throwback siihen ku vuos sitte kävin nycissä jossai luontomuseossa

en tajunnu ku vast puolesvälis kierrosta et mammal tarkottaa nisäkästä

sitä enne olin koko ekan puoliskon vaa tuijottanu jotai täytettyi karhui sillee “vitut nä mitää mammutteja on. virheelliset kuvatekstit”

Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma, and Sophie in # 24 wedding clothes for the character wardrobe meme.

requested by @megadara999

I don’t know if this what our boys would wear, but look! Jonathan has his hair all fixed and prim!

As always i am stumped for a background so i went with an aged look. Can’t go wrong with vintage! adds instant charm!

If you would like a request for the character wardrobe meme simply search the tag “character wardrobe meme main” on my blog to view the list.

  • Gideon: You said that being a Shadowhunter was all you ever wanted. Why is that? It can be a brutal life.
  • Sophie: All life can be brutal, my life before I came to the Institute was hardly sweet. I suppose in part I wish to be a Shadowhunter so that if another man ever comes at me with a knife in his hand, as my former employer did, I can kill him where he stands.
  • Gideon: I did not know that was how you had been scarred.
  • Sophie: Now you will say that it is not so ugly, or that you do not even see it, or something like that.
  • Gideon: I see it, I am not blind, and we are a people of many scars. I see it, but it is not ugly. It is just another beautiful part of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
  • 30cm deep pond in friesland: [freezes over]
  • the entire dutch population: [snaps head in the direction of friesland like a bloodhound and sniffs up the smell of innocent, fresh ice] [sends reporters to document the historical event] [talks abt it on every news station] [pulls out skates and starts crying] [bursts out of their houses fully equiped with scarfs, koek & sopie] WE'RE GOING TO HAVE AN ELFSTEDENTOCHT!!!!! THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!! ITS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS IS OUR MOMENT


Many fans of Mellow’s leader Sophie and One Shot’s drummer Sehun were left in the dark about the relationship status of the two idols. Today, two weeks after the rumor surfaced, both companies confirm that their idols are indeed dating.

The leader of 2K’s famous girl group Mellow and Starcast Entertainment’s actor, model and drummer Sehun were rumored to be dating ever since picures of the two idols eating in a restaurant together had been released to the public. Many fans were convinced that the two had great chemistry and even gathered more evidence on the couple to prove the close bond they share. 

Sophie confirmed the relationship through an apology letter on Mellow’s official fancafé.
A speaker of Double Kill Entertainment confirmed that ‘ Sopie and Sehun are indeed dating. They met and became a couple before Sophie became a trainee in 2K, hence why they decided against a breakup and instead kept the relationship a secret, even from the company. ‘ The representative of Double Kill also added that ‘ the couple is in a happy and very serious relationship of 16 months ’
Starcast’s Ceo spoke briefly upon the couple, “ It was confirmed that Sehun and Sophie are dating. Please be respectful to the artists as they continue moving forward with their careers. ”

Sophie broke the dating ban of 5 years and will therefore face the consequences of her doing. She will not participate in any collaborations with other artists for some time and instead avoid the public’s eye. There is no information about if she will be able to promote on Mellow’s future comeback yet.


Svnshine: This took long enough, it was obvious they were dating
little_miss_socks : FINALLY MY OTP IS SAILING !!!!!
junpixyuuphie : I wish she didn’t break the ban, I will miss her TT
fxnboy88: The companies should watch after more their artists. This wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t sign her in the first place
geegeetxck : This is so surprising, I can’t imagine this pairing omg


so dave and I were talking about his hxh gem au and of course I focused on alluka and nanika’s dynamics with each other.

Nanika (Schorl/Black Tourmaline) would probably not have a stable form and be alone until meeting Alluka (Rubellite/Pink Tourmaline). Rubellite’s special abilities include sensing and transmitting emotions via kiss so she’d give Schorl kisses whenever she feels scared of nervous. Because of her adoration for Rubellite, Schorl copies her form (though the individual hairs were hard to sopy so she just made it smooth and solid). 

They end up falling in super platonic love and so they decide that it would be best for the both of them to fuse into Rhodonite so that Schorl can always feel loved and avoid being scared. It’s funny when Killua (Kyanite) is the only Zoldyck to not buy her excuse that her color scheme is so different because she regenerated recently (mostly because he’s the only one of them to care to notice she has TWO gems now)

(i was drawing these so late last night so that’s why everything is so inconsistent lol)


Oli kulunut jonkin aikaa siitä kun leidittäret olivat eksyneet yhdessä yöpymään keisarilliseen kehtoon. Esmeral oli lupauksensa mukaan antanut Lyzackille tilaa ja aikaa miettiä rauhassa halusiko tämä minkäänlaista suhdetta, eikä heidän välinsä olleet ainakaan menneet pahemmaksi. Nyt saurus oli antanut leijonalle jotain muutakin, nimittäin aina voimassaolevan kutsun tulla hänen huoneistoonsa kun sihteerille niin sopi.

Esmeral oli työpäivän päätteeksi antanut leidilleen lupansa, ja painottanut ettei tämän tarvinnut ilmoittaa saapumisestaan. Hän olisi huoneistossa joka tapauksessa vapaa-ajallaan.

Lyzack oli saanut kutsunsa muutama tunti sitten, ja keisarinna kävi jo hieman kärsimättömäksi kun kissiä ei kuulunut, kohta olisi aluksen lepoaika. Hallitsijatar huoahti todetessaan että tuskin Lyzack enää tämän päivän puolella päättäisi tulla.

Johtotirppa tosin päätti tulla, ja siirsikin itsensä privaatin suihkuosastonsa suojiin.


unforgettable semester! <3 thanks for the slide show auntieee creeesh <3