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Hi, I'm a sophomore in college applying for stage management internships for this summer, but I'm not really sure how to format a theatrical resume. Do you have any general tips?

Happy application time!

  • Make sure your name is printed clearly at the top. It’s simple, but you’d be surprised. 
  • Make sure your contact information is correct and clear.
  • If you have a personal/artistic statement, keep it concise and sincere. I only kept mine on until I graduated from college. Some people for sure keep it forever, but at the same time I feel like that’s what your cover letter is for. Up to you.
  • I have 4 sections on my resume: experience, education, special skills, and references. They are formatted like this (ish. You can only do so much on tumblr):
    • Experience
      • Theatre/Company; Location, Dates 
        • Production Title; Position — Dates
        • Repeat as necessary
    • Education
      • University/School, Dates
        • Major
        • Minor/Certificates
    • Special Skills
      • A list. Just a list. Paragraph form, no bullet points. Takes up too much space. 
    • References
      • Name; Position
      • Contact information
      • I put them in text boxes and do them side by side across the bottom of the page
  • KEEP IT TO ONE PAGE. No one — I repeat — NO ONE wants to read your 3 page resume. As a sophomore in high school, you have not done enough to fill 3 pages worth of resume. 
  • This is a personal preference, but I’ve always heard that technicians with headshots on their resumes tend to be written off a bit as performers who are trying to be technicians? Not that there’s an issue with it, but I was taught in a class once that that is the case with some people so it’s stuck with me. 
  • Since you’re still not that long out of high school, it’s okay for you to have some of your experience from high school (keep it to senior year) on your resume. But once you start getting professional work and doing more things at the college level, take. your high school stuff. off. 
  • Keep your resume current. Keep only your most recent shows on it. Unless it was a really really cool production or something particularly noteworthy that you’re proud of, get rid of that production from 5 years ago. 
  • Proofread the hell out of it. Have other people look at it. Have teachers look at it. Have friends look at it. Take their feedback with a grain of salt, but they’re great for catching errors or looking at something and saying “this doesn’t make sense”. 
  • It sounds silly, but I have been in the room with the intern coordinator when she gets applications for people applying to the SM internship with poorly formatted resumes. Part of your job as an SM is going to be dealing with word processing documents and making neat, easy-to-read paperwork. Your resume should show that you are able to do that. Just keep it in mind. 
  • If you’re sending a digital copy, for the love of all that is holy SEND IT AS A PDF. I’m an administrative assistant at an entertainment company and occasionally have to sift through applications/resumes/headshots; I cannot tell you how many people send in word docs. Make it easy for your potential employer to learn about you. 

Your resume is the first tool you have to represent you-the-candidate. It should showcase your skills, it should look like you are able to maneuver a word-processing document, it should make it easy for your potential employer to see what credentials/potential you have that would make you an asset to their team.

There are plenty of people in the SMblr network who would proofread your resume, so if you’re comfortable with that feel free to reach out to us! I speak for most of us when I say: we love to help! 


SKETCH REQUESTS!!!! sorry this was kinda late and rushed ;;;

thanks for the requests!! might do this again when i can find some spare time ^p^

…I’m disappointed because I think Sleepy Hollow, while trying to rectify the obvious mistakes made during its sophomore season, has given in too much to what “the fandom wants.” I put that in quotes because I’m generalizing. What I really mean is the LOUDEST section of the fandom when I refer to that.  The ones who are probably dancing and singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.I saw this coming. If you look back at DG’s last “Week in TV” post, I called that they were going to use this opportunity to off Katrina, who’s become the main target of the fandom’s ills. And I think it’s shoddy. Killing Katrina doesn’t change the fact that someone, possibly several someones, thought that all those Mrs. Crane’s in Distress stories were good for our consumption. And when we vomited them back up, they tried to amend the grievous error, giving us a slice of chocolate cake in the form of Katrina goes to the Dark Side. It’s an indulgent treat that can’t last, and it doesn’t do anything to stop them from feeding us lousy stories in the future.

There’s not much difference between what Katrina did the last two episodes and what the writers have done. They both targeted someone they once cared about (hey, the writers gave her all those crappy stories, didn’t they?) and chose to see them as the source of all their sorrow. They chose to kill that person to “make things right.” In the Sleepy Hollow narrative, Ichabod at least had Abbie to stop Katrina and save the timeline. But who’s going to stop misguided writers?

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Once Upon a Semester

Summary: College AU! Natsu and Lucy meet for the first time. 

