soprano christine

Gross over-exaggeration, but still kinda true. 

I love the musical, but there’s a warm place in my heart for the book version of Christine. I probably got the Swedish wrong

Christine was exhausted from a full day of the studio. Her hair was a mess in the bun and she hadn’t bothers yet to change from the dance clothes. Erik was working until four thirty and it was three now.

The brunette got into her car and drove to the day care she left her daughter at. She got out and smiled as she walked in, half of the little girls running to her. “Hello!” She said she knelt down, giving each a hug. She smiled seeing Isabella. Her little miracle. Every doctor saying she’d never had a child. Yet here was her beautiful daughter. “Did you have fun today, Belle?” She asked and kissed her forehead.


Erik was still as the woman measured him. She always did. She was so beautiful and… Well…

“Christine, correct?” He said one day as he tried on a jacket. He adjusted it and turned to her. “I have a job offer for you. Over 2000 dollars per day” he said and smiled.

“It’d include living with me. And being pampered and treated well.”