sora x roxas x riku

-Thinking of you, wherever you are

…We pray for our sorrows to end…

..and hope that our hearts will blend…

..Now I will step forward to realize this wish…

…And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard…

or maybe it has already begun…

…There are many worlds, but they share the same sky…

One sky, one destiny.-

Kingdom Hearts Fic Masterpost

I’ve churned a fair few of these out the last few weeks, so as with my DA one, it’s time to make a masterpost! Mostly Soriku with lots of others thrown in.  Updated 16/06/2017 with Sunset.


Runaway - Lea knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that somewhere out there Roxas is alive. Soulmark AU, sequel to Yearning.

Sunset - He is Roxas, lost and adrift, only he doesn’t know who Roxas is. He is Ventus, in charge of his own mind, though it doesn’t much feel like it. Lea is whole, a heart beating in his chest, but he’s beginning to wish he didn’t have one.


Yearning - Riku is fourteen when Sora gets his Soulmark, one year and three months before the Destiny Islands fall to the darkness. Soulmark AU.

Yield - A dark heart is a liability, when it surrenders to sky-blue eyes and paopu fruits. Or, the one where Sora and Riku share a paopu fruit after the race.

Temerity - AU where Riku realises he’s in love with Sora and leaves early for his mission to find Aqua. Post 3D. (background Terra/Aqua)

Twisted - Ventus isn’t certain of much at this point, but he does know that the boy, the one whose heart had offered him shelter, has lost himself to the darkness. AU where Ansem takes over Sora’s heart at Hollow Bastion.

Revelations - He hadn’t meant to say it. But now they’re standing there, awkward and unable to speak, and Sora’s rejection tastes like ash in his mouth. Post 3D AU.

I’ll dream you wide awake - Sora’s fingers close around nothing but air, and Riku disappears on the breeze. AU where Sora finds Riku in his dreams during the year of sleep.

Moonlight - They bring him in three hours before dawn. He remembers nothing. Post 3D Soriku & Terraqua.


Corruption - The pain exists from the moment Ienzo opens his eyes. Or, the soulmark AU where Demyx is a vessel of Xehanort.

Aqua/Terra 1

I have been shipping Aqua/Terra for so long that,there is something about it that was just occurred to me.

Aqua literally went to hell for Terra. 

Cause you know Realm of Darkness is equivalent to Hell….Can’t believe how long that took me to realize. 


Some Riku x Sora x Roxas Love triangle

Child Sora is so cute, I’m sure Riku would just snatch him up and make Sora his bride, but Roxas definitely won’t like that.

This is a parody of a gif I saw, which I can’t find or name because it was like a flash. Basically it involved two ladies at a bus stop. One had a dog, the other stared at the dog. At the end, the pet owner and a helicopter chased the girl for stealing the dog.