Lucy Heartfilia smiled at her handiwork after she finished unpacking her luggage and decorating her side of the dorm room. She would start this semester as a sophomore writing major at Magnolia State University, her dream school, after enduring a dreadful year at the stuffy, elite college of her father’s choosing. 

"Welcome to Fairy Hills!" a voice declared as the door to her room shot open. "That’s what everyone calls this res hall, by the way. It’s nice to finally meet you, Lucy!" 

"Levy!" the blonde exclaimed. The two had been chatting all summer after they were matched to room together. "How was your flight?" 

"Pretty good." The blue haired girl flopped onto the russet orange comforter she’d set up a few hours prior. "I finished a good book and my boyfriend Gajeel picked me up at the airport."

"Is that the long haired guy in your profile picture with you?" 

Levy nodded, unable to keep an elated smile off her face.  

"Cute," Lucy said in approval. 

The small English and linguistics major blushed. “I’d have to agree,” she laughed. “By the way, we’re having a get together in the Ember Apartments tonight. Gajeel’s roommate Natsu is a culinary arts student, so the food’s sure to be good.” 

The transfer student beamed. “Sounds great.” 

Later that night, Gajeel’s place was filled with people dancing, drinking, and reminiscing before the start of the new academic year. However, Lucy paid none of them heed.

The blonde sat atop the kitchen counter, tasting a number of dishes off paper plates. Lucy wasn’t sure how she became the chef’s guinea pig, but she could hardly complain.

"What do you think about the marinated pork?" the salmon haired boy questioned with a wide grin. 

"A little spicy for some people’s tastes," she said after a moment’s deliberation, "but  I don’t mind. It’s really good." 

"Really? It is? I feel like I always end up putting too much pepper in everything. How’s the other stuff?"

Lucy crossed one leg over the other. “My favorites are the mozzarella stuffed meatballs and the duck. If the dining halls are half as good everyone in Fiore would try to transfer here.” 

"You’re just saying that," he dismissed. 

"No, I’m really not," she insisted. "Do you have anything else?" 

Natsu came over to the girl, placing a small slice of chocolate mousse cake in her lap. “Sorry I’ve been using you as my taste tester. You probably want to be out there meeting people, right?” 

"Trust me, I don’t mind at all," she assured between bites of chocolate heaven.

"So what’s your major?" 

"Writing," she explained. 

"Do you have book and stuff?" he asked. 

"They’re all in progress." 

"You should let me read your work sometime." 

Lucy smiled as she watched him check the small oven timer next to her on the counter. “We should hang out. Are you free tomorrow?” 

He beamed at her. “Sure! Why don’t you come by at around seven. I’ll make you something good.” 

"Sounds like a plan." 


In the wee hours of the morning, Lucy and Levy, started making their way back to Fairy Hills. They both held their heels in their hands and walked barefoot across the dewy grass of the courtyard. 

"Lu, do you wanna come to a book club meeting with me tomorrow? It starts at 6:30."

The blonde smiled a bit. “I can’t. I’m actually hanging out with Natsu tomorrow. Maybe next week?”

"With Natsu?" the petite, blue haired girl questioned. 

"Why are you making that face. Is there something wrong with him?" She didn’t get the sense that he was some kind of creep. 

She shook her head. “He’s a great guy. I just can’t remember ever seeing with a girl other than Lisanna.”

"Who’s Lisanna?" 

"I don’t really know her that well, but I’m pretty sure she and Natsu were dating last year." They reached the dorm, and Levy fished around in her purse for her key card. "She’s studying abroad this semester, and working at some wildlife reserve."

"That’s amazing," Lucy said. 

"It’s kind of a shame." Levy giggled playfully. "You two would have been cute together." 

The blonde shook her head. “It’s not like that. Come on, I barely know him.” 

"Love at first sight?" 

Once they got back to their room, Lucy grabbed her towel and shower caddy. “Goodnight Levy.” She shook her head. Her friend was so silly. Nothing was ever going to happen between her and Natsu. 

Notes: This has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, so I finally decided to finish it. Thanks for reading, guys. 

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Hello, my name is Gabby. I'm a sophomore in high school. I have terrible depression and anxiety and I cut. I was wondering if any of you had advice on how to stop hurting myself.... Thanks in advance, Gabby ❤️

Of course.

Check out this link..


