The Imperfections by Sopi Su

The inspiration came from the Japanese author Sei Shonagon, best known as the author of The Pillow Book. It is a book of observations about her life during the early 11 th century while she was serving in the court of the Empress. It includes her personal thoughts, interesting events and poetry. This project is based on my observations of daily life’s imperfections, and each words or sentences are laser-cut out of card. 


Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter were in LA this week showing some affection. I’m glad. Because the timing works out well for me. We’ll get to that in a minute. For conspiracy theorists who don’t believe their marriage is legit though, this presents a problem. You’ll recall, these are the CumHards who think that Benedict is faking his relationship and his baby because… I’m not entirely sure we need to come up with a reason. Reason implies rationality.

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  • 30cm deep pond in friesland: [freezes over]
  • the entire dutch population: [snaps head in the direction of friesland like a bloodhound and sniffs up the smell of innocent, fresh ice] [sends reporters to document the historical event] [talks abt it on every news station] [pulls out skates and starts crying] [bursts out of their houses fully equiped with scarfs, koek & sopie] WE'RE GOING TO HAVE AN ELFSTEDENTOCHT!!!!! THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!! ITS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS IS OUR MOMENT

unforgettable semester! <3 thanks for the slide show auntieee creeesh <3

Jonathan Crane, Edward Nygma, and Sophie in # 24 wedding clothes for the character wardrobe meme.

requested by @megadara999

I don’t know if this what our boys would wear, but look! Jonathan has his hair all fixed and prim!

As always i am stumped for a background so i went with an aged look. Can’t go wrong with vintage! adds instant charm!

If you would like a request for the character wardrobe meme simply search the tag “character wardrobe meme main” on my blog to view the list.

Color: What Aura Gonna Wear? (Sephora by OPI)
Retail Price: $9.50 (USD)

First of all, I think my bottle label is wrong. The front says that this is top coat, and I assure you it’s not! In any case, What Aura Gonna Wear? is a hot pink creme from Sephora by OPI’s spring 2012 Bohemian Brights collection. I also like that this pink is just shy of being neon (in my book of colors, hot pink and neon pink are not synonymous!), so those of you who aren’t into this summer’s neon trend might prefer this pink to some of the brighter pinks that are scheduled for release this summer.

Once again, I am not disappointed with the Sephora by OPI creme formula. The consistency is perfect for creating a flawless manicure. I achieved bottle color in an easy two coats.

Like I’ve said before, I really like Sephora by OPI’s edgy choice to include such bright colors in a spring collection. It’s such a refreshing touch in a season that’s generally filled with pastels. Bravo!

Disclosure: Product sample provided by Sephora by OPI.



Close up of the #bestietwinnails round 2! 

These were inspired by esNAIL LA (where people like Kylie Jenner go to get their nails done!)

Heart tips are so cute, I think. LOL. Hopefully they’ll look more like proper hearts when I grow my nails out some more and make the tips pointier~ 

The pink base is three coats of OPI Bubble Bath. Since I’m impatient, you can just layer a thin layer of fast drying topcoat (like Seche Vite) between the layers to cut down drying time! The cream-colored hearts are Zoya Jacqueline and the black heart is Sally Hansen Black Out. 

For the roses, we used Essie Come Here!, NOPI Selena, and Essie Fiji. The leaves are Essie’s Sew Psyched and Navigate Her. 

The base for the gold accent nail is Sally Hansen Golden-I and there are about 3 or 4 coats of SOPI Only Gold for Me, on top. 

I think this mani would look really feminine and cutesy if you just replaced the black floral heart with the cream ones. c: