sora in a nutshell

Vinsmokes in a Nutshell
  • Judge: Worst Dad of the Year. Probably an endorser of a shampoo brand. Sucks at playing the good family game.
  • Sora: Cinnamon roll deserved better. Protect that smile. Oh dear... *violent crying*
  • Reiju: Should have been queen. Very lovely and strong lady. Can batista bomb you very sexily.
  • Ichiji: Trendy shades, trendy hairstyle with bangs pointing in three directions, and trendy tattoo makes up my trendy social life... which mostly consists of people that are probably dead by now.
  • Niji: Call me an asshole but I do love chocolate. Chocolate is pretty innocent. I'm no angel, but my likes are innocent at least.
  • Yonji: This Vinsmoke baby boy is the most ripped. #vinsmokemuscles2k17. Has some emotions stocked in my arsenal... like bloodlust and puppy love.
BBS 0.2 Ending Cutscene in a Nutshell
  • Yen Sid: Sora, not only did you fail miserably but you managed to lose all your powers. Well done on being a royal fuck up
  • Sora: Eh it happens ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kingdom Hearts in a Nutshell



KH2: Meeting Xemnas in a nutshell
  • Sora: Hey it's that guy, Ansem who's not really Ansem!
  • Random white silver haired guy: Yo.
  • Mickey: *eyes bug out*...Xehanort.
  • Sora: Wat?
  • Mickey: Xehanort's Heartless!
  • Sora: You're seriously freaking me out here!
  • Xehanort: It's actually Xemnas-
  • Mickey: Xehanort! XeHaNoRt! XEHANORT!
  • Sora: ......
  • Mickey: Sora, get my keyblade.
  • Sora: But I don't have your-
  • Mickey: THEN I'LL MAKE ONE! *poof* Plot just got real.