Also.. do me a favor.. Whatever objects you use to harm yourself with.. I want you to put them in a ziplock bad and freeze them.. run water over them and fill up the bag and put it in the freezer and let it freeze. Wheevr you wanna cut.. i want you to take the bag out and set it on the counter. Do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT put it near anything warm or run water over it. Let them unfreeze by room temperature and when you can finally reach them.. if you still wanna self harm.. then check out that link I gave you..

Do me another favor. Realize, that you’re stronger than you think. you can overcome all these feeling and you can  fight this. You’re important and you deserve to be happy.

We are all here for you.. believe in yourself like we do..

Good luck.

Stay strong, love.


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NAC if u could write an episode of gmw what would happen in it and who would be in it?

the first thing that came into my head was a halloween episode (when theyre like sophomores) and theres this party, and lucas and maya accidentally end up wearing matching costumes (if i was more creative right now i could give an example but just know that ive got some kind of movie pairing in my mind) and maya is on his case all night about how he did it on purpose to annoy her and she constantly demands him to change and he just relishes in her annoyance, meanwhile theres a costume contest going on and at the end, turns out they win and lucas goes up with this huge smile on his, soaking in every second that maya gets more and more perturbed and maya has the biggest scowl on her face while she’s given a plastic tiara (because in my world you get plastic tiaras at costume parties idk) 

riley and farkle are off doing something idk and cory topanga and auggie (and SHAWN) can be in it too. id probably have cory and shawn do something cute like theyre up late watching old horror movies and cory gets scared and is all huddled into shawn while topanga is on the other side of the couch side eyeing them so hard. 

someone write this fanfic



Looking back,
I too have struggled.
Freshman year when I started sports I thought it was completely normal to exercise incessantly. I thought that was what it took to be an athlete.
I had no idea that eating only half of what I should have been was destroying my body.
I had no idea that losing my period was a sign of starvation, and that this could have long term effects on my health.
I had no idea that being cold all the time and having purple hands were warning signs.
I had no idea my vegetarian diet of fruits, vegetables, egg whites and protein bars was insufficient for my energy needs.
I had no idea it wasn’t normal to walk across the finish line of every race without an ounce of strength left in my body.

Now I know.
Because at the beginning of sophomore year I faced a barrage of medical tests and doctors to figure out what was wrong with me, why my weight was so low. The only thing wrong with me was what I was eating- not nearly enough. I was never diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I certainly had disordered eating.

Now I know how to fuel myself, how to relax, and how to focus on what is important in my life. (Hint: no numbers involved). Because when you recover, you gain back not only your health, but your life.

I can run 13 miles without tiring and without thinking of how many calories I am burning.
I can run 200m repeats and feel muscles in my legs that were nonexistent two years ago.
Most importantly, I have my personality back! I have my wonderful brain back, working at its fullest capacity!
And all these things are here to stay!

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In 9th grade I met this girl on the Internet who lives across the country and fell for her hard, even though I never met her in person we facetimed and messaged each other a lot and she was the first girl I ever loved. I'm now a sophomore in college and we're still friends on social media but talk rarely and I'm still hung up on her even though I have a great gf and she just started dating someone. She just messaged me that she misses me and now I can't stop thinking about the "what ifs"

Don’t think about the what ifs. Especially because yall both are in new relationships. Leave what’s in the past there.


Early College Program at SAIC! Earn college credit and spend part of your Summer in Chicago!

High school students who are at least 15 years old and not more than 18 years old and have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year are eligible to enroll in the Early College Program Summer Institute (ECPSI).

Housing, merit scholarships, and need-based aid are available.

Session 1: Two weeks
Monday, June 15–Friday, June 26

Session 2: Two weeks
Monday, June 29–Friday, July 10

Session 3: Two weeks
Monday, July 13–Friday, July 24

Session 4: Four weeks
Monday, June 29–Friday, July 24

For more information, please visit here.

Applications are currently open for Summer 2015.

the signs as...shit idk stuff lying around my bedroom

aries: christmas card from three years ago
gemini: dusty sophomore high school yearbook
taurus: plate i used to eat dinner a while ago and should probably take to the sink
cancer: framed picture of me and my friends at disneyland w/ one friend who wasn’t there badly photoshopped in
leo: lube i got for free at pride
virgo: girl scout thin mints
libra: unopened $200 art history textbook
scorpio: smoke detector i had to replace the batteries for and need to put back but wouldn’t stop beeping
sagittarius: dead batteries that i’m too afraid to throw away
capricorn: a single sock??? where is your partner???
aquarius: evaporated tube of lip balm
pisces: flash drive from high school i have no idea what’s on