sora no otoshimono cosplay


Here is another tutorial on how to make a bow, I used 5 layers of craft foam then worbla. I will be posting more on gesso, priming and painting stages.

1. First you want to make a stencil, so I just drew half the bow on to a piece of card board, its a big bow so if your thinking smaller you can use paper. I then cut it out as best I could. I then traced it out onto a roll of craft foam. I needed 2 of the full stencil, then cut out the winged bit and needed 8 of the second product. ( as seen in frame 3.)
2. Cut out all the items.
3. There should be 10 total, 5 for the top, and 5 for the bottom. Don’t worry if they’re not 100% the same, you can trim them afterwards.
4. When stacked you should have 2 non winged foams, then the winged, then two more non winged. This sandwiching the winged layer for 3d effect.
5. Once you have the correct order you can start gluing them together. I find hot glue isn’t the best with thin craft foam but it gets the job done. Once glued trim off excess bits.
6. If you have any rough edges you can sand them down with a dremel.
7. Then you are ready for worbla, cut out 4 pieces that give about 1 inch extra around the perimeter of the pieces. ( it is thicker foam so you need the extra to sandwich efficiently.) If you are unsure of the sandwich method check out our other tutorial on working with worbla.
8. After sandwiching the worbla, make sure you get all the detailed edges. Then cut out your products.
9. If your product has a lot of protruding edges, which will happen with thicker sandwiching you can simply sand down your edges to create a round smooth edge.
After fully satisfied with you sanding, your ready for the gesso stages.

I will be posting these stages soon! Stay tuned!!