend it never happened haha. If, however, many of you participate I’ll keep going until the messages stop rolling in!


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MOBILE THEME: relatively regular | practical, and I can appreciate that | colours colours colours(!) | aesthetic™ | I would frame a screen cap of it

URL: ?? (I don’t understand) | oooh nice | I approve wholeheartedly | I would do terrible things, things I am not proud of, to have your url

POSTS: not my style | I see you, and I admire you (you’re probably a fandom blog with media I subscribe to) | colours colours colours(!) | it is clear to me that you are a careful curator | I could not find a fault if you paid me 

FOLLOWING: nope | your content doesn’t really align with mine, sorry! | I am now | of course | you would have to pry your blog from my cold, dead hands

RECOMMENDATION: (something I think (hope) you’d like based on your blog; could be a film/book/song)


oh jesus I just turned 18. I welcome myself to the gates of hell aka adulthood.

this is an appreciation post for the 100+ blogs I followed since that tragic deactivation of my account last year. because I was drunk and. well. shit happens. those were the good times. anyway, thank you for making my dash as aesthetic as Francis Abernathy. this is not in alphabetical order so I hope to God I tagged you all. 

“I love you, even if there isn’t any me, or any love, or even any life. I love you.” —  Zelda Fitzgerald

@mrozova . @asteriea . @thaleias . @patrochilles . @enjolrahh . @kazrietveldt . @achililes . @clairertemple . @anubls . @baeonia . @monetts . @conceptvals . @eirenelle . @empyrreal . @hcsperrhodos . @hecvbe . @ronankavinskys . @beuvolio . @thoodleoo . @monte-cristos . @ryhysand . @metvmorqhoses . @malglories . @minyardl . @adrasteiax . @kingagamemnon . @keelmeah . @nehmesis . @zcbini . @wildhvnt . @knjikishimoto . @writingletterstoshakespeare . @hecubas . @iluminacje . @soracities . @pelhamgrenville . @astraera . @dostevsky . @czerny . @lleotolstoy . @dolcegf . @fallingkingdoms . @histhory . @thragedy . @haermes . @glendower . @andromaque . @dcnnatartt . @saintjoan . @shrinemaidens @j-desesseintes . @metavoia . @bacchanaliah . @feralmermaids . @solasm . @aryasnow​ . @bibliochor​ . @dearorpheus​ . @mashamorevna​ . @lachansondelanuit​ . @satellitesoul​ . @catherinedefrance​ . @vvilde​ . @francoiseabernathy​ . @narcissiste​ . @ilyarepine​ . @calliophies​ . @apolloe​ . @tsarkoshei​ . @mithia​ . @therepublicofletters​ . @illuminosity​ . @oydssey​ . @medaeas​ . @narwen​ . @apollonic​ . @nicaises​ . @englishpearl​ . @tartt​ . @mermaeid​ . @sunflowrlesbian​ . @antigonick​ . @eurycide​ . @drunklesbian​ . ​@tiberian . @vergilliusrex .​ @corpsroads . @divinefruit . @hemingsways . @provst . @rosetoiles . @moody-poet . @petrichorals . @theladyintweed . @aradeia . @laviensroses . @chattevache . @dhupas . @lennuieternel . @liithi . @abrenathy . @shakepaere . @michelangehoe . @paedme . @aegeane . @poisonousgrl . @bellusisterror . @alwaschon . @ganceys . @yourfavwolf @softhomme @jingyans

I hope I tagged everyone. I love you all. Lana loves you all. xoxo  — Ardeth

The struggle of literature is in fact a struggle to escape from the confines of language; it stretches out from the utmost limits of what can be said; what stirs literature is the call and attraction of what is not in the dictionary.
—  Italo Calvino @soracities

“There are souls that you feel to lean forward to, like a sun-filled window.”

 - Federico García Lorca

“Surround yourself with people who can hear the sound of your soul.”

 - Jeff Hood

“We find comfort only in
another beauty, in others’
music, in the poetry of others.
Salvation lies with others,
though solitude may taste like
opium. Other people aren’t hell
if you glimpse them at dawn, when
their brows are clean, rinsed by dreams.”

 -  Adam Zagajewski

“ I wish you were here - or I were there - or something - I don’t know what -”

 - Georgia O’Keeffe

“You put me in touch with my own soul.”

 - Katherine Mansfield

“You are an outstanding person…stubborn, intelligent, intuitive, perceptive and one who sees beneath the facade of other people’s lives. You know how to take care of yourself. You know how to love yourself. You know how to reach out.”

   - Anne Sexton

“ […] a tenderness beyond death.”

