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Let’s talk about the Chosen Children’s Careers in the Epilogue for a second

Okay so out of the 12 I’m actually very happy with 5 of them and can tolerate 3 of them

Jyou becoming a doctor - okay duh we all knew this was coming, A+

Koushiro becoming a digital world researcher - This is basically the only job they could have possibly given him, A+

Miyako becoming a stay at home mom - sort of an unpopular opinion but I love stay at home mom Miyako. I think it’s really cute and she’d be really good at it. I also think it is a huge step forward for her character. Throughout the show she is seen to be kind of selfish. She indicates that she’d like fewer siblings and doesn’t want to help out at her families business, but then she grows up to give everything she is and has to her family. I think that is really wonderful and honestly it’s one of my favourite Chosen Children Career Choices! A+++

Ken becoming a police officer - this kid has a strong sense of justice and a very strong desire to protect people from evil. This job makes a lot of sense for him. In my opinion it also gives a nice conclusion to his relationship with Iori. Iori did not like Ken and could not forgive him for what he had done because he also had a very strong sense of justice which came from the history he had with his father who was a police officer, A+

Iori becoming a criminal defense attorney - this career is actually very well thought out. Iori has a very strong sense of justice and really dislikes people who have done wrong. He is unable to forgive them or see how they could have been corrupted and show sympathy for them. However this begins to change as he gets to know Ken and really changes once he learns Oikawa’s history. He is the only one who stays back to try to help Oikawa reach his dream of entering the digital world after the battle with MaloMyotismon. To have him end up as a defense attorney shows how much this child’s views of the world have changed, they are no longer black and white & good and evil. A+ 

Hikari becoming a teacher - this seems perfectly reasonable

Daisuke having a Ramen Cart - He says he wants to do that near the end of 02 and who am I to argue with him… 

Takeru becoming a novelist - I know a lot of people dislike this one but his mom is shown to be a journalist so I don’t think it’s too weird to have her son follow in her footsteps after growing up watching her write for so long… plus you can’t say he doesn’t have endless amounts of material to write about… also he was the youngest of the original seven so it makes sense that he would be the one to write about the digital world since he was looking at it with the widest and most innocent eyes… I’m not saying it’s perfect but I don’t hate it either

As for the other four, I honestly don’t hate the careers but feel they have been horribly mismatched with their respective children. Like somewhere in the writing process there was a game of broken telephone and the wrong careers ended up with the wrong kids

Taichi becoming an ambassador to mediate between the Digital and Human worlds - this should have been Sora’s career! She spent most of the show mediating between Taichi and Yamato and calming everyone down, she is pretty perfect for this position 

Sora becoming a fashion designer - pretty no brainer that this should have been Mimi’s career

Mimi becoming a cook - Ya this should have been Yamato’s career… he’s been shown to be a good cook and that he enjoys cooking

Yamato becoming an astronaut - This should have been Taichi’s career!!!! He was the one with the telescope in Adventure, he was the one with the pilot goggles indicating an interest in flying and piloting an aircraft. Plus he has a huge love for exploring which is seen pretty clearly in Adventure. This job, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect for Taichi and I will forever be upset that they gave it to Yamato, fucken Yamato, are you fucken serious, fucken Yamato

Just wanted to get this out there. It mainly stemmed from the fact that I’m really annoyed that Yamato became an astronaut instead of Taichi, seriously never ever getting over that. Never ever ever!! Seriously if Taichi had of ended up an astronaut that would have been so wonderfully foreshadowed throughout the series, because he could lead his crew into unknown worlds and discover new things and just AAAAHHHHHHHH he’d be like fucken Captain Kirk OH MY FUCKEN GOD
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Yamasora, a lightly erotic sensation  ✖‿✖

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Digimon Adventure / 02 / tri. | Sorato Valentine’s Day

Hiroaki: “Thank you for always being so kind to Yamato.”

Sora: “Oh, it’s no trouble.” (Blushing.)

Piyomon: “Oh, Yamato’s dancing too!”

Yamato: “Sora, I love you!”

(Digimon Adventure 02 Drama CD: Armour Evolution To The Unknown)

the Ishidas wish you a Happy New Year - 2017!

The Eternal Digi-discussion: “Koumi or Jyoumi”

After watching the 4th Digimon Tri Movie: Soushitsu, i’m getting the feeling that the relationships between each of the digidestined are taking shape.

