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Disney Princess and Prince

The fact that Sora’s birthday is following the Disney rule of when a new character is introduced, their debut day will be their birthday, I now see him as an official Disney character. And I’d also like to see him in a Disney Parade one day.


destiny island form #2: SoRiku/Oblivion form

again referencing @mikeybound‘s post

I want Sora and Riku to be like a perfected anti form. Let them revel in darkness. Let them be stealth and speed. Let them command heartless to fight for them.

that last part isn’t in the pictures, but i did want to include some heartless elements thus another ear hoodie!! i got this pose from one of Riku’s KHX cards but i forget which lol

so while the SoKai form was a surprise, the Soriku was a calculated one. once Sora found out he could even get forms from other keybladers(who aren’t directly a part of his being) he was excited to try it with Riku too!! but Reeks being the somewhat angsty one is all concerned abt it, also Sora has his own darkness issues; he just doesn’t want them both to get stuck again.

then it turns out (after a slight freak out) that it was nothing either couldn’t/hadn’t already handle and they have a grand ole time slipping behind unsuspecting heartless and blowing them up. bless

the SoRiKai one may take a bit longer since life stuff is coming up so stay tuned!! 

Roxas: “Dude calm down you don’t have to bit-”


Thank you so much liverpepper and gipsydanger for working so hard to put a KH magazine together!! I can’t wait for the result. :>

Vampire girl loves to play ball but only gets to by streetlight. Get’s her blood intake almost entirely from the scrapes and cuts her friends get while playing.