 - Vicente Aleixandre

Just a (very) small compilation of quotes that show how much @soracities means to me. Mim, I love you, you have such a tender heart, you are light and language and poetry and kindness. You are every word that I can think of that means “kind”, “pure heart”“fire”. You how to reach out, how to touch on other souls. Thank you for transforming my life, for bringing light and shadows and all things human to my life. I love you. 

anonymous asked:

whatre yr fav love poems.. maybe not necessarily directly abt ~Love but ur fav poems regardless.. if u dont mind <3

talking about poetry is my favorite thing so i definitely dont mind. 

you don’t know what love is, by kim addonizio

having a coke with you, by frank o’hara

somewhere i have never traveled,gladly beyond, by e.e.cummings

love poem, by denise levertov

one heart, by li-young lee

backwards, by warsan shire

you are jeff, by richard siken

end of winter, by louise glück

aphasia, by dorianne laux

chromatic, by meghan privitello

animals, by frank o’hara

winter, by timothy liu

audubon, by anne carson

nervous system, by michael dickman

wild geese, by mary oliver

[you fit into me], by margaret atwood

from some of the poems here (like backwards or aphasia or [you fit into me]) it is probably fairly clear that i dont necessarily consider a love poem to be something about or related to, romantic love. if it makes you feel love, it’s a love poem. if it fits into the space where love was supposed to be, it’s a love poem. even more broadly, i’d be inclined to say that all poems are love poems, because poetry itself is born out of a love for something, for anything. 

so maybe its cruel to include poems about abuse and bad parents and fear in a list of love poems. there’s no love in them. but i included them because there was supposed to be love.

as long as it lasts

Ao3 link

Word count: 2854

Chapter summary:

Killua’s head snapped up when he felt that tingling under his skin, a pressure in his skull, and the dull roaring somewhere off in the distance. He was bolting away from the market stand a second later, ignoring the cries of Alluka and the jewelry handler alike. All he could hear was the pounding of his sandles on hot brick and the heavy thudding of his heart against his ribcage.

Gon’s World wasn’t supposed to collide with his for another week. And yet, there was no denying that familiar tug of his heart. 

Gon was here. And Killua wasn’t going to miss a second of the short, precious time with the man he loved.

Ending my writing hiatus with this thing! I wanted to write steamy killugon makeouts and an entire fic with its own universe popped out with it? 

This fic was inspired by this post and this other post! This fic is also not beta’d so I apologize for any mistakes! Thank you for reading~

Killua wasn’t expecting their Worlds to merge on a random summer day in the middle of June.

Worlds colliding wasn’t all that unnatural of a phenomenon. It was a common thing, in fact; Worlds crossed and collided at many points throughout the year, be it on a brisk spring day or deep in the middle of the winter, with ice coating rooftops and snow blanketing the ground. These collisions were predictable, however. They happened within the same times of the year, every year, like seasons. Though the length of time in which two or more Worlds merged was unknown.

And that was the exact reason why Killua’s head snapped up when he felt that tingling under his skin, a pressure in his skull, and the dull roaring somewhere off in the distance. He was bolting away from the market stand a second later, ignoring the cries of Alluka and the jewelry handler alike. All he could hear was the pounding of his sandals on hot brick and the heavy thudding of his heart against his ribcage.

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Are there any tumblr blogs that you visit often?

