Headcanon .2

  • Yoongi hasn’t told anyone about his feelings for Hoseok because he has no fucking idea what to do about it
  • He continues to have a hard time playing it cool and Hoseok thinks its super endearing

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  • BTS’ official couple Jikook are hyper aware of the situation and find it really amusing that Yoongi is so smitten

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  • Jimin being the troll he is tries to play around with Yoongi and J-Hope to cause tension/jealousy
  • Unintentional Jeonlous
  • Yoongi starts to become really territorial and possessive of Hoseok
  • Hoseok loves the attention he’s getting and starts to slowly initiate more and more physical contact when they’re alone

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  • Spooning Yoongi whilst he naps and Yoongi sleepily rolling over into Hobi’s embrace to run his fingers through his hair
  • Yoongi is convinced that if his heart was to beat any faster he would have a heart attack

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  • Namjoon has no fucking idea what is going on

Title: Cigarettes and Roses
Description: In which poly Yoonseok tries to stop their boyrfriend from smoking.
Word Count: 1044

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Sope aren’t official, but recently Yoongi’s feelings towards Hoseok have tripled at the realisation that he has fallen deeply in love with him and he just doesn’t know what to do because its so intense and Hoseok is just so perfect. So naturally, every time they broadcast, Yoongi just can’t contain himself and Hobi is loving the sudden attention because he just adores Yoongles, and his reactions just spur him on and he’s not holding back anymore and I AM LIVING FOR IT

throwback siihen ku vuos sitte kävin nycissä jossai luontomuseossa

en tajunnu ku vast puolesvälis kierrosta et mammal tarkottaa nisäkästä

sitä enne olin koko ekan puoliskon vaa tuijottanu jotai täytettyi karhui sillee “vitut nä mitää mammutteja on. virheelliset kuvatekstit”

Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma, and Sophie in # 24 wedding clothes for the character wardrobe meme.

requested by @megadara999

I don’t know if this what our boys would wear, but look! Jonathan has his hair all fixed and prim!

As always i am stumped for a background so i went with an aged look. Can’t go wrong with vintage! adds instant charm!

If you would like a request for the character wardrobe meme simply search the tag “character wardrobe meme main” on my blog to view the list.

Mayfields part 2

Steve harrington imagine

  • Time has passed and Steve and you have grown closer
  • With the two of you graduating and the kids entering highschool
  • Its like you two are parents
  • One morning after dropping the kids off, “We need to talk, ” it was you talking, the emotions you’ve been hiding from Steve has been suffocating you.
  • “(Y/n), are you okay? ” he asked nervously.
  • You hum in response, he pulls the car to a curb, turning in your seat you have him.
  • "Steve, I like you, alot, and I completely understand if you don’t like me back, if I didn’t tell you, I was gonna explode and with what the boys were talking-”
  • Before you could finish the thought Steve held your face in his hands, kissing you with enough emotion to start a volcano.
  • You kissed back, after getting past the shock. Instantly you love from your sopy in the oasenger seat to his lap.
  • His hands resting on your waist, and yours in his chocolate locks.
  • When you came up for breath, you both were smiling like idiots.
  • “I like you too. Alot. ” you rest your forehead on his shoulder, pressing a kiss to the clothed skin.
  • “Now what did you hear from the boys? ” you smile as you climb back in your seat his hand in yours


  • You pick the kids up, asking how they’re days were, they were all very excited to tell you and you told them about steve and you. And that’s how You coning to your sister’s rescue ended up with you being happy with six kids and a Steve Harrington.

Mister! They brought service dogs to my dorm last night as stress relievers after midterms and I got to pet and take pictures of almost all of them!!
The collie is Sophie, the black curly one is Gina, the tan one is Folley, the lab is Bentley and the last one is Savannah!😍😍 (don’t tell the others but Sopie was my favorite)

thats amazing… the first one has such a happy look on its face. so much fluffy!!!

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fAvOrItE bLoGs???1

I’m gonna name my favorite blogs and why!

First off, @grubdeath. Not only is she overly artistically inclined, but her blog ranges from true crime to shit post. Down to earth but keeps it aloof. (Not to mention she’s a wonderful person and absolutely adorable and asghdhsjakak)

@shinybowlcut because this hoe posts about Dylann Roof and that’s my GUY. Sopi is bubbly and funny and will talk to anyone! (Ask her about the time she took her laptop to get it fixed!)

@20skulls I’ve literally never talked to them but their blog is so vague I can’t help but constantly reblog from them.

@ur-dream-and-nightmare this is the blog you can scroll through and just say “me” “same”. True crime/relatable like yaaaaass bitch

@evilistherootof this is my lovely best friend irl and she runs a true crime/ horror aesthetic blog. If your blog needs a little unf this is the blog to go to. Give it a peep

@theodorebunny All around solid crime blog with a splash of insight, always a good read.
@eric-cleborn this blog literally blows up my activity with likes and reblogs I smile every time god BLESS
@truecrimedaily great!!!! Original!!! Posts!!!!!
@bunkertorsieben great horror, grunge and gore aesthetic blog. Joe’s a really cool person too!
@imnotdelusional we’ve never talked but I do watch her blog closely and I love the dark aesthetic and her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. Babe.
@sadboyclique Tao is a wonderful human with a super suicide boys aesthetic!!! Love love the animal posts and memes!
Other blogs I recommend: @bowlcutworshipper, @man-slaughter, @dylaannroof, @dahmergasm, @dylanneric, @saltybloodandgore, @gaymfdm, @godofcorn, @flexyourheart666.

Lähettäkää apua! Kävin eilen kaupassa ja piti ostaa talouspaperia niin kattelin niitä siinä ja ajattelin, että “tässä on tälläsiä harmaita kuvioita, sopis kivasti meidän keittiön väreihin, ku siellä on valkoista ja terästä” siis oikeasti? tää sopis meidän keittiön väreihin? son vittu talouspaperia…

Mitä mulle on tapahtumassa!?! Onko tää sitä “aikuisuutta”?