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First Renewal Memorial Draw

March 23 - 25

Until April 6th, various reprints medals will appear every 3 days.

This draw guarantees at least one of 6 medals:

  • Sora & Riku & Kairi
  • Terra & Ventus & Aqua
  • Roxas & Axel & Xion
  • Dark Riku
  • Sora KHII Illust Ver
  • Xion Illust Ver

As well as 10 VIP coins, and 5 Magic Mirrors.

Additionally, the Magic EX medal is here: Sora Art Ver [EX]! He will come with 5 ability upgrades, voice, and of course, full art. He will be available throughout April draws.

Sora Art Ver [EX]

  • Ability name: TBD
  • Description: [Whole] +3 Magic strength, -3 enemy Magic defence for 1 turn. More HP = higher multiplier. 3 attacks.
  • AG cost: 2
  • Guilt tier: 5

Sora Art Ver [EX], Axel Art Ver [EX], Cloud KHII Ver [EX], Dark Riku, and Sora KHII Illust Ver can come with Status Bonus that gives +1000 to both strength and defence. Xion Illust Ver, however, will only have +1000 in strength.

*The draw rates are in the in-game notice.


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