So, from what I’ve gathered, if we want a pdf of PWADF, we message you? 
Really curious about it.

If you would send it to me, that would be great.

You don’t have your ask box open so I don’t know how else to answer this without publishing it (don’t worry I deleted your email so no one sees it).

PWADF is now uploaded on this tumblr so just read it here. I don’t send it out anymore.

Hope that helps :)

@sorablack said:

Yeah. I think she would just be one of those kids in class that annoys me. I would want to tell her to shut up and stop showing off so much. Like, I love her. But I couldn’t stand her as a fellow student.

I know.

I would look up to her and be jealous of her and try to compete with her before deciding it’s not worth it and there’s more ways to optimize for happiness than just studying all day and not going out except for classes or food.

But oddly enough, Ginny would be pretty cool to have for a friend.