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Trope prompt: Pretend married (it's my favorite trope) - either Leverage or Supernatural, any pairing, your choice.

 So, the fic I would write for this one, would start with a gay cruise or something or other that would require two men to pretend to be married. And the mark or that particular part of the con would be best served by two hitters. Either the Leverage crew is hiring Quinn for a job, or Quinn asks Eliot for help. Either way, they have to pretend to be a couple/married. And I think I’m going to write you a little smut because I don’t have the brain for set up right now.

Neither of them are stupid and they’re skilled at reading not just the body language of a situation, but the energy of it. It lets you know when an exchange is about to go bad, how likely that guy is to hit you, if he’s got a gun under his coat, what have you. So, as the night goes on, it’s obvious to both of them that there’s a spark. Sure, there’s being comfortable enough to pretend to be sexually attracted to someone you’re not, and then there’s actually being attracted to someone. By the time they’re done salsa dancing(yes, honest to God salsa dancing and Quinn is never going to let Eliot live that down, because Quinn has to lead) there’s no denying the chemistry. Which is great for their con. Neither is sure how great that’s going to be for the part where they’re sharing a bed for the remainder of this cruise.

But when they get back to the room, Eliot gives Quinn a very certain look, grazes his lower lip with his teeth, and Quinn knows he could play it off. This is Eliot’s way of giving him an out, because he can pretend he never saw it, or that Eliot’s teasing. But he doesn’t want to. Instead, he surges forward, closing the distance between them, and Eliot falls against the door with a thump, Quinn’s mouth over his. There’s been just enough alcohol that Quinn doesn’t bother with hesitation or with being coy. Or maybe that’s just the tension that’s been building all night. The kiss is mostly teeth and a little tongue, and a fight for dominance that neither of them is really trying to win. Eliot’s hand digs into Quinn’s hip, and they both groan when Quinn presses forward. Quinn’s hand tightens in Eliot’s hair, and Eliot has his other hand on Quinn’s belt buckle.

“Um, guys, if this isn’t for the con, you should probably take your comms out.”

They’re both so far gone already they don’t stop moving, but they start to fumble for their ears. And jesus, this is bad, if they’ve actually forgotten that their ear pieces are on. That kind of chemistry gets people killed to be perfectly honest. Neither of them are capable of that much thought at the moment though.

“Cause, if that’s your thing, it’s cool and all, but I think maybe Parker’s a little too into it…” is the last the thing they hear before they get the damn things out.

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I know you said in your tags not to ask you any of the book questions, but now I want to know what your three favorite books are, so: T?

Oh god I have no idea. I definitely can’t confine it to three.

For adult books I’m gonna say Good Omens, The Red Tent, The History of Love, almost anything by Robert Fulghum, Wicked, and The Thirteenth Tale.

For kids (upper elementary/middle school) books, probably The Giver, anything by Gordan Korman (specifically the Bruno and Boots books and I Want To Go Home), Ella Enchanted, and stuff by Nancy Garden.

There is no way I can pick favorite picture books. I know Miss Rumphius and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are on the list, but I have literally hundreds of favorites.

And of course there are many many more I will be furious at myself for forgetting later.