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Not What It Looks Like (Dean x Reader)

Reader Request: Can you write one with Dean where you two have a very ambiguous relationship and everyone just assumes you’re together. But when someone asks you two, you’re surprised, and then Sam points out how you act around each other - weirdly couply. Which makes things weird between you guys until something happens to make you guys give it a shot and just kiss and get together? Thanks!!!

Here you go! Sorry it’s a little bit later than I expected! I had an unexpected rehearsal today for my school musical. At any rate, here it is! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for the request sorablack!


Watching movies at the bunker with Dean was always fun. He had great taste. Everything from ‘Star Wars’, to 'Indiana Jones’, to 'the Matrix’, to 'Back to the Future’, to old school TV shows like 'The Dukes of Hazzard’. Nothing like the movies Sam watched, when he did watch them. And when he did, he enjoyed classic films. You just couldn’t seem to enjoy them. 

This week, was the 'Break Week’ for the three of you, where you just took one week off to relax. Sam was out, getting some gas for Impala. Usually it was Dean who went out, but today, he just couldn’t be asked. He was too busy watching 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, your personal favorite. You sat in the chair opposite him, both of your eyes glued to the old TV screen, watching as Indy beat the crap out of some Thuggee slave drivers. 

You shivered. Unfortunately, there was no electric heat in the bunker, and no wood to put in the fireplace. You reached behind you for the wool blanket, that was usually draped over the back of the chair, only to remember that Dean had the blanket covering him. You sighed, turned around and crossed your arms across your chest, trying to keep warm. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Dean asked, pausing the movie. “Are you cold?” You shivered and nodded.

“Come here then.” said Dean. He lifted up the blanket, signalling you to come over. You got up, walked over and sat next to Dean, underneath the blanket. Dean draped the blanket over you and put his arm across your shoulders, pulling you close.

This wasn’t new to you. Dean was always like this toward you. No, you weren’t together or anything, but Dean showed friendly affection like this quite often. He then resumed the movie.

“Hey guys, I’m back!” Sam called. 

“Hey Sam!” you and Dean said in unison. Sam walked over and noticed your position. 

“What’s this?” Sam asked. 

“It’s not what it looks like.” you said immediately. 

“Y/N was cold.” said Dean. “So we’re sharing a blanket. Is that a problem?”

“Ok…” said Sam, sounding suspicious. He walked into the library and sat down at one of the tables. You and Dean continued watching the movie, without another word.

*Next Day*

You, Sam and Dean were walking through the local park. The sunlight shone down into your eyes, so you had to squint in order to see. Suddenly, a pair of sunglasses appeared in front of you. Dean’s sunglasses.

“Take 'em.” he said. “Don’t want you going blind now do we?" 

"Are you sure?” you asked. “You could go blind yourself." 

"I’m positive.” said Dean. You took his sunglasses and put them on. 

“That’s so much better.” you said. Dean smiled at you. You kept walking. Dean put an arm around you, pulled you close and kept walking. A little girl, who couldn’t be older than eight, walked past and caught sight of you two. She turned to her mom as you passed them, and you over heard every word she said.

“Will I have a boyfriend like that when I’m older?” she asked. You didn’t hear the rest but that sparked some curiosity in you. You turned to Dean.

“What do you suppose she meant by that?” you asked.

“I do.” said Sam. “You guys are giving the impression to people that you’re dating, even though you’re not." 

"We are?” Dean asked, letting go of your shoulder and dropping his arm to his side. 

Yeah.“ said Sam. "It’s really noticeable.” said Sam. You blushed and looked down. You’d liked Dean for a while, so when you guys started acting this way around each other you figured it was going somewhere. But it wasn't 

“Well then…” said Dean. He turned and started walking again. For the rest of the day, neither of you showed much affection toward each other. 

*Three Days Later*

You lay on the couch back at the bunker. The blanket draped over you. You were warm, but not as warm as when you and Dean sat under the blanket together, watching the movie four days ago. 

It had been three days since you and Dean had acted like you usually did. You guessed that what happened at the park made him really uncomfortable. You understood that. But, to be honest, you missed it. 

Sam had just ran out to get some food from the burger joint down the road. So it was just you and Dean at the bunker. But you were alone in the room. That thought made you feel even colder than you did four days earlier. 

You closed your eyes, trying to take a nap when you heard Dean’s footsteps coming into the room. They got louder. He was coming toward you. You wanted him to think you were asleep, so you kept your eyes shut, pretending not to listen. 

You heard him walk over to the couch and kneel down in front of you. You felt his hand brush against your face and it rested on your cheek.

“Y/N,” he whispered. “I know you can’t hear me, but I want you to know that I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting these past few days. I guess that moment in the park, what Sam said, really made me think. I do admit I really like you. A lot. But every time you say, 'It’s not what it looks like’, it kills me inside. I’m trying every day to get your attention, and you just shoot me down. I do want to give a true relationship with you a shot. But I guess I can’t." 

You were fighting back the tears. He admitted his feelings for you. He did it. 

"Well, that’s uh…that’s it I guess.” Dean said softly. He sighed and began to get up. 

“Wait.” you said, opening your eyes. Dean’s eyes widened.

“You…you heard me?” he asked. You nodded.

“But I’m glad you said it.” you said. “Because I’ve waited so long to do this." 

You reached over, cupped the back of his neck and pulled his lips to yours. Dean immediately responded and kissed you back. The touch of his lips sent warmth like you’d never felt before flooding through your body. It was like you were in Heaven itself, only better. Dean’s arm worked its way around your waist and pulled you close to him. 

"What’s this?” Sam’s voice sounded from across the room. You and Dean pulled away.

“I’m not even gonna say anything.” you said, your eyes not leaving Dean’s bright green eyes. “Because it is what it looks like.” Dean smiled, pulling you up off the couch, putting both arms around your waist and kissed you again. 


There you go! I hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing this one! Thank you so much for the request! Keep 'em coming! Sending hugs to my fellow Cheesies! Much love! 

- Chelsea :)