Aww I feel mean taking crying pictures and I hardly ever think they are funny.. but this one cracks me up because 1) shes surrounded by her toys and 2) the only reason she’s crying is that her little elephants music stopped playing and she started to cry each time it stopped 😂 sweet girl #toys #baby #instamood #love #sophiesroom #sophiebelle #igbabies #throughachildseyes #kids_circle #babygap

Sophie’s little Christmas tree is extra special to me because I got it when I was 16 and decorated it all girly and pink to match my bedroom at the time, but all the while I was thinking (knowing) it was for my daughter some day, who I had already named Sophie in my mind.. and in my diary. I was never the type of girl to plan out my wedding day, keep a ‘hope chest’, or anything like that but I always knew I was going to have a little Sophie some day. ☺️ #mylittledreamcometrue #christmas #christmastree #sophiesroom #vscocam