From my point of view,  Takari seems to be a very close friendship between Hikari and Takeru, i don’t know if Takeru feels atractted to Hikari in a “romantic” way, but he does feel a great love for her, and he cares a lot about her and what happens to her, like a sister-brother bond.
For Hikari, it’s a little different, because it seems she’s starting to develop some kind of feeling for him, maybe a little atracttion outside their brother-sis-kinda-like relationship, maybe they would end up together, but it’s not certain.

On the other side, “Taito” feels completelly like a love-hate friendship from both of them, like a bromance, that could be fueled by their shared interest in Sora.

Sora does have feelings for both of them, in Digimon Adventure 01, we saw a close relationship between Taichi and Sora, and later, on the Our War Game OVA, it’s proved that there’s something going on with them, but it seems like Sora it’s in love with Taichi, but he doesn’t go for it, so Sora just moved on, with her broken heart.
Later, on the Diablomon Strikes Back! OVA, we can see that Sora and Yamato are dating, just like it’s told on Digimon Adventure 02, so it’s like Sora was in love with Taichi, but he didn’t make up his mind, so when  Yamato started to ask her out, she just gave the chance.

But in Tri it seems that Sora and Yamato do have something going on, but Sora seems to feel something for Taichi, making their love triangle very complicated.

On the Epilogue from Digimon Adventure 02, it’s implied that Sora and Yamato did had a family together, but maybe on Tri, we’re going to have some Taiora that’s not going to work, ending up on the Sorato canon epilogue we all know.

And at last, but no least the girl that is breaking all the ships on Tri, Mimi Tachikawa.

It’s very common to find Jyoumi shippers arguing that Joe and Mimi do share many things and have a lot on time together on screen in Digimon Adventure 01 and Digimon Tri, which, in fact, it’s true.
But to me, the relationship between Mimi and Joe it’s like a “best friends” thing, in which Mimi feels very confortable with Joe to talk her things and that kind of stuff, because Joe it’s a very comprehensive person, so it’s easy for Mimi to feel confidence with him as a close friend.

Joe, on the other hand, it’s a very protective person with his friends, and he does care for all of them, not only for Mimi, for example, when he goes to visit Koushiro to see how is he doing.

But from my point of view, i don’t feel like Joe and Mimi have interest in a “romantic” way for each other, they’re just good friends, just like the relationship that Koushiro haves now with Takeru.

I am a Koumi shipper since like, the past 17 years, since i watched the Digimon Adventure EP 10, i thought they were a funny couple, althought Koushiro has always been my fav digidestined.

But in the Adventure 01, it doesn’t seems to be a lot of evidence from a “romantic” relationship between Mimi and Koushiro, but what it do seems to be it’s the fact that Koushiro it’s a very distant self-centered kid, and Mimi is a very attention needed girl, who always wants to be the center of attention.

The fact that in Adventure 01, Izzy doesn’t seems to give a damn about Mimi, gave Mimi a reaction like “Why on earth you don’t see i’m so pretty, but not in a Notice me, senpai, way”.

Later, on Adventure 01, Koushiro starts to have more especific weight in the digidestined team, being in charge about taking decissions, and the fact that all the other digidestined rely 100% in Koushiro for what all are going to do.

Mimi noticed that, and in some kind of way, she felt secure leaving things on Koushiro.

Later, on Digimon Adventure 02, Mimi moved to North America and lost contact with all the digidestined except with Koushiro, maybe because he is like a tech freak and he is always in his laptop sending e-mails and stuff.

Maybe, when she was in North America, the fact that she kept in touch with Koushiro made her miss less Japan and the other digidestined.

In the Diablomon Strikes Back OVA, Koushiro was the one who knew that Mimi was coming, and as soon Mimi arrived to Japan, she went directly to Koushiro’s.

I guess that she felt Koushiro was trying so hard to find a solution for the conflict, that she wanted to help him being just there as a company.

I feel like it’s a cool relationship because Koushiro always is so hard pusher with himself, and Mimi does help him in taking things easy and calm.

In all the Diablomon Strikes Back OVA, Mimi and Koushiro were together, Koushiro was so stressed about the situation, taking the boss position, telling everyone what to do, and Mimi was just there for him, trying to make him chill out and relax.

3 years later, on Digimon Tri, things were just too similar, Koushiro was the one who kept in touch with Mimi, and he just invited her in a cassual way to cross the whole ocean just for a football game, which it’s illogic and ridiculous, BUT, Mimi did reply the message and accepted to go, asking Koushiro to book her flight and that stuff.

Mimi was joking, but Koushiro did check flights prices, and when she arrives in Japan, as soon that she sees Koushiro, she starts to tease him with flirting jokes and things like that, because she notices that Koushiro has developed atracttion to her, which it’s exactly what she always wanted on Digimon Adventure 01.