I’ve answered this question a couple of times before but this is the most comprehensive list I came up with, so far: @historyfilia, @deamic, @ieeyore, @abrce, @nordafricain, @kuanios, @asphodeline, @lichtzwang, @objetpetita, @ekphora, @sainterly, @likeniobe, @eclogues, @tribadeinvert, @morgoths, @dearorpheus, @ontologicalnightmare, @q-lvck, @cultivatedfromtheearth, @old-glory, @lyrischesjournal, @provst, @sahumerios, @overcoding, @soracities, @blazeofgold, @mesogeios, @marylisbons, @marthajefferson, @twoclaws, @anarcho-animeism, @antigonick, @rememo, @ambereliza, @themovinglip, @luthienne, @stay-human, @rafa-els, @violentwavesofemotion, @blackbirdreview, @ifveniceissinking, @lore-light, @burgessinthestreets, @nobodyshippie, @flaubertian, @petrichorals, @sanningenliggerpagatan, @eirenelle, @metvmorqhoses, @deviatesinc, @gnossienne, @sforzinda, @artifakts, @barcarole, @savante-femme, @herkind, @thethinkingtank, @revpalav, @manelikethesea, @mythbehavior, @shotgun-season, @vitrina, @excursio, @estrangera, @ancient-serpent, @ouilavie, @fotojournalismus, @unrar, @hintretro, @rachelbrice, @endilletante, @2000-lightyearsfromhome, @womenlikeher, @reposdelanuit, @cafetoile, @pullmybauhaus-blog, @sansouci, @wjswkaud, @semper-femina, @lennuieternel, @jesuisclaire, @petersbourgeoises, @odetonic, @maaarine, @bhushita, @scientiaetsapientia, @rovkgen, @devilishgoddess, @ganceys, @hauntedbystorytelling, @fanchonmoreau, @vesperlynds, @newfavething, @thecoppercow, @pairedaeza, @amadryades, @lesgardenias, @suchajerk, @cafecoton, @blackcat2016, @eterea-s, @socialist-cokehead, @ultravhiolence, @unequaintrelle, @musings-of-a-philhellene, @durgapolashi, @cyborges, @stories-yet-to-be-written, @typewriterjazz, @atreides, @whisperthatruns, @iluminacje, @alwaschon, @flourishandmajesty, @spacesource, @francoiseabernathy, @cinnamonhotel, @hemingsways, @historiyah, @mirroir , @egyptiaca, @mehreenkasana, @archaicwonder, @sleuths, @hedonistespirituelle, @physicsforbunnies, @marcinemiller, @tenderculture, @orwell, @speciesbarocus, @spidehman, @24hoursinthelifeofawoman, @lnqdty, @dame-de-pique, @retrolesbians, @daughtersofsappho, @palimadar, @thebluesthour, @kahanipiyar, @certifiedcopy, @dykehaus, @entreletrasycafeina, @khanos, @seeliequeene, @champagne, @bio-punk, @hivernants, @clitoridien, @philoclea, @conceptvals, @zielenadel, @magissaki, @gatakka, @wraithlings, @hondafucko, @felaket, @virginiawoclf, @kimhle, @iknewherwell, @athenafilia, @ravnking, @songsforgorgons, @sukoot, @nereiids, @tangledkitestring, @dansmavenue, @intraducibile, @achasma, @waistofthebeast, @museum-of-artifacts, @nemophilies, @decemberfruit, @honeygoblin, @scopofilia, @feu-pale, @timemarauder, @wynsalls, @callainah, @flaubrt, @le-dilemme, @ieeyore, @rooeymara, @telufinwe, @pattroklos, @ryhope, @vainajala, @horrorshow, @thestorycanresume, @apotheosus, @philippeiv, @allgarbo, @midneight, @jehanfleur, @ecrituria, @tsarkoshei, @gildedmouths, @dearestdeads, @xshayarsha, @joansdidion, @gemma-antiqua, @beeghosts, @lemounn, @attar-of-rose, @ghostsailors, @luciushanry, @petrasvonkant, @anotherlanguage, @katherinebarlow, @saintjoan, @cabinet-de-curiosites, @shiningattic, @lifeinpoetry, @24hoursinthelifeofawoman2, @europa51, @katharinehepburning, @resynth, @ladies-and-gentle-women, @anintimacy, @vervediary, @aozoramusume, @edgaralanhoe-blog, @arterialtrees, @ophiraa, @a-quiet-life, @mactevirtute, @forestrebel, @thebluesthour, @classicist-society, @palomamia, @roslin, @siobhansadlers, @phantomwidow, @aradeia, @largonautefeminine, @lost-in-centuries-long-gone, @porcelain-engine, @waningblue, @memoryslandscape, @dostevsky, @the-dauphine, @dolorisme, @starry-ni-te, @pasticciaccio, @elanormcinerney, @an-itinerant-poet, @neoloserism, @incarnatia, @womeninthewindow, @petitproust, @delphine-seyrig, @llo-ro-na, @neoyorzapoteca, @oftwodarkmoons, @aryasnow, @ladylindy, @chawa-zar, @spiritandteeth, @therepublicofletters, @celiamoutawahid, @sarahwatchesmovies, @mcntespan, @filmografie, @shihlun, @parmandil, @luxe-pauvre, @garadinervi, @adastrapercogitationem, @vitasvirginia, @vvirginiawoolf, @grupaok, @abridurif, @clavierissimo, @elarafritzenwalden, @jjujii, @myannabell, @carolbelivet, @erermela, @thefugitivesaint, @callasassoluta, @animus-inviolabilis, @stanzi-manzi, @aconissa, @jodor0wsky, @anachoretism, @virgodura, @robert-hadley, @caballerodelatristefigura, @sapphomore, @hauntedpossessedstuff, @rosenkavalier-octavian, @onetwofeb, @seamusheaney and @mezzowatch.

I’ll take the liberty of adding new blogs if I notice any unforgivable absences!to

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hello, what are your favorite blogs? also, have a lovely day !

This will be my first follow forever (in no particular order)


@saintjoan, @fidnru, @tosfumarewords, @mesogeios@eveninglesbian, @echymosis, @ghostsmostly, @linfigue, @metvmorqhoses, @ultravhiolence, @shrinemaidens, @alwaschon, @bienenkiste, @lacepearlsandlavenders, @gatarojastuff@moongloss, @debussys, @babynectar, @egyptiaca, @goldmask, @aleaergane@therepublicofletters, @blysse, @ganceys@acrownofpeaches, @laduree-et-cigarettes, @hcsperrhodos, @za-vedno, @selkiecherie, @silverysylph, @wraithlings, @soracities, @metavoia, @keheri, @kantkid, @nocturnalwaltzes, @narcissiste, @dearorpheus, @amadryades, @cinnamonhotel@rose-butter, @lamoderniste