It’s pretyt obvious that Koushiro it’s in love with Mimi, and i think that it’s pretty obvious too that Mimi knows it.

When the digidestined hang out all together, Mimi always seems to be close to Koushiro, in the Hot Spring Bath trip, Koushiro was choosing his clothes but was in despair, so Mimi just went by, so chill and relax and told him what to wear, which it’s very funny, and i think that way are going to be the things if those two end up together, Koushiro being in despair for not knowing what to wear and Mimi choosing for him, just like a regular wife.

Other interesting things it’s the fact that Mimi it’s always making compliments to Koushiro, like, about his office, his software, and stuff like that, saying that she is impressed.

To me, it sounds like she’s in impressed with the man who is becoming Koushiro, and that reinforces the fact that she always had 100% trust in Koushiro and his decissions, aknowleding him as the true leader, instead of Taichi, who appears to be distant in Tri, and clearly not qualified on Digimon Adventure 01 and 02.

I’m not saying that Mimi is in love with Koushiro, but i feel like she is developing a clearly interest on him.

But let’s move on to what matters, the fact that in Digimon Tri, Koushiro and Mimi seem to get along very well, but it’s clear that both of them crash in discussions, mainly for the reason that their personalities are so different.

But to me that’s not a bad sign, i think it’s a good sign for Koumi shippers because both of them have some kind of chemistry thing going on, a love-hate thing, but the thing that makes it different its the fact that Koushiro likes Mimi in a “romantic” way, and she appears to know it.

But that doesn’t stops them from getting in a hot discussion between Koushiro and Mimi, so in a twisted kind of way, it’s pretty much like those relationships between two people that like each other, but no one is going to make a move.

Digimon Tri is a sea of Koumi hidden references:

When the reboot occurs and all the digimon return to the digiworld, Koushiro is trying so hard to keep them all together, which he fails because the digiestined ended up splitting each one from the other.

There’s a scene when Koushiro is calling everyone to find a way for them to recover their digimon partners, and he calls Mimi, she sees the phone, and it’s thinking to answer or not, which it’s a curious thing, because Mimi rarelly doubts of herself. But that is maybe because she was sad about losing palmon, or maybe she was still mad with Koushiro from their previous discussions.

But then, there is this other scene…

Koushiro is in his office, working the shit out of him to find a way to recover their digimon partners, on the edge of becoming crazy, and then… Mimi enters to his office.

He didn’t notice her, just like in the past.

But her reaction it’s different, she doesn’t made a scene or any noise, she was just there, watching him, in a confussed way, like she’s is doubting something.
Then she cleans off the mess, and leaves him his Tea, and she just walks away, having a sad look, but to me it seems like she was in fact, still mad with him, but she does worry about him, and she is praying with all her heart the Koushiro founds a way to solve this thing, like he has always done in the past.

Koumi in the Digiworld:

The digidestined arrive and found their partners, just like Koushiro planned it, but their partners didn´t recognize them, which makes everyone sad, but Koushiro, who is so energetic telling Mochimon about all the stuff, talking everending just like he always does, and then…

the scene.

Mimi just gets by, on side from Koushiro and starts with that attitude that she always gives to Koushiro like “It’s ok, let’s take a rest, stop talking Koushiro-kun, and relax” and she interrupts him BY FUCKING TRYING TO FEEDING HIM.

I know Mimi it’s a very expressive person, and she always demonstrates her feelings, in special when she loves someone, she just goes there and hug, like Mei, just the opposite of what Koushiro does.

But that, that was just too much…

this time she did worry about Koushiro and wanted him to take a rest, and, in some kind of way, which i don’t clearly understand, she thought that feeding Koushiro was a nice way for her to say thanks for everything, like don’t giving up on recovering their partners, just like all the others.

Koushiro blushes to death and cuts the biggest and best Koumi scene ever, but the message was sent.

Mimi does have feelings for Koushiro.

But we still don’t know if Mimi knows.

Then we have this scene when all the digidestined are sent far from each other (just like in adventure 01, which ended up with Mimi and Koushiro being together), but in this time, Mimi ended up with Tentomon, and then she starts talking good things about him and she says that it’ll be useful if Koushiro was there, with her, because she knows, no matter what, Koushiro always have a way to solve things up, which is proved later when they battled on ice.

For ending up, i still don’t know if Koumi is going to end being a real thing, like in canon, but it my eyes, we have evidence that Koumi IS A THING.

And i will say that in all the ships which Mimi is involded with, Koushiro is taking the lead.

Thanks for reading.